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Gateway Academy is a member of an organization of "independent" schools and I wonder how it would exactly qualify. It's about as independent as our local Wal-Mart.


I think because "INTEGRAL FORMATION" is a trademark "owned" by LC/RC, they can keep others from using the term for educational services.

As to why they would do it -- for the same reason LC/RC does most of the outrageously sinful things it does -- because they can get away with it -- they think (so far, correctly) that no one has the guts, energy, money or ability to stop them.

Speaking of misappropriation of funds, there are countless times where our "Territorial Director" would not use the large donations he received for the purposes intended. Sometimes he would even scurry for donations when an important Benefactor would show up so that he could cover up the fact that he didn't use their donations as requested. He said he basically had a right to choose his priorties when it came to donations.

Can anyone share their stories?

"Speaking of misappropriation of funds, there are countless times where our "Territorial Director" would not use the large donations he received for the purposes intended."

Isn't that against Canon Law?

Also, I don't know what's going on in Atlanta but recently several RC families have moved from one of the northeast sections down to Atlanta. I'm sure other families around the country have done the same. I can't imagine displacing my family at the request of the Legion, especially knowing that its future is uncertain.

Am I the only one or is anyone else getting the feeling that the LC/RC are not just lying low or maintaining business as usual but actually ramping up their activity lately with their apostolates and attempts to infiltrate parishes?

Lastly, with regard to "integral formation", just want to remind folks that MM wrote a book in the late '90s entitled "Integral Formation of Catholic Priests" published by Circle Press. Whether he was the actual author or not remains to be seen. However, I would run the other way if any priest offers to form my child who is from an order that has trademarked integral formation as defined by Maciel.

I do know there was a woman at Gateway this summer who was "helping out". She was an Integral Formation Quality Consultant from Integer/NCE. Lots of offices were moved, and files were cleaned out and organized. I wonder if this was all done in preparation for a possible visit by an AV rep.?

RDL-- Did Prof. Lasseter publish any books on his educational philospohy? It sounds/looks pretty interesting, and might be really helpful as I try to work on my curriculum (Homeschooler, but my oldest is in Kindergarten--Def. doing Kolbe for HS, but their elem. program isn't quite what I had in mind.... And I checked out the "Trinity School" after I googled Prof. Lasseter, and it looked pretty good....)

Actually on topic: PaulM-- a lot of the RC families who work for the Legion view it as a VOCATION, not a job. So for them, uprooting their family and moving cross country is proof of their obedience to God. Yes, creepy and cultish, but also totally in character......

I think a lot of die-hard RC also have an attitude of "Why lay low? Our charism has been infallibly approved by the Church. This investigation will vindicate us!"

And of course, since working for the Legion is a 'Vocation', then blindly trusting the superiors is some kind of twisted 'obedience.' :(

So Paul, it's not suprising-- though this concentrating ALL NA operations in Atlanta does have kind of a "Waco" feel to it.

But, as I've said before, even if they get supressed and go into schism, most US Catholics won't notice. It's not like the Vatican is investigating the Jesuits or Franciscans or some other order that your average Catholic has probably come into contact with. (Remember... they're smaller than the Passionists... and the Redemptorists!)

Sorry to change the subject just a little, but do we know what happened re: the meeting in Miami?

Thank you, Big Tex, for the amplification of the foundational fraud that was begun in the Highlands. I think that your posting answered the question posed by White Tree -- Americans were not told the truth about what was being instituted. They still are not being told the truth because the schools can only exist as long as it appears that there is really the good-faith effort to run a school. One of the really interesting facts of all this early history, which preceded Pinecrest and Gateway and all, was that the priests who were at the Highlands, Fr. Lancelot McGrath, Fr. Daniel Long, and Fr. Martin Pollock all left the Legion after their time at the Highlands. The only one who "stuck" was Fr. Steven Reilly, an arrogant and self-important man who was hardly the brightest bulb on the porch. He just thought that he was.

Thanks, Mouse, for asking.

Here's a link to an article that Dr. Lasseter wrote:

Also, you can access the CSTP website:

There's a third history textbook about to go to hard-copy print; that title is "Light to the Nations, vol. 1" and it can be purchased in electronic form now. The first two are widely used by homeschoolers; titles are "Sea to Shining Sea" and "Light to the Nations"

RDL-- That was a really wonderful essay! :) I've never encountered Dr. Lassester before, but his philosophy reminds me of everything I like about Warren Carroll's books! (Which are great, but not really appropriate for elementary school --so I'll have to check out the Catholic Textbook project)

Thank you!

Didn't mission network move to Atlanta, too?

