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Thank you for sharing this testimony. It is clean and honest. When I left, even though my experience had been good, too, it was because there were so many internal contradictions and my interior peace was being compromised; this was not the "clay feet" of the Church Militant, it was a deliberate misuse of the good things of God and the Church to further some unknown and ungodly end. I came to know thist because I am free, now, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." I'm grateful for this blog where what could not have been shared before can now become a salve for a wound and a source for healing. St. Raphael, pray for us!

Thanks to whomever wrote this testimony! Although I have never been in RC, I have been using the same logic for sending my children to an LC school. Individuals and families have been wounded at this school, but it was not my experience. "My experience had been so good." I've had misgivings for years, but I put on my blinders or looked the other way. However, I've had a knot in my stomach since February that has not gone away. My daily prayers are for all those who have been affected by this whole ordeal.

another testimony that would be so good for AB Chaput to see...

This should resonate--with those in RC and those who have been affected directly by those in RC. Every time I personally encountered questionable behavior (esp. with consecrated and "spiritual direction" -- which, by the way, can only be done by a priest, not by a consecrated layperson--) it was treated as an aberation from the "norm," but someohow the behavior continued under some other pretext. More than not, this had to do with parental knowledge and consent and the very obvious pressure young girls and boys were put under never to reveal what they talked about in "spiritual direction" in any specific way.

It made many parents I encountered, who were not in RC but whose children were being recruited very nervous. It's one of the kinds of activities I hope comes to the attention of the Visatators.

RC members themselves didn't seem to have a problem with it and when complaints were made usually treated them as minor quibbles from outsiders who "didn't get it."

And when troubles brewed with RC members themselves, other RC members seemed to think this indicated an imperfect devotion on the part of the trouble RC member to their "vocation" to RC and not to some inherent problem in the whole RC enterprise itself.

I, too, have been guilty of falling back on this very convenient method of excusing the LC and RC problems - I'm sure many others have as well. To respond to a legitimate concern with a slew of positive personal experiences is consistent with RC formation and, I might add, is certainly easier than trying to address the concerns objectively.

The breaking point for me - uh, "personally speaking" - came when my section ass't used her own family's positive experiences with LC/RC to justify her "being at peace" with the Macial mess. I guess it's been so good for her family it's worth the damage to the rest of the Church and to other souls.

I applaud the courageous and eloquent individual who stepped forward with this very honest contribution to the discussion. And I'm willing to bet that countless others have now found the words to explain their own lack of peace with the Legion and Movement at this time.

This is the relativism that is so insidious. People don't even realize they are being relativist. It's very scary and is the norm of formation in RC -- think about what they teach: speak of only the good you hear and the evil you see (personally witness). Where does that put you in terms of crying out against any sin? Abortion always comes to my mind when I read stories like this. Many people who don't commit to calling themselves pro-life just say, "Well, I would never have one." Sorry, that's good enough.

It seems like people have such a hard time applying principles to life and they forget to look at life in light of Jesus' warnings all throughout the gospels. Today's gospel warning is particularly scary: "Thus it will be at the end of the age. The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth." Combine this with: "what you do for the least of my brothers, that you've done unto me."

If we can't cry out against evil, we're doing God a great disservice.

I'm trying to deal with one person who is still in RC. She is my friend, but we're drifting. It's very difficult seeing the utilitarian attitude. Her LC priest is (in my opinion) taking advantage of her attitude of hard work and putting her in charge of things for her section, essentially stroking her ego. She could have written the above post, but she's still in denial and wants to hear nothing bad or negative. It's very sad.

This is a beautiful testimony true of RC and LC but possibly applicable to many other organizations - religious and secular...Thank you for your sharing - it has opened my eyes to my own experience of attending a small program in UPRA - Rome..."It was good for me, BUT...." perhaps I need to 'name the devils' to enable the healing of others...

I am currently in RC and can really relate to your experience. I too read all the blogs and information and just thought it can't possibly be true -- the women I know, the apostolates I see, they are all so good. Now as I really search for God's will, I am left wondering how to "do it" on my own. THe support and strength I have drawn from my sisters in the movement, my love of encounter, the encouragement and formation from the priests and the retreats... That isn't available in such a concrete and deep way at the parish level in most places. What success have people have when they left the movement continuing to form yourself and grow spiritually with the support of other faithful Catholics? Part of what keeps me here, is that the movement still offers me the support I need to be as holy as I need to be to guide my family and my other apostolates (non-RC). I would love to hear others experience with this. "Lord, to whom shall we go?" St. Peter said.

Wow, I could have written this. My experience was also so good, so very good, so very, very good. But I can't stand the Legionaries anymore, and I can't stand their stonewalling. Thank you for this!!

I'm the same anon as before. I was consecrated for several years and had the dubious honor of being asked to give spiritual direction to young girls. I never knew what to say and refused to pressure them or tell them what to think. I was kicked out shortly after it was obvious I wasn't getting any results!!

Everyone talking as if it having a good experience, is all that mattered. RC help me become and my family become closer to Christ. I cannot an will not denie this any more then if i had had a bad experience, then thought noone could have good. This makes no sense. This movement is what it is. It is not perfect for it is run by men, they are not perfect. Perfection is in heaven not here. Since this scandal and that is what it is has broke I have only been shown clear answer for any questions asked. These priest cannot be held accountable for what this man has done. I do not want to be accountable for the sins of my neighbors I have enough on my own. Because my child or spouse sins does that make me a sinner by assocciation. Yes, I am a sinner but not of their sins, sins of my own. We would not take down a whole family for the sins of the father. That is not how it works. Charity does not mean look the other way it means, go to bible find how Christ handle it then use him as your example. Pray hard that we are not put to the test

Anne wrote: These priest cannot be held accountable for what this man has done. I do not want to be accountable for the sins of my neighbors I have enough on my own.

