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see for the first news

Where are you getting this? What are your sources? How are you privy to this?

Thanks, HB, for keeping us in the loop!

Thank you for this update. When will the secrecy ever end? We know we should not look for Zenit to give us an update...

Maciel continues to emerge as the very embodiment of a malignant narcissist (NPD)with a grandiose idea of his own importance. An equal-opportunity seducer and a liar about everything, he's not a saint; he's a textbook case. I'm disgusted and disenchanted.

Makes me wonder if the "Bella" movie wasn't made in anticipation of this scandal being known. "Bella" was backed by the Legion and pushed by Regnum Christi, and made a feeble pro-life message. I wonder if this movie will be used to white-wash the sins of the founder?

Does anyone have anymore sources to the subject at hand. It seems, like HB noted, that exlcblog is the only place, yet there is no link or substantiation for the claim. What's going on?

I heard it from a member of the movement. I am not a member, nor have I ever been, but to say I have been suspicious for some time is an understatement.

This really needs to be confirmed before it spreads any further. If it is false, it tends to discredit the accusations of pedophilia, which I think are true. Beware of disinformation!

unfortunately it's true...pray for all those who are suffering...and many are

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

It was never about Father Maciel, it was always about Christ. Are we all free of sin?

Pray that we may not undergo the test.

It's a cult, people. It needs to be chopped down. A bisexual, crazy, con-man founder? No reform, no new name, no new cofounders - send everyone home where they can get psychological treatment and help rebuilding their mental and spiritual health and reaquaint themselves with REALITY. They deserve better.

My wife, an RC member, was told about this last night with her section. There were a lot of tears, some anger. The rank-and-file members were allowed to speak and express their emotions openly.

I've always believed that the LC cultivated a sort of cult of personality around their founder, and I think that's also true of other new movements like Opus Dei and Communio e Liberazione. I find this distasteful and unhealthy, but it probably is not much different than what the followers of Sts Francis, Dominic and Ignatius did centuries ago. Fortunately, in most cases, the judgment of the Church has confirmed the sanctity of the venerated founders. In this particular case, though, we find that the veneration was misplaced.

While I'm not a member of RC, I know many other members in addition to my wife. I would affirm that, as a group, they seem psychologically as well or better adjusted than their peers in other lay movements or in the U.S. Church at large. Their piety and practice of virtues also is exemplary and well-balanced, in my observation.

Furthermore, this has been my experience also with the priests of the LC, to the more limited extent that I have had interactions with them.

I would agree with the opinions expressed here that the current episode could be a long-overdue catharsis of the movement, and part of a journey led by the Holy Spirit to reform and refine it so that it will bear more fruit for the Kingdom.

Much depends on how the leaders -- and rank-and-file members -- handle this coming-to-terms. Rather than venting our own frustrations or crowing in self-righteous triumph, it behooves everyone to pray for their brothers and sisters in the LC and RC so that God's will be done, in them and in us, and that the members of the Body of Christ can be made whole.

It's a rule to appear happy and normal all the time.

Its funny how the LC's were forced to unofficially worship this asshole. He ruled by having his little subordinates fear him, not because they truly liked him. Come on.. they had to call him "Nuestro Padre" for God sake!! Doesn't that throw a red flag up?

Everyone in RC called him that, too. It did throw up a red flag... for me at least & that can be added to one of the reasons why joining always bugged me. I could never, ever call him that, especially AFTER the pope called him to a life of penance. But for some reason, when they have you hooked & everyone else is doing it, it's hard not to join in the camraderie. You always wish you could be like those holy people. You always think that if you act & talk & dress like them, you'll eventually get holy, too. They never really tell you that it comes from within.

Joy! The truth has won out in an unambiguous way! No one can deny it, it is confimred by their own organization.

Who knows the state of MM's soul when he died? who cares? but for those who were maligned and calumniated for YEARS, for public undeniable confirmation to come out, to have their stories corroborated (and I'm not talking about abuse, that still has to be confirmed or denied), is the joy of the truth being known and not suffering the fate of Cassandra.

It is a massive "It's NOT us, it WAS them all along!"

The lack of charity in this website and from the posters is truly disturbing. You focus your malevolence on Fr. Maciel and the leadership and forget the many souls that have been saved by the work of LCs and RC lay people, the good work being done. All that is immaterial to you and I think you really need to look at the plank in your own eye and put down the stone. I was taught never to judge the state of a soul and not only are many of you judging, but it appears you hope for the worst out of spite. That is not what Christ would do, nor should you.

Earl, my dear, you have cited the problem with the LC/RC mindset exactly:

The Legion doesn't save souls. Jesus Christ does. If good members of the Movement have helped to catechise people, then that's a corporal work of mercy incumbent on all the baptised. But the Legion cannot save anything.

To put this in perspective for non-LC's, this is tantamount to finding Christ's remains in the tomb.

