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Parenthetically, this apostolate reminds us of the enormity of the scandal. Whether the Legion survives or not, Hombre Nuevo (in defending the flawed "charism") does almost as much damage to the Hispanic community as the defection of Fr Albert Cutie earlier this year. We must keep this in our prayers, for the widest nets cast for the Spanish speakers are already filled with contention and confusion.

Jesus, mercy!

G, can you post the email address again for Chaput?

Aside from all else, this highlights another characteristic Legionary abuse. Canon law 1267§3 says: Offerings given by the faithful for a specified purpose may be used only for that same purpose. Hopefully the visitation can bust the Legion on their many violations of this canon, a very serious matter.

Remember that official business is done on dead trees:

1300 South Steele Street
Denver, CO 80210

(A trip to your favourite notary along the way wouldn't be out of order, either.)

Graviest sin of all? Is he eating at my mother-in-law's?

BTW-- does anyone know if Chaput is up and about and actually WORKING on this yet? When I checked his official schedule online, it just said he was still recovering from Back Surgery and in need of prayers.

Check out the latest from Fr. Karras

I have a question and I am not too sure where I should post it. Here goes:
Realizing that each rc./lc./consecrated are in different places/struggles in their lives, how does one sort out a specific website(s) and an article or post, to give direction to someone still in the movement to awaken and alert an individual? Yes, I have been praying for several specifically and pondering this hard question for some time.

I do not want to have someone try and "wade through" a lot of stuff...however, I guess it is as necessary for each person to do, to come to accept the truth.

Do I "let go and let God"??

On another wave length, A friend reminded me of the parable about the Lazarus and the rich man and Abraham's words to the rich man's plea from Hades to warn his five brothers, "If they will not listen either to Moses or to the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead" (Luke 16:31).

And, another exLegionary, (I read the letter in its entirety), he might be eating at your mother-in-law's or perhaps experiencing English as a second language. But I think you knew that already!;)

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