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I read the whole thing.....and really it says very little at all except for were ok, God and the pope loves us, the world needs us, trust your superiors .....all the usual drivel ..... this whole thing is insane. Some church historian is going to have a field day in 100 years when they write this chapter up!

18 pages of blah blah blah blah blah . . .

OK I did get one thing out skimming through all that nonsense: Club LC considers itself the only authentic Catholic reality in existence.

That's why they shouldn't bother with "questionable and disturbing stories" or whatever Fr. A is calling actual news about the Legion. It's not real. Only what the superiors of Club LC tell them is real.

And that's why they won't bother appologizing to the actual victims. They aren't real either - because they violated Unity and Charity and QUIT. Only members of Club LC and Club Consecrata are real so THEY get the apology.

And that's why they won't really get rid of their founder - because he founded Club LC, the only authentic Catholic reality.

And that's why they shun you when you leave or if you blow them off - you aren't real either. You are potentially real if you are potentially useful but if you aren't - forget it. Off to the Void with you. Hopefully your soul isn't in jeopardy (but it probably is because you have removed yourself from the "great works of salvation").

It's like some sort of twisted version of "Velveteen Rabbit".

I'm sure Club LC prays daily that the pope sees it their way. After all, reality can get complicated if the (potentially unreal but meddlesome nonetheless) hierarchy decides to exercise it's authority and make some substantive changes (like disbanding them or removing key superiors). But of course in Club LC's "reality" that's not what this apostolic visitation is about anyway so why worry too much about it?

I'm about halfway through this tripe and "Careening through cobbled clichés" is an understatement. I've got to go watch South Park now just to clear my head!

Initially, I thought it was my own obtuseness or the fact that it was a translation but this is just plain incoherent babbling. I noticed that Fr. Alvaro gives the least amount of space in his letter to the Apostolic Visitation. That's probably indicative of his opinion of the whole matter.

Oh yeah. Still calling MM Nuestro Padre - interesting. "Founder" I can understand but Nuestro Padre?

"Club LC considers itself the only authentic Catholic reality in existence."

Still RC, you hit the nail on the head.

where the heck is the humility....hey we screwed up big time....he is in la la land.

What did he say? Cliff notes please. Everyday I am out I feel lighter and lighter.

"How much the reading of Canon Law helps which asks us to observe the necessary discretion in the use of the social means of communication, avoiding what could be harmful to one’s own vocation or dangerous for the chastity of a consecrated person (CCL c.666) The numbers of the Constitutions and Statutes that speak to us of this theme also help us. (CLC 385, ERRC 537)."

So reading about the sins of Maciel is going to be dangerous for the "chastity" of the consecrated person?!

I guess that means the consecrated can't read the Old Testament, because there are plenty of sexual sins in there. Come to think of it, there are some in the New Testament, too. How DARE God inspire something that actually mentions SINS?! Doesn't He realize how dangerous it is to the soul to know about the sins of others?? Especially sexual sins? After all, we haven't seen those biblical figures commit those sins with our own eyes, therefore we can't believe it. We should excuse them all internally and only believe the good and virtuous about them! Besides, we shouldn't even have to HEAR about sexual sins, period! It's dangerous for our chastity, plain and simple. How can we remain pure, if we have to hear that there are child molesters and womanizers out there in the world?

"In this sense, the words of St. Theresa help us so much, when she recommends to us that nothing disturb us, that God alone suffices." Ah yes, NOTHING in this world should disturb us. If a murderer comes to our door tomorrow and slays our entire family, we should serenely accept it all, knowing that Jesus is a God of Peace.


Anon, he's just trying to provide the "good example" of reading other works of the Church. Doesn't he mention the Cure d'Ars earlier on?

Let's see if all that serenity holds up in the event the Holy See decides to make a few "disturbing" changes.

No need for Cliff's Notes, just left, here's a summary and some analysis:

What I find most interesting is that Fr. A. states he would gladly give up his life to ease the cross of his followers, yet he won't do the one thing that would accomplish the latter. APOLOGIZE PUBLICLY TO MACIEL'S VICTIMS.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

My guess is the only reason he was in the USA was to combat defection, and to work out terms for the group of LC's that have already decided to leave.

The letter is a sort of, "We're all in this together". I would be surprised if we don't get something about charity and unity soon, identifying those who will leave as traitors to try to threaten them into staying.

If you fall off that wagon, another ex, and the glue gives any insights into the letter please let us know! Perhaps it's like the Beatles -- you have to read it backwards and by moonlight (or is that Tolkien again?)

non sequiturs and obiter dicta. Awesome. Reminds me of this: - Charlie Manson, lol.

When this was released, I felt a great disturbance in the Regnum Christi, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feared something terrible had happened.

Then I read about the letter...