Please pray for me & my family. My husband just got transferred to Atlanta. I'm hoping to avoid all things RC.

I read Patrick Madrid's blog entry & appreciated the person who wrote that the EVENTS are more important than the "fruits" The LC fruit theory has always bothered me.

I wish there was a list of all the bad fruits that could be referenced as a defense against those who spout off all the good fruits.

m you want a list? there used to be an entire website with many many posts exposing the bad fruits - from all of the LC schools in USA and beyond to their seminaries to their fund-raising to their spirituality to the 3GF to recruitment to all kinds of abuse and neglect etc etc and the Legion sued (a la scientologists) and had it taken down after the individual sued could not afford to financially sustain a legal battle which was already costing him about $50,000 I miss you!

The thing is - I still don't see ANY fruits!!!!

Can anyone really say what good the Legion of Christ does and how if it had never existed the world would be worse off?!!

I see all the NCR people are located in Dunwoody,GA.Why so???

National Catholic Register H/Q also moved to Atlanta.

I had not heard about that but would be interested in knowing more.

I worked at the NCR for 2 years and can tell you that budgets were tight and that North Haven (all of CT for that matter) was an expensive place to live.

I see that the offices of Circle Media are still listed on the NCR website as North Haven.

Giselle, on a side note... I have tried to subscribe to the RSS feed for the site but it always comes back as "can't find the file at

is there another link to that feed that works?

I had disengaged it because it revealed who I was. But now that "the time has come for my secret identity to be my only identity" I'll put it back up. (Name that movie!)

Oh I know, I know!!

The Incredible's!! Its a great movie

I don't get it. I never heard of all the 'sueing' that went on when I was in RC. Was this all public? How did the LC's justify it

I just saw that movie! Give us a hint.


As for the lawsuits, the Kingdom must be protected from those who don't understand it. Jesus told the Legion to be as wise as serpents, and they interpreted it to mean "lawyer up for God!"

congratulations on moving to Atlanta otherwise known as the capital City of R/C and L/C.It has the MODEL of L/C
schools"Pinecrest"and this school is BIG and not like Gateway it is GOING STRONG They are involved with homeschooling groups and Regina Coeili school.And now they just bought Southern Catholic this year where all Pinecrest grads can go.So be aware be prepared.
Its awfully INFESTED here with R/C and they are EVERYWHERE.In Church I see them all the time and my ALLERGIES are at the WORST there and when you go to Confessions you will see them in HERDS so pious and available to give out materials.We have a new Axillary Bishop from Columbia and they have already had him at the School for a WELCOME RALLY and the works.Also Our Bishop LOVES them so they are here to stay.
As ex RC we know who people are and we KEEP FAR AWAY FROM OUR ALLERGIES.
It is difficult because they are up front and very visible in Church.If you go to Daily Mass you will see them there
always there to BEFRIEND new Mothers with young children.That was how I got sucked.
Also m there is a yahoo ex RC group.This site is a great place to get advise as we are all enlightened by the Holy Spirit.
Its soooooooooo GOOD to be OUT.

m no one will know you here so it won't be like some of us who are treated like ENEMIES.

Is the Legion going to sue the Vatican for saying that the specific mission of education is the "integral formation" of the human person?

See: Cong. for Catholic Education - 'Circular Letter to the Presidents of Bishops' Conferences on religious education in schools' No. 1.

We were told that all the LC priests were begging MM to sue his accusers, but that MM, so generous and charitable, would not sue, because he didn't want to hurt these men and their families. It was just part of MM's willingness to suffer for the "kingdom"...

"We were told that all the LC priests were begging MM to sue his accusers, but that MM, so generous and charitable, would not sue, because he didn't want to hurt these men and their families. It was just part of MM's willingness to suffer for the 'kingdom'..."

Sometimes I envision Maciel's approach to the pearly gates (presumptuously, of course) and wonder: Who got to him first? Peter? Paul? The Sons of Thunder, James and John?

One ponders.

I mean of course, got to him first, in order to beat the livin' bahooka outof him.

m- Catholic Light just posted an article on Good Fruits/Bad Fruits/ Medagorje and the CDF

They mention that the ever popular "God writes straight with crooked lines" phrase does NOT mean that we should stick with the crooked lines.....

Seems to me this should have bearing on the Legion decision as well.....

I have become very allergic to this "writing straight with crooked lines" thing. What the hell does that mean anyway?
Part of the "writing straight" demands that one amends his life. "Go and sin no more!"
Once God has our cooperation He will write straight, and only then. He will not go against our choice to disobey somehow "magically." That is a whole bunch of nonsense, and it serves simply as a justification to continue as before, because, well, because God will write straight.

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