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Thank you for sharing!

This is so true: I discovered that what I didn't like about RC was unique to RC, what I loved about it was simply Catholicism. It was very confusing until I saw this.

You know, there are so many horrible things in this account-- but the one that really hit me in the gut was the anecdote about the three-month-old.

I've always been taught that we should try to model our family lives on that of the Holy Family. I just can't see Mary leaving Jesus abandoned in a crib so that she could have more time to 'do God's Will.' There's something sick about any group that tries to play children against their parents in this way.

(Of course, we see it again with the pressure to send the kids to apostolic school at a young age, and with the recruiters targeting children against their parents' wishes.)

Therre's something uniquely sick and twisted about a group that claims one of its goals is to strengthen the Catholic Family using methods to undermine the family at every turn.

Blech. Stories like this just make me ill... that poor baby! And the poor mother who felt that she had to choose between her child and her soul!

What's most disturbing about the advice to abandon the 3 month old is the claim that it's binding advice due to the spiritual director's "grace of state."

If there is such a grace of state -- and, in fairness, there COULD be if Regnum Christi were legitimate -- it absolutely would not extend to non-spiritual matters such as how a mother cares for her child.

Spiritual formation that leads people to believe that a priest or "consecrated" laywoman has authority to tell a mother how much time she should spend with her baby is gravely defective. Why isn't this obvious to RC members?

The testimony about not being paid for her job with the RC member reminds me of the saga of Immaculata Prep in Washington, DC.

Immaculata was a venerable upscale DC prep school for girls that had to close in the late 1980s because the order of nuns that ran it was aging and dying out. At the last minute, the Legion stepped in to "save" the school. They ran it for one school year, during which paychecks for the many young women they hired as teachers were repeatedly delayed, with an abundance of excuses.

At the end of the school year, the Legion decided to close Immaculata. The teachers were informed they would not receive the many weeks of back pay they had been promised. They were told explicitly to offer this "sacrifice" up for "the Kingdom."

This, coming from a religious order with the highest per-capita annual budget in the entire Church.

An exact situation happened to me:

"I was invited to incorporate at the end of an intense retreat ... Before the retreat I had never heard the name Regnum Christi mentioned although I had been invited to many things by the same group of ladies. I was pulled aside before the final Mass, told that I was 'chosen' to join RC, assured that this was very special and good, and rushed to decide without knowing what they were talking about."

I went looking for a true Catholic spiritual direction and ended up getting recruited into RC. I never followed through, though, since no active RC lives near my area (2-3 hours away at least). In retrospect, it's probably a good thing.

I sent Archbishop Chaput a lengthy email about my testimony as a Legionary seminarian. He wrote back to me the next day and was grateful for my contribution. He asks for our prayers for him and the whole visitation. It must be difficult having such a huge responsibility on his shoulders while he continues to shepherd his Denver flock.

Please, do take some time to write down your concerns and experiences regarding the LC/RC and send them to this good bishop. It can really help him see the overall picture.

There is an excellent website starting up with a structured and clear overview of many of the major aspects of the LC/RC institutional toxicity. Thank you, exlcblogger for letting us know about it.

I don't know who the author is (sounds like an exLC to me), but I hope he continues developing this and also provides us with a way to send in our ideas to add to it.

The outline is incomplete, but it is a very good start and it's helpful to see things in such a clear outline form.

The RC really sounds like satan is loose in the organization. It seems evil! I say don't even try to repair the LC or the RC just get rid of them both !!!

This is the second reference I have seen to having parents stuck with the defaulted student loans which they co-signed for their children. The example given here indicates that they made the girl a promise which they had no intention of keeping when they recruited her, but other stories have the Legion advising their recruits to simply walk away from their loans. In either case the parents are stuck to the tune of 10's of thousands of dollars.

If the Legion really encourages recruits to default on student loans, that in itself may be a violation of canon law.

Because religious take a vow of poverty, indebtedness is a canonical impediment to entering a religious order. At least as I've always understood it, a candidate religious life may not have any outstanding credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, etc. Those debts must either be paid off, or someone else must affirmatively assume them.

More playing children against their parents.

You know, like how Jesus left Mary to start his ministry, and left her to starve in the street....

Maybe we should just start calling it "Regnum ad Christum" (The Kingdom against Christ) -- because as far as I can tell they're not even TRYING to follow His example.

Though they ARE doing a good job of following St. Augustine's... BEFORE the conversion... like when he tricked his mom into going to pray for a safe journey so he could sail to Rome without her....... Of course, Augustine was ASHAMED of his actions.....

OT question--

Exlc posted an article from the Denver Post saying that the Archbishop was traveling and investigating during the next 2 weeks. But if you look at his official schedule online, he has a lot to do around the diocese, and is going to the KofC convention....

so which is it?

