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    Commenting anonymously is certainly permitted as long as it adds to the understanding of this topic. The point of this site is to foster love for Christ, while analyzing the place of Regnum Christi in the Church. (Please know that no one will be able to track your comments -- neither the readers nor the webmaster. We all understand the hesitancy in speaking about this experience and the fallout that can accrue. All comments will only bear the information you choose to reveal.)

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I also think there is a middle option. He could fall right between the two possibilities, which would be fully deceitful in itself.

If, the day before Thanksgiving, I'm desperate to buy rosemary, because all the stores are out. And my friend tells me his cousin Guido Gambino will meet me at a dock in lower Manhattan to sell me rosemary. And I go, and Guido is there, and he tells me that I can have the rosemary for free, if I just deliver some thyme to poor distraught Mrs. Maribel Lee on the Upper East Side, who needs it desperately.

Now if I agree, and deliver Mrs. Lee her little paper baglet of "thyme," (even though my own baglet really does contain rosemary), I am responsible for the transaction; and if I plead innocent to the U.S. Marshalls, I'm deceitful. If I did not check her bag on purpose so that I could say I thought it was thyme, then I am just as deceitful as the person who would deliver it certain of what it was.

I think that's called "vincible ignorance"? and the Catholic Church takes a dim view of it. Since neither of us was in we'll have to rely on others to confirm or deny our suspicions concerning Fr Alvaro's wattage.

Yes, I think we've gone as far as we can discerning the possibilities from afar.

"...concerning Fr Alvaro's wattage."


Hardly a direct comparison, but look at the parallels in terms of secrecy, assassinating reputations, legal chill, shunning, self-censorship, and the closing of ranks. How many folks inhabited the inner circle which enabled MM and persecuted anyone who got in the way of MM's kingdom? And why? Because they could?

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