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Reparation for sin demands justice to all offended by the sin. Maciel sinned against every member of LC and RC, and against all the Catholic faithful. He deceived and defrauded all of these in a giant con scheme that was both spiritual and financial. Simple justice would require that the extent of the deception be made known to all of those deceived. People cannot forgive what they are unaware of. If Maciel were alive, any Confession he would make would require a public reparation to be valid. He is dead. If the Legion wants to help him in Purgatory, if he is there, the Legion must make the reparation for him. What the Legion is doing is continuing the fraud and deception when it should be making up for it.

Great statement by the Archbishop - and Fr Jose Maria Anton took down his earlier statement.

Fr. Anton needs to find a competent spiritual director - from outside the LC.

It is particularly nauseating that he wrote "God bless" and "warmest regards" while threatening this. It makes me think he shares the sociopathy of the founder.

The snide comment Fr. Anton writes is aggravating for anyone of honest mind: “Should we disclose publicly the reasons why you were invited to leave the Congregation? Why so much bitterness with us? We treated you in a very human and Christian way.” These three sentences are clearly uncharitable towards you; the attack ad hominem is used (“bitterness,” etc…) to discredit your argument as if it were the fruit of an emotion instead of based on facts; and if your case was anything like mine, I was treated in an amazingly inhuman and uncharitable way when I was dismissed, and never given any reasons, except, that after 15 years of faithful, fruitful religious life, a certain superior was enlightened by God that I didn’t have a vocation any more.

I would love it if they would publicize the reasons why they dismissed me, for they have not given me any reasons whatsoever at any point in time. Yet I fear how they would do that, should they decide to, because the LC time and time again shows that it is not above lying, spinning the facts, to keep up the LC’s good appearance in the public eye no matter what the cost to any person who stands in their way. Such Legionaries are liars.

Concerning Fr. Anton’s text of 2/25, he demonstrates only the will to not see, but the will to deceive. Vere correctly makes the necessary Canon Law distinction (his point about the word “illegitimately”). Yet another distinction has yet to be made. Vere, being a Canon Lawyer, focuses appropriately on the Canon Law part. But a similar flaw of Fr. Anton’s argument arises in his use of the Catechism. In the very passage he quotes from the CCC, 2477, we find, first, that the Catechism does not condemn the damage to someone’s good name, but only the “unjust injury” (and I quote, CCC 2477); second, that one is guilty of detraction only under the condition, again I quote, that he makes the faults known 1. “to persons who did not know them” (the victims do know them), but more importantly, “without objectively valid reason.” And so he states something true (the matter of mortal sin), but his omission of reference to these important qualifiers exposes his sense of manipulation.

It is very frustrating to see this order, once again, use the Church just like it uses endless numbers of people for specious, ideological goals, even to falling to this level of flat-out dishonesty, wherein the documents are cited, but not quoted, because the actual text contradicts the point of he who put them forth.

Most abominably, by speciously accusing of detraction, he truly falls into slander.

In Christ,

Fr. Paul Ward
Associate Pastor
Assumption Grotto Catholic Church, Detroit

(posted with his permission)

On behalf of the lay faithful, Father, thank you for your perseverance with your vocation, despite the Legion's effort to undermine it. I cannot imagine your years of turmoil, but am grateful that Assumption Grotto can benefit by your generosity.

What LC supporters still don't understand is the damage this does to the Church -- not only the scandal, but the broken families and crushed vocations they leave in their wake. So many say afterwards, "I'm doing just fine." Maybe, but your testimony reminds us that even those who are visibly carrying on outside still carry scars from the Legion's methods, which are far from charitable. God bless you!

I was told by another exlc whom I met in NYC for lunch once that he was told by Fr. Alvaro that he didn't have a vocation right before he was to be ordained a deacon. He had been in for about 13 years. They never gave him any warning signs prior to that. They just told him that one day. It wasn't as though there was any discussion about it over the years. They also couldn't explain why. They simply said that they didn't think he had a vocation. He's now a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, but it was very hard for him to leave the LC and then find a diocese that would take a chance on him.

I recall that in the initial interviews that Jose, Juan at all did (in Spanish) that I saw on videotape had one of the victims (I don't recall his name) who was scheduled to be ordained to the diaconate and was told by Maciel that he didn't have a vocation (or that he wouldn't be ordained at that time) right before he was to be ordained. In fact, I think his parents already had their tickets or were already on their way, and then Maciel sent him to the Canary Islands. I'm not sure if I am recalling correctly or not. While telling that story, he chocked up with tears. After all of those years, it was still that painful for him. It was really moving.

