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I suspect that Christ says "lc/rc's run for the hills, get out to save your lives and save your souls."

Does anyone know where the whole RC is a vocation came from? I never quite understood that ...I thought there were only 3 vocations possible single,married or I right?

I have heard the term "a vocation within a vocation", mainly used in a religious vocation sense. Like you may have a vocation as a religious sister, but you still have to discern whether it's with the Benedictines, Carmelites, Franciscans, Dominicans, etc. Maybe they're equating RC with a religious state of life (???? just a guess).

MANY people remain in RC because they are told they are breaking a promise they made to Christ. Legionaries are actively laying the guilt trip on those who question their "vocation." This is psychologicaly disturbing on so many levels. Shame on you priests who handcuff Catholics to Regnum Christi by threats of damnation!

They have done so much damage to many of the youth by distorting the true meaning of vocation. One of my daughters says she still flinches at the word " vocation" , she was a challenge leader at one time. So sad.

finally free, you are correct there are only three vocations in the Church. I recently spoke with our Bishop about this very point and his insightful comment was: so people who leave feel they are walking out of God's will. My daughter who was 2nd degree with RC was hammered with this when discussing her leaving the movement by her LC spiritual director. Fortunately by that time she had a real good understanding of how the Church understands vocation. I suspect this is why many exRC feel so very guilty when leaving - they think they are walking away from their vocation and thus out of God's will. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Whoever received this weekly mailing from RC,
PLEASE forward the message to Abp Chaput ( and also to your own bishop. This is a PERFECT illustraton of LC/RC manipulation and cult-like malformation.

(I asked to be removed from all RC/LC email lists otherwise I would send this on to my bishop in a heartbeat)

more than anything else this line of thinking that LC/RC and all of its members' vocations serves as the highest example of the suffering Christ on earth today, as we speak,keeps the membership enslaved. no wonder the leadership keeps everyone in the dark, no wonder if any of the membership find out anything at all outside of that control they find themselves in the cruelest sort of torment, hwever falsely imposed, falsely created. when in God's name is the church going to SIGNIFICANTLY intervene...

And shame on RC who ignore the truth about this Order. You ignore that MM destroyed the innocence of hundreds of young men who wanted to be Catholic priests! What if it was your son or your daughter? You think that since it isn't, it doesn't effect you and you go on selfishishly singing the praises of all the good RC does while enticing new recruits into the sickest and most twisted lay movement of our time! SHAME ON YOU!

to anon 10:04:

There are many RC who do not believe MM was/is guilty of the molestation charges. They have been told those charges were false and that the only guilt is the 'double life'. I would bet that most do not even know about the multiple children and know only about Norma Hilda. The LC are STILL maintaining that the abuse of the boys was not true.

Well, I guess we can be relieved that they used Spirit and not 'My little Pony?' (Though my little pony does have the great 'Oh what a Tangled Web we weave' episode....)

I think the 'Vocation' issue is one that needs to be screamed from the hilltops! Leaving RC is no more serious than leaving the KofC--- It's no more serious than dropping out of a bible study b/c it's inconvenient, or deciding not to be on PTA this year!

RC is NOT a Vocation. God doesn't care if you leave a lay group like this, any more than He cares if you decide to have the cheesecake instead of the icecream for dessert! If the only reason you're staying in is fear of disappointing God, you should not be staying in!

Also, it seems to me that RC really exists to distract people from their ACTUAL vocation. Parents of young kids are serving the Church by raising the next generation of Catholics. If you take your kids on a walk in the woods, you're serving the Church. If you interrupt your 'important' work to listen to a small child's question about God, you're serving the Church! Groups that encourage the family to be apart for 5 or 6 nights a week are NOT at God's service.

Remember, as Catholics we're supposed to try to model our families on the Holy Family--- Do you think Mary was always running off to meetings or leaving toddler-Christ with a babysitter so she could organize fashion shows? Would they have spent the evenings at separate age and gender segregated events? Can you imagine Mary sending her son away from home at 13? Heck, when he left the caravan and went to the temple, she WENT LOOKING FOR HIM AND BROUGHT HIM HOME.

The RC 'Vocation' seems to be AT ODDS with our Vocation to marriage and family. Whatever is keeping you in, it's not God. And 'being afraid of hurting your group-leaders feelingsby leaving' isn't Charity. It's cowardice. (And I say this as a coward of the first order when it comes to hurting feelings!)

Thank you Mouse - Amen, Amen, Amen! Dear "RC's", please listen up to this most critical truth!

