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Speaking of weighing good and bad fruits, Patrick Madrid commented on that (with respect to Medagorje) on his blog today:

The discussion in the comments seems relevant to discerning the spirit of the LC as well.

BTW-- Am I the only one who reads about things like LYING ON A TRADEMARK APPLICATION at the SAME TIME the revelations about your founder are sparking a Vatican investigation and wonders how they can be so STUPID????

I mean, you'd think they'd lay low. Try to act like nothing was wrong. Try not to do weird dishonest things that set off alarm bells.

But they just keep going.... if I wrote a screenplay about this, people would complain that it was too unbelievable and that the characters' actions weren't normal human behavior!!!

Can an entire order be insane?

The National Consultants for Education, headed up by Eduardo Grandio, has its own brand of fraud, quite apart from this eye-opening report of the NCE's effort to arrogate and hoard as its own what belongs to all of us in the Catholic Faith. Take a look at the staff of the NCE and you can discern the outline of a much greater fraud, of which "integral formation" is but one aspect. Who is in charge of the staff of "highly trained professionals" who have set themselves up to advise and guide all the Legionary Schools? One man with dubious credentials and a support staff of Regnum Christi secretaries. The NCE is a fraud and the effort to patent the term "Integral Formation" is but one of its lying manifestations.

There was no NCE until after the foundation of the curriculum developed for the Higlands School, circa 1994. The reality is that the Legion wrongly appropriated the intellectual property of the Curriculum Director of the Highlands School, Dr. Rollin Lasseter. Having gotten what he created for their use, the Legion then dismissed him. The Highlands School (the only LC school in the USA in 1992) was presented to Dr. Lasseter as the flagship school of the Legion, whereby Catholic education in North America would be renewed. Dr. Lasseter, a Catholic scholar and gentleman, with a Yale PhD and many years of teaching at the college and high school level, gave the Legion a very fine program for "integral formation." Moreover, he coordinated the program with the requirements of the Diocese of Dallas. He helped the teachers and defended the curriculum against its critics; he knew what was needed for "integral formation." He also developed a "curriculum of the halls," which dictated what was needed outside of the classroom to make the school work as a unified whole and as a reliable model and teacher of the Catholic Faith. He consulted non-Regnum Christi colleagues and built the curriculum that he developed for the Highlands on the work of other University of Dallas professors, whose children attended the Highlands in the early 1990s. The work of Prof. John Senior at U. of Kansas was also used as authority for developing the Legion's curriculum for the Highlands School --and other LC/RC schools -- of "integral formation."

The Legion established its National Consultants for Education. The NCE took the Highlands curriculum and gave it to their other schools. And the Legion claimed "bragging rights" for the curriculum that they had taken. With slanderous whisper campaign, they subsequently dismissed Dr. Lasseter. To be strictly accurate, Dr. Lasseter was not fired since he gave his efforts "pro bono," but he was put through the degredation shuffle -- first his office was moved from a central location to an upstairs closet with no windows. When he was given a downstairs office -- at the insistence of the young faculty, who wanted to meet with him -- he was simply displaced; one day, he arrived at the school to find that the locks had been changed on his office door and all his boxes of books, files and personal propety was packed up and sitting outside of the door. On that day, he left and did not return -- but the NCE had what it wanted, a respected and excellent curriculum, K-12. He considered filing a lawsuit against the Legion, but did not want to cause misery and scandal to the students and parents at the school, so he let it go. At that time, he did not know that there was going to be an NCE.

But the fraud did not stop with the Highlands School. Four years after leaving the Highlands School, Dr. Lasseter began writing and editing the Catholic Schools Textbook Project -- CSTP -- (which has since produced two textbooks). The National Consultants for Education tried four different ways (that are known; there may have been more attempts) to appropriate the CSTP by offering "to help." The NCE approached both the publisher and the president of the CSTP. The NCE also offered "to advise and promote," or to "partner with" the experts in the Legionary field of education. etc. The NCE did not succeed in their friendly-faced efforts at a hostile take-over.("Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!") The writers for the CSTP, including Dr. Lasseter, applied for and received copyright of the draft of written material so that, if it were stolen by the NCE, there would be grounds for suing the Legion for misappropriation of intellectual property. After this was made clear to the NCE, they backed off. Yet, they have continued to claim to be experts. And many who have praised the Legion for their great education have done so on the basis of the curriculum of the classroom and the curriculum of the halls. But credit has never been given where it was due and Dr. Lasseter died thinking that his many years of work "for the Church" had failed, or worse.