Why it takes so long for the Legion to discover that someone doesn't have a "vocation" is always a mystery. One minute they do, then the next minute they don't. What changed? One would think that such a fact would be discovered sooner. That, and then the LC can't explain why the person doesn't have a vocation other than saying "You don't have a vocation". It really is inhumane. Where is the humanity? Nowhere.

My own personal theory is that Maciel did that because he was kicked out of seminaries. Perhaps it's the way of passing the hurt on and/or just exerting control over someone's life and feeling powerful. Whatever the reason (apart form being a sick b**tard), it's just wrong.

+They are worse than "sick bastards," IMHO. This is cruelty by design. The amount of information that our collective noggins have accumulated is so liberating! Someone learned that a LC seminarian is kept for 9 1/2 years, that being the prime dumping time, since after 10 years, canonically, a religious order has to take more responsibility for a man who has been afixed to them. So, after 9 1/2 years of unpaid slave labor, a man is dumped without explanation. I believe that many of these men are worked to the point of breaking mind and body, faith and feelings -- but NOT THE WILL. The LC will is so trained that it will not waver, even in the face of total collapse. Someone else remarked that the Legion seems to model itself on the mafia in these similarities: real "godfathers" are hidden from public view, rigid chain of command, non-questioning obedience when told to do something, and total loyalty. There are also "made men"in the mafia and, we are told, in the Legion -- that is those who are given increasingly dark and criminal deeds to perform until finally, the "made man" has committed murder for the "family." How far does this parallel go in the Legion? I don't know, but have heard of men doing horrible things out of "obedience" and that they later regretted so very much. It is a marvel that any man survives this kind of treatment and lives to have any humanity at all. Glenn has certainly shown more genuine concern, time and again, than the likes of sly Fr. Wormtongue Anton.
O, sackcloth and ashes!

Thank-you, Father Ward, for adding a catechetical correction.

If you will permit me to return to the canonical correction for a moment, and my comments are made with the assumption Fr. Anton was speaking in good faith, here are two points I failed to mention in my initial response.

Both concern a Roman legal principle that has been adopted into canon law long ago, and become part and parcel of the Church's legal patrimony.

The first is "Peccatum non dimittitur, nisi restituatur ablatum." This is translated as "The sin is not forgiven, if what has been taken is not restituted."

Hence the reason the LC/RC must apologize to Fr. Maciel's victims if the movement is to move forward. These victims had their good name unjustly taken from them. Thus forgiveness from the wider Catholic community is dependent upon the LC/RC restoring to these victims their good name.

The second is "Semel malus semper praesumitur esse malus." This translates as "Whoever has been convicted of evil is always presumed to be evil."

Although Fr. Maciel was not officially convicted by the Church - between his forced retirement shortly after Cardinal Ratzinger was elected pope, and subsequent revelations Fr. Maciel fathered a daughter who is now in her early 20's (as admitted by several LC/RC sources), suffice to say one is not acting immorally by presuming Fr. Maciel is evil.

Thus the obligation falls upon the LC/RC to assure us Fr. Maciel's evil has been rooted out of the movement.

Who the hell is Fr Anton, LC anyway? I can't believe he is criticizing people for trying to find the truth. He's a typical Legionary who only knows how to defend and not apologize. We shouldn't get involved in other peoples sins ok? What about from from a civil or criminal standpoint. Does that mean we shouldn't accuse anyone of a crime because it may infringe on their penance with God??? MM was a child molester who impregnated an underaged girl... Thats ILLEGAL Fr Ahole.. I mean Anton!!! I'm sick of these sweet talking LC's spinning everything.. Why won't they learn how to apologize!! The more they hide the truth the more it makes me believe they all have guilty consciences, which ultimatley makes me wonder if they're all robbing the craddle. I wish Bill O'Reilly would get involved with this whole ordeal.....

I have the best memories of Fr. Ward. I know Fr. Anton as well and I really appreciate him. Great priests both of them. Both always trying to speak well of others. Meantime, I really hope I will be able to tell my sons with proud that I spent some time in the Legion of Christ while searching God's will for my life. Some of the comments posted here generalize on the vocational experience in the Legion of Christ, which happened to be a joyful one for me and many. I know, obviously, that not for all. It's just a matter of accuracy.

The real sin here which should be so evident is Fr. Anton's and the LC's sin of detraction against Glenn.
Is it not worrisome that this priest is teaching moral theology after such heterodox statements? Regina Abominarum needs to be closed.

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