This acknowleging of the suffering of the movement is a form of flattery as well and to plant the idea that they are martyrs. The Movement chooses the strong and crushes the weak, which is the opposite of what our Catholic church professes in the liturgy for true martyrs.
They will seem even more elite to each other - This feeling is being planted as well. Continuing to receive guidance from them seems to be like feeding little worms hidden in the heart. This is malformation using good Catholic ideas in a wrong way which is why it is so confusing for people of good will. This is not walking in the dark light of faith, it is walking in the oppression and darkness of sin. Going to a Holy Hour and enjoying one's status as a potential suffering saint in the making is not coherent with the hateful things the Movement has done and continues to do. It is a mockery of the true Catholic trying to follow Christ. It may be the obtuse, self indulgent man or woman who will secretly pride themselves
( hidden even from themselves) on the elitism of hanging on to the Movement. They have the LCs and each other to affirm themselves, they have their spiritual needs neatly taken care of, private Masses, instant group of Cathlic friends affirming each others herioc sanctity. It is a form of gluttony which has in tandem with the malformation of conscience led to obtusenss toward the true suffering of others. I have witnessed it and continue to witness it first hand. These little worms fed by malformation hardened the heart of some of the most amazing people I know. The evil one is very tricky. God has given plenty of warning. I believe that He also has given everyone great freedom. There are those who are choosing to be deceived at this point. I think the Visitation may affirm them - and that this may be God's permissive will - and also His opportunity for giving each one freedom. deception. No one in Reg Chri is obligated to stay. Choosing to stay is not an act for Christ. I continue to witness their coldness, cruelty, and use of people close up.


That is spot on -- I will never forget your comment about choosing dessert (as well as many other comments).

On the substance -- most of us are aware of kids told by LC/RC people that if they (the children) didn't go the school in New Hampshire/Rhode Island, etc. -- that they were saying "No" to Christ. How can grown-ups (?) do such things to kids?

And if LC/rc will tell these lies to children, they certainly will not hesitate to tell the lies to adults.

Of course, you would think the adults would exercise some maturity and common sense.

Mom in Atlanta,

I thought from the "announcement" in February that the "two-wives/triple life" admissions were a "crime-laundering" scheme.

By focusing on the triple life, LC/RC hoped to divert attention from MM's criminal deviancy.

"If you interrupt your 'important' work to listen to a small child's question about God, you're serving the Church!"

Well, Mouse, technically, if you answer a question about cheesecake, you're serving the Church (as long as it's answered in love).

I had a conversation in the parking lot with an active RC woman a few months ago. She asked how I was doing and I replied, "I'm doing well now that I am taking care of my children and my husband and not working 7 days and 7 nights." She replied, "I pray to our dear Lord that He will fill in, what I miss. I know he's taking care of us because I am working for Him."

So we are having children so that our Lord will raise them and not us?????

yes, I think that too.
Like the family stuff is not as bad as the abuse of minors, a somehow more palatable sin.
I know of at least one person who remains RC bc she was told flat out the abuse of the boys was not true.

I have a dear friend in RC. She told me that since the sex-scandals concerning the Church didn't prevent her from staying Catholic, the scandal about MM will not prevent her from staying in RC. I tried to explain that the Church (the Holy Bride of Christ) founded by Him on the Rock of Peter is NOT the same thing than RC and MM. Any other idea about how I could answer this argument.

it is not the abuse that is bothersome, but how Maciel dealt with it and how he instructed the entire network to deal with it. It is blatantly obvious that the foundation of the entire outfit rests on lies, secrecy, deceit, fraud and yes sexual abuse.

Catholics are very forgiving if someone falls, repents, fosters contrition, apologizes, gets up, and amends his life through the grace of God.

But that is not at all the case here.
That's the difference!


Happy Feast of Christ the King everyone. I have been struck of late by a line in a novena, "My Lord Jesus Christ, guard me with your eyes."

As much as I love the images of Our Lady's mantle and my guardian angel's wings, that image seems to be even more piercing, and almost fiercely protective.

"So Pilate said to Him, 'Then you are a king?' Jesus answered, 'You say I AM a king. For this I was born and for this I came into world: to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to My voice.'"

the King of Truth, vs the king of discretion.

the Kingdom of truth vs the kingdom of "better to ask forgiveness later; I'm sure Father would approve if he knew"

truth vs "the bishop doesn't understand/ the bishop is liberal/ there was a misunderstanding so here's the 3gf's email address"

Got an e-mail from the National TORCH directors wishing me a blessed feast of Christ the King. Why do I see that as a connection to RC? Will I ever be able to celebrate this feast again without the stain of Regnum Christi? Could sure use that Good Housekeeping seal to set my mind at ease.

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