I wonder about the timing of this letter compared to the ones from the Territorial Directors. This letter came out August 8th. The letters from the TDs came out on September 1st and after. Perhaps Father Alvaro's 18 page letter was as disturbing to the TDs as it is to us? Maybe it dawned on the TDs that they do not have a hope of survival under his leadership. The Territorial Directors' letters may be a very carefully worded reaction to Fr A's letter, and might indicate an internal revolt, LC-style. In other words, the TDs were saying, if Fr A can't start digging us out of this, and it appears he can't, we need to start doing it ourselves.

I think you're reading too much into them.

"an internal revolt, LC-style." - there is no such thing.

They just echo the General Director, probably with his approval.

If they break, they're gone, they won't hang around and be allowed to write letters to the territory.

He seems confused to me and maybe this was a dictation that was obtained during a trance like state because that is what it does to me when I try to read it. It seems like he is pulling out all of the LC spin in a last ditch effort to bind up their minds.

"When an unclean spirit goes out of a person it roams through arid regions searching for rest but finds none. Then it says, 'I will return to my home from which I came.' But upon returning, it finds it empty, swept clean, and put in order. Then it goes and brings back with itself seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they move in and dwell there; and the last condition of that person is worse than the first."

Is this what has happened to everyone remaining? They have conidered the scandal and excused it and they are ready and open for the LC to go in and exert more control. They have made a decision, an act of the will to cooperate.

J.R.R. Tolkien did not spring to mind, however, I also felt an incredible sadness and pity for Fr. Alvaro.

I had a sense he was grasping at many straws, (albeit religious ones), trying to fill this immense void and vacuum that his legion is becoming.

Several contributors above used the word, "fool" in describing the writer.

The writer sounds more "unhinged". He needs our prayers.

This letter is very disturbing indeed. The whole thing needs to be shut down. This isn't from God.

Another ExLegionary, I am sure you would know better than I. However, I am not talking about an outright revolt. It would be something far more subtle,more of a manipulation of Father A, and would appear to be in the LC spirit of charity. I think it is possible that someone like Fr Scott, concerned for his future, and doubting Fr A's ability to lead, might try to convince Father A that it is time to hear from the TDs, as so many questions and concerns come to the TDs from the rank and file LCs and RCs. Plus the TDs can argue they have a better sense of the "cultural sensitivities" which need to be adddressed in the different territories.

The TD letters may well have come out with Fr A's blessing. However, by sending them from the TDs, I am sure the TDs at least had some input into the letters, unlike this syropy spiritual slop sent out on August 8th. That letter could not have helped anyone convince the average LC or RC consecrated to hang in there, and trust their superiors.

Jane, let me guess what might have happened:

One of the TD's (probably Fr. Scott) was meditating on this insightful and profound work from the General Director (probably five years' of meditative material from this! Better get started . . . ) and received an inspiration from the Holy Spirit to write something similar, "in our own language", for the territory. After all, these most profound thoughts conveyed by the Holy Spirit by means of the General Director of this Most Important Work of Salvation simply must shared with all the membership. So he asks for permission from Fr. A who, gentle soul that he is, "suggests" points to get across, happily agrees to the idea of writing in the "local dialect", particularly w/r/t those direct and impatient Americans, and opens this "intitiative" up to the other territories as another gentle suggestion, making it clear that this was an "initiative from the American territories inspired by the Holy Spirit". Many other TD's respond eagerly - it's just what they need! God is so good! Fr. Scott "blazes the trail" with the "prototype". The German TD sees it, agrees that the wording is relevant to his territory as well (Germans are almost as direct as those Americans), and so on. The letter, a work of the Holy Spirit, is then distributed territory by territory, tweaked as appropriate to add or delete whatever is necessary.

Jane, how funny - my post above was in response to your ORIGINAL post on what might have been happening - but it ended up below your follow - up. We end up saying the same thing, only mine is phrased more in the flowery language of Unity-and-Charity-speak, while yours is much more honest and direct. You must be one of those "pesky Americans"! :)

"I think it is possible that someone like Fr Scott, concerned for his future, and doubting Fr A's ability to lead, might try to convince Father A that it is time to hear from the TDs, as so many questions and concerns come to the TDs from the rank and file LCs and RCs. Plus the TDs can argue they have a better sense of the "cultural sensitivities" which need to be adddressed in the different territories."

Fr Scott is a dumbass. Sorry to be so blunt, but think "big dumb football bully jock", and that's Fr Scott. He's a tool in the DG's hands, not vice versa. Or maybe he's just a tool.

Yes, Still RC, I think that is much closer to the mark.

And Jane, not that I have any inside link, just my guess at what is going on. Because you are smart, you tend to see smarts in other, there or not. Let me disabuse you of that notion in regard to Fr Scott. He's a dumbass.

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