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WOW. The Legion never ceases to freak me out.

by all means I want my name published,, I have no fear whatsoever concerning the LC's.. my own son was an Apostolic in New Hamphire, and was unceremoneously dumped by them with no explanation by a Father Patrick, .. after I asked him ( by phone- I was paying ,, I was given a message to call him about an urgent message,, thinking that my son was hurt,,).. I asked him every question imaginable, why he was being sent home.. and they could not tell me,, ...finally ..I asked was it because we were poor and he denied it but I knew that being poor was really the reason why he was sent home ,.. that and the fact that I wouldn't and couldnt' join REGNUM CHRISTI, for the simple reason that I was already a tertiary of the THIRD ORDER OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL ,, ...they said " I could also be a tertiary of the Legion" and I told them that "according to the rules of CARMEL ,..which are a lot older than the Legion,.. ( in ROME ,.. the founder of every order is surrounding the main plaza of the Vatican .with sculptures by Bernini,if I am not mistaken ..and the statue designating the founder of the Carmelites is the PROPHET ELIJAH ..... anyway my son is now a full LT. in the ARMY ..but he doesn't go to CHURCH ..and my wife who was a convert.. stopped going that very day and divorced me 2 years later.. and has lost her faith,, and I have 7 other children most of who don't attend CHURCH anymore , all because of the shock and disappointment concerning how the LEGOION treated their beloved brother,. I honestly state that while he was going to the APOSTOLIC School that I never criticized the LEGION although they never once impressed me in the way they treated families who visited on FAMILY WEEKENDS , the word shabby and indiffernt would be too lenient,, there were many alarms and flags that went off in my mind and heart and soul... ,the minute I first encountered the LEGION .. more later,, DON WRIGHT

I further think MARCIAL is a MASON , I was suspicious when I saw a statue of WILLIAM CASEY former director of the CIA , on their new wing at their seminary .. I asked the LC priests at the time .. WHATS WITH CASEY.?? ...they told me he donated millions to them.. and they erected a wall statue to him,,.... I questioned his troubling legacy , mentioning that.. one cannot commit an evil to thwart a greater evil.. , like assasination etc,... and was told by a Father Slatery,, " WILLIAM CASEY DID WHAT HE DID BECAUSE OF HIS CATHOLIC FAITH" ,,.. I then told them I was not impressed by CONSERVATIVES having twice worked for NATIONAL REVIEW magazine and being fired from the mag by the publisher..the late JIM McFadden. who was also editor of HUMAN LIFE REVIEW,, they told me that Jim and Bill Buckley were very close to them ..and I told them then that they hated me , having accused me of being a COMMUNIST, because I was living in the poor part of HARLEM and had always lived there,, ..they just couldn't believe that anyone could be a faithful CATHOLIC and a Republican ...who lived there,..also.. that I was friends with a lot of priests who they found too liberal,,... ( so did I, but that didn't stop me from being close friends with them and still doesn't ,.. we can agree to disagree ,) not so with McFadden,,.. anyway the first thing they ( FATHER SLATERY) wanted to know from me was .."did I know any MILLIONAIRES".??..when I produced thousands of references of men with money along with at least a couple of hundred millionaries,,.. he stated he "just wanted the top 4 or 5,,..".. after he contacted them , he called me.. upset that they didn't give him any dough,,.. I told him to go down the list ,, ( there were at least 25,000 names of good CATHOLIC men who were among the most successful men in the US and abroad,, ,,I think now that CASEY AND WM BUCKLEY AND THE REST OF THAT CREW ARE ALL MASONS, and frankly so is MARCIAL, look at BUCKLEYS FAMILY AND WEALTH from MEXICO ,,very shady,, read BLOOD DRENCHED ALTARS by BISHOP KELLEY,, about the MASON IN MEXICO)... BUCKLEY was a member of SKULL AND BONES ( the most secretive and so far still super secret MASONIC org,,in the US.. and... no CATHOLIC is allowed to be a MASON , an organization out to destroy the CHURCH OF ROME) and no matter that he claims ORTHODOXY ,.. over the years he attacted the POPE many times,, in his columm and his magazine,, THEY ARE ALL JUST RICH MEN,... McFADDEN lived on PARK AVE,.. CASEY was a MILLIONAIRE and so is BUCKLEY and the only thing that the LEGION was always bothering me about was money and lots of it,,and I didnt' have any,,,since when do you get judged as being a good CATHOLIC by the size of your bank account..???... I am a poor man,, ...very very poor and they didn't want my son because they didn't think I could get them any money DON WRIGHT


You may be interested to know that Fr. William Slattery left the Legion and is a priest in a diocese in Canada right now.

