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Now that's a REAL PRIEST !!!!!

Didn't some people think he was the 'Changobeer" blogger? Was he? And if not, what happened to "Damien Karras?" He hasn't updated since August.....

I agree, He is a real priest with real vocation!!!
Fr. Gill: Congratulations for been honest and we pray for you

We can only pray that he can truly put this behind him, and not let it distract him as he begins this new adventure as a diocesan priest. We hope that more will have his courage, since those that remain will be marked as cult members if the result is dissolution of the order. The guarantee is not there for most of the Legion to be able to continue in a diocese, if they have been linked as faithful adherents to something appears to be a cult. We will have to keep all of the LC that we have come to love and admire in our prayers, and trust that this is part of God's plan for their lives.

Congratulations to Fr. Gill.

I don't want to be a wet blanket but why is he leaving yet encouraging all RC to "continue in your own vocation"? Yes, he could have in mind other vocations but when RCers read "vocation" they read "vocation to RC".

I'm disappointed. Upon reading the beginning of this letter, I was hoping this would nudge my wife into reconsidering her membership in RC. Now I think this will only encourage her to stay. After all, his main reason for leaving the LC is because of the way the leadership has handled the scandal not because of anything inherently wrong with Maciel's kingdom. I can see the spin now...

No, he was not the Changobeer priest. Damien Karras is actually Fr. Francis Snell. I confirmed that when I found a job posting several months ago for a parish secretary that Fr. Snell put up using his Damien Karras email address.

I'm a little confused between the content of this letter and some of the comments Fr. Gill is posting on the same story on the AMP blog. (Unless it's not really Fr. Gill posting those comments. Some of his answers seem a bit flippant, like "Luv ya...," meaning, it may not be him!) If it is him, his comments over there to various posters undo a bit the great content in this letter, I think. But at least he is out.

PaulM, that was my first thought too on reading this letter: I'm leaving, but I encourage you to stay. He's probably just compensating for the guilt of feeling that his actions might have a adverse effect on someone's vocation to RC, but I was disappointed. I'm glad for Fr. Richard. I hope he finds peace and healing going forward.

Oh, duh. One should not comment online until one has had coffee! The link I posted was to his letter from LAST year. That explains it. Good for him! He has seen the light since then.

Bravo, Fr. Richard. God Bless you and the work you will continue to do for Christ's Kingdom. It's been a great grace to know you and I wish you only the best.

Let's give Fr. Gill a break guys. When I started to pull out of RC I went into hiding for six months and did the "silently slip away routine".
I was so confused and guilty that I could barely help myself much less anyone else. Of course, I did not have the help of all of these public revelations, which should make it easier for those coming out now.
Congrats to you Fr. Gill and may God bless you!

Fr. Gill,
You have always been very well respected by all as a holy and I always thought "cool" priest. This courages and selfless decision you made is going to be a huge impact for the rest who are struggling still inside. You will continue to be in my prayers. Thank you Fr. Gill for doing the right thing and winning all our respect!!!

I am not sure to what extent he is acknowledging the truth -- that LC/RC is a cult built on evil and doing evil -- and to what extent he is giving the old LC/RC message that it's too bad that MM was a criminal and a pervert but everything else would be OK if only LC/RC would admit that MM was bad.

It's not just MM. It's not just the leadership. It's a systemic poison. That's why LC/RC can never be "reformed" -- there's nothing to "reform". It must go.

"Vocation: The idea of vocation is central to the Christian belief that God has created each person with gifts and talents oriented toward specific purposes and a way of life. Particularly in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, this idea of vocation is especially associated with a divine call to service to the Church and humanity through particular vocational life commitments such as marriage to a particular person, consecration as a religious, ordination to priestly ministry in the Church and even a holy life as a single person. In the broader sense, Christian vocation includes the use of ones gifts in their profession, family life, church and civic commitments for the sake of the greater common good."

Fr. Richard is a good man and a good priest. He has suffered much this past year. Please don't quibble about whether he has scorched the earth well enough to our personal liking in this letter. I think the quotes below make his point well enough.