Anne, you are seriously wrong here. The organization denied abuse allegations, defamed the accusers and defrauded donors. They absolutely are accountable for this, just as the Church is accountable for its role in covering up for and/or moving around abusive Priests. That is why they have had to pay so much money in restitution.

The organizations owes restitution to the victims and owes an apology to its members and the Church at large for lying to them and scandalizing the faithful. And that is the bare minimum.

Just curious, how old are you?

I blogged on this topic a few days ago and am moving some of my post below. I think this is the stumbling block for so many of us and it needs to be discussed and prayed about. Over the year, the Lord has clearly showed me that the fruits I received were not because of Fr M and his methodology(as the LC repeated so many times last spring) but because God loves us and will always provide for us through His Church and His priests. I attribute the fruits to the Lord and His Church. See below.....

I received tons of fruits in my time in RC and was actually helped by my SD through a few of the hardest times in my life. I will be forever grateful to God and to the loving LC priest for those gifts that he gave me.

I did at first feel bound to the RC Movement and the LC priest in gratitidue but the Lord showed me in prayer that gratitude does not equal blind loyalty to a group or a priest. RC methodology and the LC hierarchy's actions became an obstacle for me and the Lord asked me to leave and choose only Him over all other attachments that I had and it was very painful. God also showed me that He provided a priest of the Church (not just an LC) for me just when I needed one.
Also, Fr Ms double and fraudulent life was extremely painful to process but that was not the reason I left. I left due to the learned response I witnessed from the LC hierarchy after 2006 and especially after 2009 to put Fr M over the good of the victims and even the Pope/Church.

My gifts were beautiful, real gifts for me but I do not use them to justify the existence or continuation of the LC/RC or to trump the pain that so many others have experienced.

The confusion starts when the real fruit (a conversion to the Church as stated by SPEAKING THE TRUTH blogger, help thru a family crisis) is attributed to the existence of an organization founded by a fraud (which hurt so many others) instead of to the grace of God working in the Church and His priests. It is almost like saying - because I was converted, it does not matter that you were sexually abused or you were spiritually manipulated by the same organization using the same methodology that helped me.

God is greater than the organization and took the pure intentions of thousands of priests and lay and provided countless gifts despite Maciel's life of lies.

I also know that if Maciel's lies were not covered up for all these years (which would have stopped some of the abuse) and the LC/RC was not around for me when I needed help, the Lord would have never abandoned me. I was searching for Him and he would have provided a way to show His love and comfort to me when I needed it. I trust Him to give me what I need when I need it. There is no sense living in the past with our gifts. The Lord knows our gratitude. We need to move forward making our future choices on the facts that we now know, discerning the source of our gifts and always continuing to love.

This last post was INCREDIBLY helpful to me, as it echoed my own story and intuitions. I plan to share it widely with my friends still in RC. God bless you!

The Holy Spirit is the true and one spiritual director. So many times when we are praying, we receive an inspiration of the Holy Spirit with the answer to what we must do. The Lord does not ever leave us alone. After, He is the only one that will never fail us. In need of Spiritual Direction? Go to Jesus - he will show you the way.
God Bless You!

I do not understand how the cardinal to the pope can work with the legionaries on the constitution but no one seems concerned with the lay movement. I have been a member for two years and see the positive and negative effects of the movement. People are hurt all the time from things that happen in the movement. I would love to see a survey done that would look at all present and past members of the lay movement. Through the survey I would ask the people if the movement is all it is said to be. I would be curious to ask all parish priests who have R.C. members in their parish if the progams they run are in actual fact building up the church. I hope and pray that in time the movement will truly help in building up the church but I do not think that is the case at this time. Things need to be addressed and changed before you will see this movement flourish.
Questions to ponder:
1. If we send our children away to be a LC then who is going to be our parish priests?
2. Any mass I have attended with a LC has never been more then 40 people. So why are these priests serving such a select few?
3. Why does everything cost so much to be a part of the camps, retreats, conventions? Is this group for the elite?
4. How are we building up the church if our goal is to recruit people to R.C.? 5. Why are so many people being hurt by S.D?
6. Why does the heirarchy of this movement assume that Christ works through the leaders more then he works through other people who may not be leaders?
7. How can people who call themselves Christians be more worried about following rules then being charitable to the person standing next to him?

In my eyes it takes peoples money away from the local parish. It takes vocations away from the local parish. The programs that people break their backs to bring to the parish serve only a small percentage of the parish.

I need help. I am the father of 4 boys (7-16) that have been in the Legion's school system here in south america. Untill a few months ago my 'experience' had been good despite all the crimes, lies and inmoral conducts and behaviour. One of my boys has been falsely accused of a crime by the school director. Mainly because he publicly in class told the priests he did not believed nor respected them after the public crimes committed by Maciel. I am taking them to court for lying and kicking my child out of school for nothing. Although at this point i am glad that God has opened my eyes to this devils den. Any counsel and or advise is welcomed.

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