Judge for yourselves where the fraud lies. Click on the NCE link, below. Would you trust your children to one man and his "assistants," some of whom are going for University of Phoenix degrees or who have expertise in social activities of some sort?

So, basically, it was Familia all over again?

Good grief.

Another good point, Mouse. People must remember that the good in the Legion is what they appropriated from outside themselves: from the Church, from the good souls they recruited, and from the endorsements that tied it together and confused the lay faithful.

It's that same integrity that members have that ties them to the group that harvests their goodness -- because they simply don't think like scam artists. They assume the best because they project their own sincerity and virtue to the Legion.

And the LC's will tell you to do and give nothing unless it is for the good of the Kingdom. They can then perform a Pontius Pilate and wash their hands of it.

This is low. And unlawful.

To state so brazenly a complete lie -- to use the Church in such a blatant manner -- through deception -- in fact, out-and-out lying -- I guess I was right when I made up my mind never again to say "Now I've hard everything" about LC/RC!

It was parallel with the Familia lawsuit, Mouse. In fact, before the founders of Familia brought the lawsuit against the Legion, they consulted Dr. Lasseter and his wife --I have it on the very best authority -- ;) The Founders of Familia were devestated by their ousting from Regnum Christi and were very quiet for a long time about what had happened. Broken heartedness will render you mute for awhile, even if you knew what to say. None of us knew what to say, but we urged them to do what we had not done: sue the Legion for thievery and do it in the name of the greater Church. They did and they won. Now, there is a splendid program available to any and all parishes which does not recruit but simply nourish. It can be found here:
And it is exactly the same program that can be found in Familia, at a fraction of the cost.

Advice to ALL Former Friends of the Legion: Don't be afraid to take back your apostolate when you take back your life!

You're right -- the theft of Familia is very similar -- very low, very un-Catholic.

I have just read that Integer HQ is located in Cumming,GA.
Can anyone verify????????

Perhaps at Pinecrest?

Okay, folks. I'm on a revelation roll and there's more to tell. Let it all be known, since this was what happened, pre-NCE. Like Paul Harvey, I'll tell the "rest of the story" about fraud and the Legionary schools.

In addition to the newly founded K-12 flagship school, The Highlands School, several other activities or “apostolates” sprang up at the same time, so everyone in the Dallas section of Regnum Christi was super-busy all the time. This did not make much sense because the other activities were detracting from the most important business of establishing a K-12 school, no small task in the Dallas metroplex. In hindsight, but not at the time, we realized that these multiple activities, which kept everyone working so hard, were part of what was a greater Legionary plan – keep everyone working at break-neck speed so there is the illusion of forward-motion. Over-worked people do not have strength or time to question directives from on high.

One of the very expensive tasks that we were given was to produce a glossy brochure with professional photographs that showed the school with a computer lab (there were none in the beginning) and international students and travel (this did not exist) and with a full library (there wasn't one) -- but it all appeared in a gorgeous brochure. Just before the brochure went to press, we were told to put in a picture of Fr. Maciel and Pope John Paul II. We had a small photo inserted on the inside of the front cover of the brochure, since it would have required a total redo of the galleys to put in a full-page photo. Since the Highlands School could not be called a "Catholic school" -- but rather a "private school in the Catholic tradition" -- it seemed unnecessary to devote a full page to the photo of Fr. Maciel and the Holy Father. The brochure went to press and it was absolutely beautiful! We were all so excited and happy about it! The printing cost in 1993 was $15,000 and the photographer was $5,000 and there were other costs, too. But we had our brochure. Less than a week went by and the order came down from on Legionary-high: destroy the brochures and do not send them out. Why? No reply; just do it. There was no way to know at the time that the "living saint" had been offended because he got such a little picture in such an impressive promotional of the school. Now we know that the brochure was all a fraud, too.

