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At the Legion high school in Atlanta, seven of the 33 graduates opted to defer college to give a year of service "to the church." These are real lives being played with; real futures being affected. If the visitation is only for show, the Vatican needs to get that show on the road and make some announcements before more young lives are stunted.

This is so sad that parents would actually consider sending their kids off to their programs.
Parents have a grave moral obligation to spend time researching this. I am sickened to hear this news.
Hopefully the Holy See takes action soon so these kids can enroll in a college or university.

Giselle-- If it's only a formality, why have it at all? Why not suppress immediately?

Is there a canonical reason? Or is it simply a kindness, to give those who depend on the Legion for their livelihoods time to regroup?

I'm really worried about the folks who DON'T get LC/RC news from outside sources and DON'T see what's coming down the pike!!! And apparently they're still taking novices too? Argh.....

And what about the families with kids in Apostolic Schools... shouldn't they have notice so they can find other options? I mean, given the whole sex-abuse-undermining-parental-authority-spiritual-deformation thing, how can the Legion even IMAGINE that Benedict will let them keep taking boys at 12-18?!?!?!

I think it needs to be done and the full truth needs to be made public by the Vatican. The LC will never reveal all of the facts. We already know this. The spin will never end. "We're all called to prayer. We're all called to pennance." "The Visitation is just to affirm the good that we do." "No, the school closing had nothing to do with the Maciel thing, it's the economy."

Whatever the plan is, I sure hope that more info is forthcoming soon.

AISTL --You have a good point. Whenever hear from someone who is still operating under the whole "The Popes love us! We're just like the CapuchinS" meme, I want to cry. The truth ought to all come out, especially so that future orders don't make the same mistakes!

I just wish that the Vatican would put a halt on recruiting efforts until the visitation was over.....

Mouse writes: I just wish that the Vatican would put a halt on recruiting efforts until the visitation was over.....

Yes, because the fact that they haven't is being used to confirm how loved they are, how supported they are and how the mission of growing is just their way of being obedient. With you in tears,

My understanding is that there have been instances when the Holy See actually required orders to temporarily close the doors to newcomers until their concerns were addressed. This would be the perfect time to excercise this authority, especially in the case of the Apostolic Schools.
Every year that they remain open children's lives are being ruined.

Responding to mouse from Amp - If the rumor above (that the Visitation is a formality) I wonder if it is possible that the visitation is necessary in order to systematically dismantle the Legion, for the benefit of all concerned and for the best outcome for the Church. A visitation would make it possible to speak with each individual priest or seminarian, to determine their needs, and to begin the process of salvaging these vocations. These men would need compassion and support to make such a transition, if such transition is possible at all. The Vatican could not simply say "we're dissolving you" without further intervention. The situation would be incredibly complicated - there are priests to redeploy (or laicize), financial assets, apostolates, and all will require careful intervention to minimize harm to souls and Church.

I don't know if there is any truth to this rumor, this is just my take on why the Vatican might be taking the drastic step of calling for a visitation if the ultimate plan is to dissolve the Legion.

I wish Mike would name his source of this inside info. Because the many members of my family in LC/RC act as if absolutely nothing is wrong.

Burt-- I don't think a lot of LC/RC people are getting their news from anywhere but the LC leadership...and we know how open and honest THOSE guys are....

I mean, if they wanted to, they could look at the statements of O'brien and Pell, they could read press accounts, they could find out that Thomas Berg left and that others are jumping ship.....

But, they don't want to at this point. They'd rather trust the Legion and believe this whole stink is because their founder happened to have an affair and father a child late in life. They're ignoring all the other evidence and focused on'staying positive,' as if being 'positive' about abuse was a virtue.

I'm sorry for you and your family members, Burt. But even if you gave them impeccably sourced material would they believe it, or would they find an excuse to ignore it? Your best bet at this point may be to take it to the Eucharist---only God will be able to shake them out of their complacency, only the Holy Spirit can help them see the truth...

Sorry to be such an incredible downer on this, but I see the same thing happening around here....

Thanks Mouse, Your thoughts are right on. No, I'm sure they have read none of the bishops remarks, articles, programs on EWTN. They clearly do not want to know. To keep peace I do not talk about it. I have been praying for years for the Holy Spirit to bring all truth to light. Meanwhile, my family sends their kids to retreats, schools, programs with out questioning. I feel is is irresponsible, ignorant and damaging.