"I’m leaving more because the manner in which the Legion has handled the revelations since the Vatican took action against Fr. Maciel in 2006 has left me often frustrated and totally distracted...
"My conclusion is that the reforms needed in the Legion (which the scandals have made clear) simply won’t happen in the foreseeable future with the current leadership’s approach to the matter…
"But anything the Holy See can do depends also on the willingness of the Legion to examine itself and work on its own problems.  Even in the most optimistic of scenarios, reform will take a great deal of time and will continue to be a very absorbing and frustrating experience. "

Should be. Jeremiah.c7.v8

I hope that once he is out of the cult Fr. richard may have other things to share. He seems so full of gratitude, "There are so many things about the Legion and the Movement that are extraordinarily unique and wonderful. It has been a privilege to serve among so many talented and holy brothers and priests, who have treated me with such kindness and charity." This is way too much praise for someone leaving. The poor guy needs some time to detox!

Getting out of any cultish group require different steps of healing.
At the beginning, we usually are struggling with guilt. And for this reason, we are not able to criticize yet. We need time, help, peace... This is a kind of inhibition. The cult is still living in our heart for months, years or decades. Some exlc never reach to overcome the shame, and find very confortable living a self-justification during whole life: "no! No! The Legion was a wonderful and great experience. I never felt oppressed! I was so free... but, it was not my way. But I am going to keep on working for the Legion, of course, and I hope my children will have vocation!"
The next step looks like a sin... that's why some exlc never dare to come in: anger. But this is not a sin!!! This is the fact that my conscience is coming back into reality, and that, beyond all the good things and good moment we have received in the Legion (or any cultish group), we "reject" part of the moral deviance we witnessed and accepted when we were in. Some people will tell you: "how dare you? Are you an ungrateful son? You are not in peace! Where is your hatred coming from? etc."
Do not listen to them. Those people are trying to guilt you... and doing so, they are forgetting the order of Jesus of never judging. (Matthew 7:2: For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged).
But afterward, there is the last step, which means healing: forgiveness. It takes a lot of time, believe me... But, it's possible.
Thank you for your example Fr.Gill. You will be in our prayers.

I totally agree with you Jeremiah... I suppose that for many people at this point nothing but fire coming from above would do... but maybe then we could receive Jesus' rebuke to James (Luke 9, 54-56)... (and please, I'm not defending RC/LC)
God Bless you fr Gill!..

Hey Jerry. My only problem with Fr. Gill's letter is his encouragement for the membership to *continue*. I don't think it was fair of him to include that. He should have declared he was leaving and why and left it at that. From there he should have let the membership draw their own conclusions and courses of action.

That's all I'm sayin'

PaulM, Fr Gill's leaving the Legion speaks much louder and in my regard is much more of an encouragement than that sole phrase in his letter... You'll see, this will hopefully move many that were undecided or weary to leave the RC (and hopefully LC too!)

Sorry for those who don't find the mishandleling of the scandal by the legion hierarchy excuse enough to leave. I find it plenty! How can you all not understand that this priest, after giving so many yrs of his life to this order, would not want to stay and fight for a renewal, change, etc. I can totally get it. And Bravo to him for realizing, after he courageously gave it his all, what we all realize...their is no changing these people!!!
All the Best Fr. Gill and THANK YOU!!!

M.I., I hope you're right!

Please don't anybody get me wrong and think I'm jumping on Fr. Gill and trying to kick him when he's down. I like him. He actually let me attend a Triduum he directed even though I wasn't RC. I was impressed with his talks and meditations. I'm told that he wept when he found out about the MM revelations. He is a good priest and like Giselle, I admire him, too.

finally detached, et al, please read my post at 12:29PM. I don't think any post on this page so far has criticized Fr. Gill's motives for leaving.

I don't know Fr. Gill very well, but he always seemed to me to be the type of priest who would encourage people to follow Christ, and not himself. So it seems that in this letter he's encouraging people to continue in their vocation (whatever plan of life God has in store for them), and not necessarily to follow him out of RC. I think that decision has to be taken by each person in their own time and when they are ready. I think Fr. Gill gets that.

BTW, I've been out for SEVEN years...and it does take time, but you do get over the anger and the bitterness, and you do find the ability to forgive.

For those who dont know about the Lc/Rc in USA . Could some one please explain who is Fr. Gill?
Thank you.

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