Around 1993, at the end of the school’s 2nd year as a full school (and not merely a home-school co-op, which is how it began when the Legion came in "to help") the Legion wanted to hold an “Integer Homo” event. What was meant by "Integer Homo" was a showcasing of the master plan for all the Legionary schools. So the first "international schools conference" on the theme of "Integer Homo" was held at an upscale hotel in Dallas, the Harvey Hotel on the Airport Freeway. Even though this event seemed premature (as the USA schools were just beginning, and the Highlands had lots of problems), the young teachers and coworkers were curious and eager to see the bigger picture that was to be presented by the Mexicans.

Many Legionary priests and seminarians were present at the “Integer Homo” event; it was quite impressive. Wealthy benefactors and smiling formators from Mexico were there to tell us how great the Legionary schools were in Mexico and how superior over all other schools in North America. Then they unveiled their plan: to have mega-schools with total Regnum Christi control so that the students could go from country to country, school to school, without any jarring of culture or progress.

To the Americans, the scheme fell flat. It was all about making entry into the USA easy for the Mexican students. Moreover, the master plan looked like a repackaged public school plan, which no sane Catholic educator could approve as the model for a "flagship school." The master-plan called for having exactly the same (inferior) textbooks in all schools, and all written in Spanish. There were to be large classes, "taught" by monitor-TVs, in every classroom with pre-programmed classes where proctors (all Regnum Christi men and women) simply kept order in the room, rather like jail wardens or teacher’s aids to the One-eyed (TV) teacher. This was not teaching; this was programming! And the dismay translated into a mass exodus of teachers and families that has repeated itself at the Highlands and other LC/RC schools elsewhere -- over and over -- as people of goodwill learn about the lie.

It was becoming obvious that the real purpose of the LC schools was not to serve children or the Church. The Legion wanted a concentrated hunting-ground for vocations to the Legionary seminary and girls for the consecrated life. ECYD and other youth activities to further this goal were set up at the school and at the adjacent University of Dallas, which didn't take long to ban the Legion from campus.

The original promise of renewal of Catholic education in the USA evaporated before this parade of “Integer Homos,” confident Legionaries, who cared nothing about the children or families, but only about establishing as many Legionary schools as possible, everywhere. There was a double-standard within the school; the rich families got whatever they wanted and the less affluent began to be pushed out of the school. Those of us who had founded the school (co-founders with Fr. Maciel, we were told) were also pushed out.

What has changed since 1992 through the melt-down in Atlanta and now at Gateway? The lie and the fraud continue, but should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Does anyone know if Archbishop Chaput knows about the trademark fraud?

This story abour the fraud in the LC schools is known to Vatican authorities. A much longer and more detailed testimony has been received.


Was this "Integer Homo" model used in Mexico? I cannot understand why any parent would want his child to be in that kind of learning environment. It doesn't make sense.

Since that idea fell flat in the U.S., when did the Legion begin to change its approach? Did each individual school tailor its model to its own student body? I know that one criticism of the LC schools is that everyone is supposed to become homogenous; thinking outside the box is frowned upon.

When I can pick my jaw up off the floor...

Thank you RDL for your revelations!

Thank you Molly Calahan!

Thank you Gregorbo!

Thank you Giselle!

I don't understand why the legion would patent "Integral Formation", I mean isn't this also a term used in mathematics or computer science?!!!

Is this not a further show of the Legion's wasting money from benefactors who think they are helping the missions in mexico or feeding the seminarians and keeping them warm?

Does anyone actually fundraise for legal costs? - I mean obviously not. Is this not a further fraud when money received through charity is not used as the giver intended?

Further fraud:

El salterio de mis Dias - The Psalter of my days - was "written" by Marcial Maciel and promoted as an auto-biographical collection of religious poems, which we used often in meditation.

In fact it was written by a Spaniard who has no Legionary ties, probably never heard of the Legion of Christ or Maciel and died in prison, a political prisoner, as a consequence of the spanish civil war.