There are quite a few people here who say that the pastor knows best, so they're staying involved because "the pastor wouldn't steer us wrong." And the pastor is risking parish daughters' souls on the increasingly slim possibility that I'm wrong about the Legion. The truth will come out, and he'll have a lot to answer to.

Jeanette-- if your Pastor isn't particularly internet savvy and gets most of his Catholic news from the Register and a smattering of EWTN, chances are he doesn't KNOW what's going on....

I'M giving him information, but he doesn't want to hear what I have to say. I'm tired of the shouting matches, though, and I've gotten to where I think so little of him, that recently I've become willing to let him marinate in this sin (Ez 34, the shepherd who pastures himself). He and the RC ladies sound like JB over at AmP

Your recent posts over there are great; I haven't managed to negotiate the authentication hurdles yet.

Jeannette, so sorry to hear you are going through this in your parish.

It took me a bit to get the authentication thing down at AmP, too. Hope to see you over there soon!

If you pick the first option (new account) you can set up a username, password and email,(not shown to anyone), and keep your same nickname.... and it satill connects to your older posts......

I think they must be trying to cut down on sock-puppets.

Just talked with some RC/LC associated friends today--they remain convinced that the only problems the Legion faces are financial ones due to the economic crisis.

They still don't see the visitation as serious, and they honestly believe everything is great with no end in sight.

I wonder if we're living in alternate dimensions? Because their reality doesn't seem to be meshing well with mine.....

I guess in the end, it's like dealing with Mormons--they may be nice and pleasant and well-intentioned, but you can't really discuss certain topics with them, because you're starting with different axioms......

Mouse, that is my experience with quite a few here as well. Not all, there is definitely some fed up people, but it boggles my mind that many are not even thinking about this.

AnonStl-- I really wonder what's going to happen to those folks if the Legion DOES get suppressed. I mean, they claim "whatever the pope says," but it's clear they're expecting a slap on the wrist, nothing more.

Will they obey? Or will they decide he's being unfair, and mean, and singleing them out for persecution when so many groups are evil heterodox blights?

I mean, for people who've been watching and reading, major discipline/supression etc. won't come as a shock....but for the people in the bubble? The ones who think the daughter disproves earlier accusations and that the money problems are just economic?

The ones who don't see a problem that the legion is JUST NOW starting to have its seminarians read non-Maciel spirtiual writers?????

Sigh.... I started looking into the Legion/RC when the Feb news broke because so many of my friends/neighbors are RC and it seemed to fly in the face of everything they told me.... and the more I discover, the sadder it makes me.....

The lie "Oh, they're like a more orthodox version of the Jesuits and RC is just a group of Catholics who like the rosary" was so much prettier than the truth is.... so it's not suprising a lot of people would prefer the lie.....

How does one best get the word out to good people? A mission priest in northern Manitoba, Canada just sent out a newsletter in which he mentions that his cousin will be ordained a deacon for the LC in Rome June 30. The letter goes on to extoll the virtues of this 'fast growing' religious order. Another friend has already received an invitation to the ordination to priesthood on Dec. 26, 2009 of this same person. All this while there is a Visitation going on??

lmok- based on the posts over at AMP, they're still taking novices, too.... and the Apostolic schools are still going strong....

I don't know if there IS a way to get the word out. Maybe send them O'Brian's comments, if they haven't seen it yet? A list of links to the news stories?

I think, for a lot of less-internet-savvy types, when Rome's decision comes out it will be out of the blue.....

It would be like you just found out the Irish Christian Brothers were in trouble, because you hadn't heard of any of the Irish scandals......

I have printed out the names of the 3 priests/bishops involved in the Visitation, as well as the Jesuit priest, "Gianfranco Ghirlanda, who will join the visitors to review all the education institutions of the Legion". The list will go in a prominent place to remind me daily to pray for them.

I think it behooves all of us to pray for the wisdom, strength, courage and spiritual protection which these men of God will need to carry out their collective tasks in the pursuit of Truth.

I have a concern that the LC's will scatter and infiltrate many of the Church's dioceses and orders. Let's hope the LC ends, not spreads its virus to the entire Church. Now that would really be evil, using the recent revelations to actually spread the LC virus. They must be watched closely...

I do think there are true vocations in the Legion. Innocent victims...I think they do need some counseling and deprogramming before entering other orders.

Burt, I think you are right. The longer this goes on, the more I believe this. Today a friend asked our local Priest about the Familia situation. He told her he knew nothing about it. So, either he is truly in the dark (which honestly I hope he is) or he is so diabolical that he is pretending not to know so that he doesn't have to answer.

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