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Wait, your right or my right?

I'm in the northern hemisphere -- where are you? Is this like toilets flushing?

ok, just checked - the Legion is circling the drain counter-clockwise.


Legionaries were always taught that at the center of the institute’s spirituality was a strong Christ Centeredness. All LCs were taught that the way a Legionary lives his relation with God was through a pure and personal relation with Jesus Christ without emulating the life of any specific saint. The spirituality was centered on a real, personal, manly and ardent love for our Lord. This love for Jesus Christ was always at the center of the founder’s writings and preaching.

Then, all of a sudden, around the year 2005 another concept of charism surfaced. It was Charity or Love. This seemed to catch many off guard since –although Legionaries strove to live the love of Christ to its fullest- Charity had never been mentioned as the specific spiritual patrimony of the institute.

After many conversations with some legionaries and many sleepless nights with personal reflection, this leads me to one conclusion: All while the investigation regarding allegations against Fr. Maciel was going on and the discovery of certain facts were imminent, a new spirituality was being fabricated; a spirituality not linked directly to the person who would later be discovered to be living a double life and thus turn out to be a fraud. To distance the institute from Father Maciel, a new spirituality was invented to maintain the order on it’s feet.

The Legion’s spiritual charism was no longer Christ Centeredness but Charity or Love. Obviously, after the revelations about the founder’s duplicitous life, a Legionary religious could no longer love Christ as Father Maciel was (supposedly) inspired to love Christ. That is because he didn’t (objectively) love Christ. Or perhaps he thought he was loving Christ when he really wasn’t.

To me this is an implicit recognition that Father Maciel was never inspired with this gift from the Lord. Once Father Maciel’s double life was discovered, he lost all credibility and therefore all that he was inspired with by God also fell by the wayside. However, somehow the work that had been built up around the man had to be salvaged. The way to salvage the Legion’s charism was to divert attention from the founder to a new charism: Charity or Christ’s Commandment of Love.

I remember being on Triduum when the story was told of a young seminarian, who had the audacity to ask Maciel at a gathering of priests and brothers, "what is the charism?" Supposedly all his fellow brothers and priests were shocked at such a question and wondered what Maciel would say. Instead of getting angry, he explained patiently that all along the charism has been charity. We were all supposed to be amazed at the great wisdom, and all-surpassing holiness of this living saint. He had reached a pinnacle of spiritual insight in his advanced age and we were all to realize the simplicity and wonder of what he was (now) saying. The charism was charity after all. This was told to us as if we were getting some special "insider" information--a privileged window into the mind of our founder. (We were all 2nd degree). Now it all makes sense!

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