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What, seriously? How did you find this out? Giselle has my contact info if you feel like sharing more info. I knew he was gone for the summer, as are the other priests. I was wondering who would just not come back.

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and interest. An updated post is back up with a new url:

Fr. Mulcahey would not hold up under this investigation. I am sure they moved him because of this. Who was is that said they could no longer justify the LC's use of the Scripture to describe their actions as "Wise as serpents and innocent as doves" but rather a better Scripture to describe them would be "Now the serpent was the most cunning of all the creatures that God hade made" (Genesis)

I wonder if the super-short length of the Visitation is because there already IS a foregone conclusion. I mean, wasn't 2006 basically an ultimatum for the Legion? And they haven't changed as Benedict told them to.....

I mean, it looks like the investigation of Miles Jesu took TWO YEARS to complete... and theyre a smaller, less influential group with less serious problems... (though still pretty bad--financial irregularities and cult-like behaviors, but without the child abuse)

So... clearly the Legion is NOT going to be investigated as completely as Miles Jesu-- I'd guess it's because the info the CDF has in hand is already pretty damning.... So maybe the Visitors are just batting cleanup here....

Are the school's even being investigated? If not, why move Fr. Mulcahey?

I tried to ask this at Cassandra's site but I can't seem to successfully post comments there.

As far as shuffling priests to keep them out of reach of AVs,if this is in fact what is happening, are they shuffling them to keep them quiet? In other words, because, say, Fr JM or Father OK can't be trusted to keep their mouths shut? Or because they know too much and want to avoid having to stonewall AVs?

I think both. Remember, the difference now is the absence of the private vows, so each Legionary is ostensibly free to speak, although it would still be an emotional crisis -- especially when many are trying to live those vows in their hearts, regardless. If they're out of harm's way, they won't have the choice.

To "K" and "SJ"
Like Anon in STL, I would like to ask for further verification that Fr. Timothy Mulcahey is being re-assigned from Gateway Academy, and why you beleive Fr. Timothy "wouldn't hold up under investigation". I personally spent many hours in the last 6 months and over the years discussing my concerns regarding my childrens' experience at the school, RC and recently MM, LC,
and the methodology. Didn't get many answers, and after bringing up issues with the school things actually got worse for my children. My impression is that Fr. Timothy is a very faithful Legionary and only "sees the good". He usually seemed surprised by the issues I would raise. I know that this speaks to one of the core issues lack of "freedom of intellect and conscience". So if he were actually questioned I'm not sure he would give the AV any helpful info. To me, he didn't seem have any idea of any problems. I am praying for him.

I had heard a rumor about Fr. Mulcahey leaving, but I recently saw on the Gateway website that there is a new priest, Fr. James Perez listed as the new boys directory of formation. Fr. Maher is still listed as the chaplain. Fr. Mulcahey is not listed. I, too, had many interactions with Fr. Mulcahey. At first, I thought as you that he had no clue. Trust me, that is far from the truth. There was a lot of double-speak, and when we did not stop asking questions, he turned on us in a very unkind and hateful manner. I think his "lack of knowing" is part of his marching orders. I could be wrong, but I think that this assessment is accurate.

Thanks for the clarification. While he is not involved in the daily activities at Gateway, it was recently clarified that he is on the board. Also, he is the director of the section afaik. However, I will not be surprised if there are LC and Consecrated who just don't return after summer.

What is afaik?

Well...there is probably a reason Fr. never "turned" on Not mine exactly.

As Far As I Know.

I'm lazy. :-)

Oh, and as a follow up to SJ, Fr. James Perez has been director of boys' formation for the past year. Perhaps the site had not been updated, but he is not really new. I think he arrived last fall (08).

Random thoughts
1. Thank you "SJ" for responding. It is difficult for me, or perhaps I don't want to believe that Fr. Mulcahey is lying, and/or purposely manipulating and obfuscating. If I allow myself to go there I begin to question my Catholic faith."Yes, Lord I believe, help my unbelief."
It is easier for me to believe that his critical thinking skills, reason, free will have been "formed" out of him. Am I naive, in denial, maybe.

2. It seems that some of the "posters" here are parents of children at GA and RC. It is good to know that I'm not crazy, that others have had some of the same experiences/frustrations I have had. We probably know each other. Isn't it sad that in order to maintain "Charity in speech" we never shared our common concerns, I often wonder what might be if we had.
What if we had banded together and gone to our Bishop, maybe the H.S would not have closed. Oh well...........

3. Fr. James Perez came to Gateway at the end of last Sept. He led our Triduum retreat last fall. When he introduced himself, he told us that he had been the administrator of several schools,including the Apostolic School in New Hampshire. This certainly piqued my interest. Now he was at Gateway to help Fr. Timothy in any way he could. He helped Fr. Timothy out of his position as Director of Boys Formation.

Thanks for posting. Many of us did go to the Archbishop 2 years ago regarding disturbing statements, etc at Gateway. Unfortunately, this process seems to take a very long time to be resolved ~ hence the Visitation. We left the school a year ago because we were worried for our children. It has been a blessing to get away from Gateway and realize that there are many good places out there. LC/RC would rather have us believe that everything and everyone outside is less Catholic and bad. I think that this is part of how they get people to stay even when they have serious concerns. You are definitely not crazy; we, too, often wondered if we were crazy. If we stay true to our real Faith, and not rely on groups to validate us, we will be fine. God bless.

re: update...

Oh my gosh!!! How insane ARE they? Do they really think Chaput won't notice if the head of Cheshire gets mysteriously moved???

It's almost like the order has a suicide pact on or something....

Fr. Antonio Rodriguez's move to Switzerland is no accident. He was one of Maciel's personal secretaries back in the 60's or 70's. He joined the LC when he was a boy, as an apostolic. He is a very intelligent man, hence his position as dean of studies. He surely knows a lot of interesting things about LC history.

I read elsewhere, probably on exlcblog, that Les Avants is a European version of Quintana Roo, a place where bothersome LC's are exiled to. That would seem to fit the scenario we are now looking at. I had the pleasure of spending a week at Les Avants when I was an LC novice. You couldn't find a more beautiful setting or a group of wealthier Mexican girls if you tried.

He wasn't the "head of Cheshire"...he is the dean of studies and pretty much just deals with academics.

I think if nothing else, these informed comments will open the eyes of current RC members about the breadth LC apostolates and where the money (and men) go on occasion. All my years in the Movement and I never even knew there was such a place as Les Avants!

I agree JL, the "head of Cheshire" a.k.a the Rector is Fr. Christopher Brackett

Maybe a lot of LC staff are seeing the writing on the wall? I bet Hoopes could go freelance or find another job.... and the Legion seems to be equivelant to the Titanic right now.... and, as in history, the folks in steerage are just going to be left to drown.....

[Sweet Mouse wrote in good faith before the devious blog-mistress changed the post to include his plans. It is hoped that the former can forgive the latter!]

True, Christopher Bracken is the head, rector at Cheshire, but Antonio Rodriguez was instrumental in negotiations with the state for state approval of the school. Exlcblog I think linked to one of these documents. Just what is Daniel saying that he knows “a lot of history.” Another one there who knows a lot of history is Father Tarcisio Samaniego.

Surely the employment contract agreement would not apply to protecting information about illegal activities. Regardless, if this report is accurate, it seems the LC would have an obligation to explicitly modify the agreement for all current and past employees so that it does not apply to communications with the visitation team.

I wish Tom Hoopes well. Good for him.

As for the big picture of people being let go, transferred and quitting. I sure hope it is blatantly obvious that something is wrong with this picture.

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