Good to know about Fr Bill, now , all the rest of them should jump the junk ship and board the ARK OF PETER DW

I have been in every one of the Legion's seminaries in the USA, Canada, and Italy, which one has this Bill Casey statue? I think Fr William was joking with you, bud. Maybe it's that horrendously large Mary statue, in Thornwood, lol.

was a Legionary for 20 years. Not everything was good, not everything bad. That is the way it goes in all organized endeavors. However the results achieved by the Legion in today's Church are, for the most part, truly magnificent. I for one am very proud of my contribution. No major regrets! Regain's version of the "facts" is only one piece of a very complex puzzle. Regain is not lily-white pure - for instance, they (Glen F., Paul Lennon) have refused to take down an article written by me, from their website. It is conspicuously displayed, posted without my consent, against my wishes and my written requests to have it removed. This suggests to me that more of their their stories and allegations may be tainted. Regain seems to focus exclusively on the negative and to manipulate the context. The Legion was quite typical of traditional religious congregations of the 1940, 50s and 60s. I am willing to believe that Regain's motives are well-meaning. However, in my view, so much anger and bitterness, expressed consistently and so publicly by a small group, are now doing more harm than good. Kudos to the Legion for taking this modest action. I truly hope my former confrères, affiliated with Regain, find peace and a constructive way forward. The rest of us former Legionaries are busy getting on with our lives and keeping a sense of perspective. Many of us wondered why it took the Legion so long to react.

Gabon said "Many of us wondered why it took the Legion so long to react."

I would imagine with 20 years experience of how the Legion treats critics, it would have been a question uppermost in your mind.

Dear Jack,
you name me, i name you.
We have been back and forth with the Gabon article. I already gave you the reasons on the Blotter. Once you send a letter or document to anyone, it becomes that person's property, and you cannot control what they are going to do with it.
You did send that letter to Fr. Peter Cronin, to be published in Network. That letter already went out to about 20 people. Now you want REGAIN to take it down, and put the Genie back in the bottle.
Your complaint, strangely enough, is similar to the complaint being brought by the Legion VS ReGAIN & John Paul Lennon. They were willing to post a bond of One and a Half Million dollars to get a pre-trial injunction against REGAIN and me and seize our property...
Even if the Legion's money wins the case, it will not be just.
You, my good friend, may have some created interests in wanting your words back and re-writing your own history with the Legion. Not truthful. Not fair. Others in your position just keep quiet. Their nobility and sense of honesty prevents them from telling me or REGAIN what to do.
The Legion sows winds and harvests storms. Not everyone can be bought over or role over. Some of us have little to lose and are therefore more difficult to control by la Cosa Nuesto Padre

And please, do not lecture me.

I think people who invest time and other resources to share their experiences, to tell the truth of what they lived, with the intention of informing others so that maybe they can avoid suffering, deserve our admiration. We should never be afraid of telling and knowing the truth. We should be afraid of lies and secrecy, since Satan is the father of the lie, while Jesus is the Truth. Gabon, if you once felt that sharing your experience might help others, why don´t you want to share it now? It´s the truth of what you lived. You say that in the Legion "not everything was good, not everything was bad". Of course not everything could be bad! Of course the Legion has done good things for the Church! But I am deeply grateful to the people that have shared their experiences and tried the LC constitutions to be known; I have children, if one has a vocation to the priesthood, and I will encourage him to follow it, I would not like him to enter a congregation that hides its constitutions from everyone, and I would like to know the good and bad experiences of the ones that are and have been there.

Paul: the Gabon article, at this stage, is water under the bridge. I respectfully asked that it be taken down very shortly after Regain first published the 1st installment. The legality of what you did is irrelevant; I've not debated that. By refusing to respect my request you show little regard for the privacy of former Legionaries. What I wrote then was written in the aftermath of leaving - a time when emotions run high and perspective is blurred. We both know that "breaking up is hard to do" and inner peace only comes with time. Facts are facts but I believe that it is most unfair that you co-opt my story, against my will, to further the aims of your organization. I have NEVER told you what to do (I know you too well for that!). However, Regain, does not reflect my views. That is an opinion that I am entitled to. For my part I have no interest whatsoever in re-writing my history with the Legion; I am proud of, and quite reconciled with my experience. I was hurt too and there is much that I disagree with; but I believe that the Legion does great work for the Church. There are two sides to the Legion story; Regain only focuses on the negative; that is entirely your prerogative. Using my article, many years after it was written, and against my wishes is unfair and misleading. I have no doubt at all that Fr. Peter - our mutual friend - who spent a weekend at my home, just two weeks before his untimely death, would have respected my wishes. That is the only reason why I have posted to this and the ABC forum. If you consider this "telling you what to do", you sadly mis-interpret. I expect more after 20 years of friendship in the Legion and some pleasant times following our mutual exodus. I bid you peace.

In reply to Jack Ryan, whose flippant dismisal of my comments was contemptuos at best, and trivial at least,;; I do apologize for mistaking the Bill Casey Wing with statue at the Seminary at Chesire,, for indeed its not there but it is at the Legionary Apostolic School in Centre Harbor New Hampshire, Yes the Casey wing of the school is huge and is at least a 6 million dollar structure with a dedication to William Casey at the entrance. Ryan, you should answer my comments abouut the issues I raised and not cavalierley dismiss the whole story of what happened to my famiy and my son at the hands of the good Fathers of the Legion.

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