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I received this also. Talk about putting words into the mouth of Church officials, these guys sure think well of themselves. The Church is just another means to their ends.

They're circling the wagons or in utter denial or both. There's trouble brewing south of the border. Take a look at American Papist, Legionaries of Christ section. There may be more sexual abuse victims by more LC priests.

Pray. Pray and sacrifice for the Church Suffering.

Wow, amazing that something can still shock me, but WOW. That is prize-worthy spin.


Wow, they certainly do not see the gravity of the situation. My diagnosis is deep denial or a severe attempt at deceipt for the "kingdom".

Strikes me as worse than denial; it is lying, manipulative, spin.

This is jaw-dropping. It seems like serious mental illness. Their denial just keeps going and growing...where will it end?

Realizing the forum of this website is "life after rc", I still, would like to refer you to an article written by Michael O'Brien,, titled "Globalization and the New World Order".
The reference to this extremely well-written and timely article was given in (I quit visiting, some 4 years back, when I realized that this too was controlled by the legion.)
In his article, O'Brien quotes from Centesimus Annus, written as you know, by John Paul II. These two sentences (top of page 7) jumped out at me:
"In fact, where self-interest is violently suppressed, it is replaced by a burdensome system of bureacratic control, which dries up the wellsprings of initiative and creativity. When people think they possess the secret of a perfect social organization which makes evil impossible, they also think that they can use any means, including violence and deceit, in order to bring that organization into being. Politics then becomes a 'secular religion' which operates under the illusion of creating paradise in this world." (CA,n.25)... (I wanted to italicize the second sentence but I could not!)

That the great Pope John Paul II was deceived by the legion is not my point here, but that by substituting words in context, this describes the subterfuge of the legion and its power to control and mask the truth.

Yes, pray, pray, pray...

I thought this letter was a spoof by Giselle until I got to the bottom of it. Unbelievable!

It is so unreal isn't it? I hope that eventually the author and location will be revealed so they will be called on this total dishonesty.

There was and is in RC a pattern of overspiritualizing everything. I think it might be another form of control.
Example - the Gospel is full of paradoxes. That our sins will be washed clean in the blood of the lamb is one. By meditating on this seeming contradiction - blood will get something clean - we penetrate the mysteries of God.
The Legion abuses this by interpreting things as their opposite - so the Legion can say point to something in reality - i.e. they are being investigated for abuses- and interpret it to their people as - the Vatican is favoring them with a special visit. The very fact that outsiders think they are crazy is evidence to the rank and file that they are misunderstood prophets of the remnant. They are used to meditating on Gospel paradoxes. RC seems black, but we know it is white. It's a profound mystery.

The kool aid is flowing big time.

I hope all bishops & the Vatican sees this & other deceptive letters that the LC/RC's are putting out.

Just after you think that nothing they do can make you any more sick in this whole mess.

The sad thing is that the integrated ones will fall for this hook, line & sinker.

Just another example of trying to rearrange the deck chairs while the Titanic is sinking. How odd...

Please state which section received this letter. When I discuss this with an LC, I want to be able to reference this "letter sent to the Atlanta section" or whichever section it was sent to. Otherwise, I am simply saying "a letter I read on the internet, attributed to an LC superior", which then leaves me open to the comment "you can't believe everything you read on the internet".

Why do you have to justify yourself to a LC? Could you just simply leave without explanation? Everything you could say they have heard before and will be prepared for. It doesn't mean their arguments are sound.

As far as I can tell, numerous sections have received it. I cannot disclose the signers names (a priest and a brother) but perhaps folks here who have received it can figure out a way to indicate where they are (like "Johnny" above).

I believe that the local LC priest and brother for a section or group (in our case the "road team") signed the same letter. Originally, we thought the local road team "penned" it, until we saw the same exact words in the letter posted on the internet. I wonder if under obedience the LC's in each section/group were required to sign the same letter as if personally coming from them. I wonder if any choked.

Remember, nothing is done with express permission. If this weren't representative of the party line, it wouldn't have seen the light of day.

Hi Bigtex. I don't have to justify myself to an LC. I have left. But I stay in touch with one good reasonable wise holy LC and so I would like to refer to this letter in a way that he may confirm through his own contacts that this letter truly came from an LC source. This LC is one of the "good guys".

I know this letter did not appear in my section. I don't have contacts in other sections, and in any event, it would be tough to contact someone and say "even though I have quit, can you tell me if you ever received this letter?"

I am not seeking to "out" anyone.

If I don't have a bit of information as to where this letter appeared, I just won't refer to it. But I would love to be able to discuss it with this priest as an illustration of ways in which the LC continues to spin everything in their own favor.

The local road team sent it Br. LC to Fr. LC and may have bcc to everyone on their list. I am surprised we received the email directly as we are known to be out of RC. Since this is a new road team, maybe they have an old list. At the bottom of the letter was: "P.s. you may forward this to friends and other members of the movement" Our section is in the midwest.

There are some who still think the landing on the moon was really staged in Arizona. Denial runs very deep in some people in spite of objective facts..

Please, please, please assure me that this email is a hoax! It's absolutely nauseating. So the "Great Blessing" was the first sign of the Pope's closeness, affection, and support of the Legion of Christ 50 years ago. Now, viola, we have "The Great Gift," the long awaited sequel to the "Great Blessing." At this point, I think we can all agree on the LC/RC's authentic charism: spin. Spin, spin, spin, keep 'em dizzy and maybe they won't find their way out the exit.

In light of spin such as this (and whatever else is going on internally), the Visitation Team will likely be concerned about the ability of the members of LC and RC to fully cooperate with the mission of the visitation. Couldn't the Visitation Team, with the blesssing of the Pope, issue a set of prayers, of maybe even a small prayer book, to the membership so that they can pray to have the proper openness toward the visitation effort?

Thanks, "free for 3 plus years", I can at least reference this letter, and tell Fr "Good Guy" that is came out somewhere in the midwest.

If it is at all possible for any LCs to overcome the rot at the top, this is one of the priests who would be part of the solution.

I am in the Midwest and have not seen it, although we have heard the idea that this is a good thing. I am going to write my Bishop soon w/info about my experience and detailing my concerns. I am wondering if this will come out in our area. I know we have a road team based here.

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