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Also heard the LCs now have a house in New Orleans, and they will be given charge of a center for priests of some type in Rome. Fr. Richard Gill is back in, it seems, he is point man for RC Day in Thornwood according to their Website. Not sure what all this means though.

Jim Fair had better watch out -- anything he says may be held against him during his canonization process -- and he has a lot to lose -- he's already earned a "high place in Heaven" according to an LC priest. Yes -- I know it was Father Thomas Berg, who has made amends by quitting LC/RC -- but I still think he should not have said that.

That's an insult to the saints who really have earned a high place in Heaven.

There isn't much competition for the LC recruiting on P.E.I. Last time I looked, there was no official Catholic presence there.

Okay, I did look again. In 2007, parishes on PEI that served fewer than 700 people were closed, bringing the number of parishes from 50 to 17. But that still leaves the area ripe for the LC/RC recruiting and there's another upcoming youth activity in January.
I'd say that P.E.I. had better beware, same as Montreal!

I've been to Mass on the island. There are parishes there. I went to one in Charlottetown, I think.

I get VERY unsettled reading stuff like this...I hope and pray the Holy Father makes some decisions soon.....

" needlessly picking at wounds"

Really The letter manages to flatter and criticize its critics at the same time.

I'm not sure Dante even imagined a realm in hell for just such a one. But I do know what happens to flatterers . . . .

Their fates are just.

"Disinterested service"!
I don't think I can even comment on that statement.
Wow. It's like they tell some of the rank and file what their image should now be - and many of them are well intentioned. However, even to the well intentioned, it isn't
"all for Christ." It is all for Regnum Christi or the Legion of Christ.
I think they are really getting into parishes heavily now, "blending" in where they had no interest in blending in before. They will win you over without letting you know they are Regnum Christi, then if called to they will take off their masks and we will see how many they are. I wonder how many Regnum Christi affiliated diocesan priests there are. They can have priests paid by the Diocese and able to
have a lot of access to the diocese, and the faithful, while ministering to Regnum Christi and their agenda. I guess the insight into the agenda depends on how integrated the priests are and whether they planned it as they were going through semminary or if they were recruited after being a priest. There are definitely different levels of affiliation, knowledge etc. as we can attest. Everyone fufills their role, whether they realize what it is or not. Some are very much aware.

Maybe we should pray that we will not offend God and that those who are manipulating the Church will begin to realize the depths of their offenses.

It's time for those in the know about legionary fraud to write personal letters to the Archbishop of Montreal and the Bishop of Prince Edward Island.
While you are at it, some may also want to write to the Bishop of Fresno, CA, and ask him to make his ban public. It can't hurt.

I am sorry if this if off the topic: I just want to thank everyone here who has been sincere and compassionate to those who have been gamed, discarded or otherwise adversely affected by the Regnum Christi "family". ( Which is not a family as one finds out when one is not liked by them, useful to them , or for random reason must be disinterestedly obliterated ). The sincere compassion and charity expressed by some on this site has been helpful. Let us keep this love in our hearts.

Self-inflicted, masochistic, pseudo-Christian suffering. That's what this is. That's what melodrama is. It detracts and distracts from the real drama of Christ.

Those "wounds" that he implies others are picking at. Not real wounds. They are wounds of ego, pierced pride, and offended vanity.

They detract from the real wounds of Christ crucified, found in Maciel's victims, wounds that the Legion has poured battery acid in by their refusal to do what is good and holy regarding the victims.

If your pride is raw from fraternal correction, its not a wound being picked, its a boil being lanced.

Onward Christian soldiers.

I just spoke with a consecrated member who got out, and it seems they really have no idea what is going on.

anonymous -
What motivated this consecrated to leave?

Does this person now understand what is going on?

Please tell this person to email Abp Chaput with their experiences. To keep their consecrated members in the dark is not right.

Sweet Jane: obviously I don't know who that person is, but remember that leaving is a process. Walking away (or indicating an intention to disaffiliate) is only one step in a long journey. What you process on day one is miniscule compared to what you realise one year out, and same with three years out. I'm always curious to hear what triggered a departure, but it's chump change in relation to the pile of insights that come with breathing deeply for a few months and tasting authentic freedom. But you knew that :-)

I know of a 3gF who left for "family" reasons. Interestingly, she did not return to her family. She spent three years in the girls apostolic school before she made her promises. Everytime I see a photo and read her e-mails, I am so heartbroken. She is still distant. It's as if the Legion ripped the joyful spirit out of her and locked it up to be stored in a dusty vault somewhere. Meanwhile she spends her days looking for something they took from her, but she doesn't know what it is. Regnum Christi is a parasite on one's soul.

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