That's how hard this hits the Legion. It is at root about a lie and a liar.

That's why the Legion can no longer be.

from Vita Consecrata:
48. … The various ways of living the evangelical counsels are in fact the expression and fruit of spiritual gifts received by founders and foundresses. As such, they constitute an "experience of the Spirit, transmitted to their disciples to be lived, safeguarded, deepened and constantly developed by them, in harmony with the Body of Christ continually in the process of growth".The identity of each Institute is bound up with a particular spirituality and apostolate, which takes shape in a specific tradition marked by objective elements.For this reason the Church is concerned that Institutes should grow and develop in accordance with the spirit of their founders and foundresses, and their own sound traditions.onsequently, each Institute is recognized as having a rightful autonomy, enabling it to follow its own discipline and to keep intact its spiritual and apostolic patrimony.


In the first place, there is the need for fidelity to the founding charism and subsequent spiritual heritage of each Institute. It is precisely in this fidelity to the inspiration of the founders and foundresses, an inspiration which is itself a gift of the Holy Spirit, that the essential elements of the consecrated life can be more readily discerned and more fervently put into practice.

from Perfectae Caritatis (V II):

ON OCTOBER 28, 1965

a) Since the ultimate norm of the religious life is the following of Christ set forth in the Gospels, let this be held by all institutes as the highest rule.
b) It redounds to the good of the Church that institutes have their own particular characteristics and work. Therefore let their founders' spirit and special aims they set before them as well as their sound traditions-all of which make up the patrimony of each institute-be faithfully held in honor.

So the Legion duped the congregation that approved it, through the founder. It makes no sense, none whatsoever, to say, "oh well, just continue on doing what you're doing and we'll say someone else founded it."

The founder, supposedly, wrote the constitutions (though I doubt this is really true), on which the congregation and all its apostolates (ie regnum Christi) are based. I know they will say that the Legion is only a part of RC, but that is BS.

Since the constitutions are the work of fraud, they must be thrown out.

So who will re-write them? The current major superiors? No way, who even knows what guilt they have in enabling Maciel.

But what do you do with things like The Register (which still hasn't covered the story, amazingly enough, not even a mention), the university of Sacramento, not even to mention all the stuff in Mexico - turn it over to the Diocese? Do they even have the men with the skills/inclination to keep it going, nevermind the desire to?

A whole host of questions.

Best thing, shut it all down, send the young men home to pray and discern with the help of the diocese.

I find all of this discussion very sad. The news about Fr Maciel is heartbreaking, sad and very disturbing. I have been a co-founder of RC for many years. I have never worshipped Fr Maciel as some of you may think. I have found a vocation, a path, a spiritual road map to help guide my own poor and sinful life. I believe the Legion should reveal the truth and is working on that. However, do not forget that there are hundreds of beautiful consecrated women and priests in the Legion who have lived faithful lives and who are changing lives. The work they are doing for the youth is amazing. Don't forget ALL of the good that is coming from the Movement, the members, not from Fr Maciel. Make a clear distinction. Members of the Movement join in love and freedom. They join because in spite of themselves they love the Church and Christ. By the grace of God there go I.

I pray for you and other members who have been deceived about the group of the Legion and Regnum Christi. You have been used and deceived. I pray for your spiritual journey. Remember that the truth will set you free. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Legion is not the only way to spread Christ's message. The Church is universal and much bigger and wiser than the Legion.

I am a member of RC. I am faithful to the pope. Until he decides the Legion is gone and /or RC is gone, I will be an active member. We can certainly trust Pope Benedict to lay the cards out. He will do what is best for the Church. In this regard, I continue to see support of the Vatican to the Legion and RC from the pope and Cardinal Rode who is in charge of all of the movements in the Church. Please pray for us. Everyone that I know personally in the movement(after 9 years) is only interested in helping others to live their faith more fully and to help us all to grow in our love for Christ,His Church and His mother. I didn't call Fr. Maciel,Nuestro Padre, for the record. But, I do not condemn those that have. What a shame. One mans sin to cause so much pain. I just reflect on myself and my sin. How much more Christ could use me for His kingdom if I were not so attached to my own sins. I am sad but not defeated. My heart is breaking for my Legionary priest and consecrated friends. The mission has changed the path of my life and my family. The bar has been raised for us. We are not content with doing the minimum to be Catholic but now see the opportunities to grow in holiness. Interestingly , the priest that was most instrumental in my conversion to Catholicism was laicized due to sexual misconduct. This has not made me question my conversion. Again, if the church continues to recognize and approve the Legion and the movement then we would be wrong to second guess there judgement, espcially under the leadership of Pope Benedict.

Thank goodness! The time has come for this man to be judged by the most powerful judge there is, God above! I pray for all the people in the RC who believe this man is actually a ... saint! God help you all!

I hope he pays for what he's done. He disgusts me.

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