That article from the Denver paper (it was actually in something called the "Colorado Independent") was riddled with errors. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in it.

The RC section leaders in our area recently circulated an email saying that Visitation activities were likely to begin in September, but acknowledging that no one is really sure.

Ehem... er... don't you find that there is a certain degree of responsibility for stupidity and failing to use our God-given brains in all these matters?
Just food for THOUGHT -if it is not too much to ask for.


Similar to the defaulted loan story, and on a smaller scale:

For a plane ticket home, the LCs told me they paid for it. I only found out 10 years later that my mother paid for it, and it was expensive b/c it was purchased last minute. The lies...

Regarding the story of that job: Another aspect of RC is to investigate the many 1st and 2nd degree members who works their butts off for the Legion for low pay, no benefits. I could tell you story after story, one involving a girl who worked for the Legion for five years, then she got sick and no health insurance. They fired her anyway b/c she wasn't able to fulfill her responsibilities. The whole thing needs to come crashing down with a very loud thump.

To whomever wrote the testimony: I am so sorry for what you suffered at the hands of Catholics, that your conversion was the very vulnerability used by the Legion to get to you.

I'm a member of RC, I gave a year and was a consacreted in Spain but a year ago I saw that it wasn't my vocation. Honestly, I don't belive you. What you talk about is not RC at all. You might have had some bad experiences but why don't you talk more about the good ones?? How RC drew you nearer to Christ, how they taught you how to pray... I have only had good experiences in RC, sorry if I can't even imagine that all this has happened to you.

I never joined RC, but was involved for a number of years, both with Familia, and later, with Challenge. I was pressured into starting a Challenge group, and assured that I would be supported by the "Challenge Organization", but found that I had very little support. Because I believed in the concept of a safe club for girls that promoted modesty etc, I worked hard to promote it at our parish, and for a couple of years we had a pretty good group going. I didn't understand at that time though, why I met with resistance from certain people, and I was continually told it was because they just didn't like RC. Still, I didn't see what was going on, because several of my dear friends were RC, and I knew they only had my best interests, and that of the girls at heart. We had one incidence of a girl being coerced to "incorporate", completely against the stated age and permission policy of the club, which was very embarrassing for me, as I had to deal with this girl's family, still, without really understanding what was going on. I attended camp as a chaperone, and after two days, I sent my daughters home, and I myself left after 4 days. There were so many horrible things that occurred at this camp, that I couldn't be party to it. When I wrote a letter to the section leader, and the priest in charge in Atlanta, I was basically muzzled and shut down....I was told that charity was the way I should respond, and that anything that happened at camp was really OK, because it was for the girls...Now that all of this horrible information is coming to light, I can see what was happening, and I am grateful that I resisted the multiple invitations to join RC. It was very subtle, and very insidious, and very appealing.....I am just so sorry for all the beautiful women who were duped. Many of the consecrated I met were lovely lovely women, who really believed in what they were doing. I can't imagine what it must be like for them now, and I pray that they will find peace.

I find it sad to read these things, i am just finished a missionary year with RC and the legion and before that i was ECYD and RC for 7 years, never once have i heard of anything like this nor have i experienced anything like it. From my experience the legionaries are kind and open and would never knowingly deceive anyone. Yes Fr. Marciel messed up big time but i never joined 'fr Marciels kingdom' i joined 'Regnum Christi'. I know in my heart that some legionaries have to pay for what was done but the legion as a whole shouldn't, all over the internet you see articles and blogs about how the legion is bad and evil and a cult when in actual fact it isnt maybe your perception of the legion has been biased by your bad experienced while mine has been biased by my good experience. One final point about the consecrated and the legionaries as they are now post-visitation, yes they are hurting, they were lied to about their founder but I havent met a single one who isnt at peace, we need to understand that their vocation was never to Fr. Marciel, it was and still is to Christ and no mistakes that Fr Marciel could ever make will take that away from them.

Atlanta coworker 2009/2010

I wish you would be more specific about your experiences. People are still sending their children to these things. True information helps us combat the constant propaganda and promotions.

Perhaps someone could provide the examination of conscienced used by the children in the Movement. A couple of years ago I was sitting in a pew waiting for my turn in the confessional. Behind me knelt 3 young men (teens). One of the boys was reading the examination aloud for all of them. I couldn't not help but over hear, so I decided that I would use his promptings to look into my own soul. Then I heard something to the effect of, "since my last confession, have I done everthing in my power to promote RC and recruit new members."
I couldn't believe it. Those poor sweet boys. Will it ever end?
God bless you all.
One heavily recruited, flattered and befreinded but never duped....God pulled me out of thier way at the

EhhUQ2 Wow! That's a really neat answer!

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