Marcial stole his work and passed it on as his own.

Fr. Thomas D. Williams LC quotes Maciel's Psalter in his book Who is my Neighbor? and when I informed his publisher of Maciel's theft, this is his publisher's reply:

"This comes in reply to your message of October 13 about a quotation in the book by Thomas D. Williams entitled Who Is My Neighbor? I wanted to consult with the author before replying, and I encountered unexpected difficulty in contacting him. He has confirmed that you are correct, at least in part, but he has told me that he does not know whether the line he cites came from Lucia's text or Maciel's and that he did not know of the plagiarism when he was writing his book. Both men, Maciel and Lucia, are now deceased.

I will keep a record of this exchange in my file on the book. Other than that, nothing can be done. The flaw is not sufficiently weighty to justify either removing the book from circulation or printing a corrected version.

Thank you for calling the matter to my attention, and all best wishes.

Director [name supplied]
The Catholic University of America Press "

I agree that William's could not have known of Maciel's intellectual theft and I do not hold him in anyway irresponsible academically, but I wonder about how he doesn't seem to care who wrote the text.

Just another example of fraud, (on Maciel's behalf, not Williams')

Thank you RDL. It's all true, I was there.

I left the Highland's shortly after this. I would be approached every few years with an invitation to go back and teach. I was always told the same thing - "There's a new wonderful headmaster who is re-instating the Lasseter curriculum and taking the school in a more classical direction. Everything is so much better." So they attract a new bunch of wonderful families and teachers and things start to look kind of rational. Then RC/LC cracks down on the place and irrational directives,watering-down of the excellence type changes, and RC culture stuff drive people away. The administration that was hired to draw in quality families quits or is fired and then is scapegoated as being responsible for all those problems. After half the teachers and staff leave, they find another plausible headmaster and come to me saying, "Come back, it's so much better. We got rid of those people who caused all those problems. There's latin now - and a chess club. You'll love it." More families come in. The families bring ideas and fresh energy. The Legion priest encourages it and seems to listen. Then, bam!, in comes the RC machine to fill everyone's time and mind with more formation talks and fewer booka. Living in the shadow of the Highland's I see the pattern repeated over and over.

I also see that the local half-priced books is filled with books by Father Maciel with The Highland's School stickers on them. At least that's one positive change. They've divested themselves of the monster's books.

The Lasseter curriculum changed my life as a teacher. I've never looked at education the same way again. It may seem to have been pearls thrown to the swine(who are Legion). I think it was a major contributer to the fact that there is a Catholic classical education renaissance today in independent schools and homeschools.

That Integer Homo conference was creepy. 'Master' teachers would teach huge classes from screens. RC co-workers would proctor the work. They were so excited about it and so confused by our many questions!

Further possible fraud for tax benefit?

Already discussed elsewhere on this blog, the LC in Dublin have supplied the address of a building they rented in the 1960s as their address for the inland revenue (taxman) to grant them charitable status in a list entitled:

"Charities authorised @ 12th November 2009 under the Scheme of Tax Relief for Donations to eligible Charities and other Approved Bodies under the terms of Section 848A Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997"

This implies to me that the charitable status was granted, and the authorised charity number given in accordance with the 1997 law - three decades after the Legion lived at the address they supplied.

It remains to be seen when charitable status was actually granted to the Legion in Dublin - in the 1960s or in the 1990s - and whether the address confusion is simply a clerical error or another case of fraud by the Legion who's house on leopardstown road has been used for the successful and lucrative Dublin Oak International Boys Academy for quite some time.

Is this fraud or a mistake? Lets try and find out.

Integer HQ is located in Cumming, Ga. But, not on Pinecrest campus. They are a few miles apart.

Have you all heard that Jim Pieczynski has resigned here in Atlanta, and Eduardo Grandio is set to take his place? This is the news we received here last week.

I see all the NCR people are located in Dunwoody,GA.Why so???

National Catholic Register H/Q also moved to Atlanta.

And Integer HQ my ALLERGIES are getting worse day by day.
Living here is a challenge!!!!

Be careful with that word "challenge," Allergic. They may trademark that next.

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