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The LC manipulates the psychological and spiritual intimacy that exists as one pursues one's vocation. It leads to the destruction of many. How sad, tragic.

Someone ought to re-post Pete Vere's story about his own encounter with the Legion when he was a young man. While carting him off to some "test your call" event the LC's ended up essentially dumping him out on the road because he proved just a bit too intelligent for them all.

Wish I could recall where I first read it - it's definitely worth repeating.

For Fr. Owen Kearns latest contribution, see the new and improved online Register, effective Jan. 11. Several bloggers with names and photos and other contributors with photos. (No evidence of LC other than Circle Press, and even then it's difficult to realize the connection.) What to make of this? As someone who's family has been very negatively affected by RC, I am troubled by the big surge in support for and affiliation with this Legion publication.

We have a friend who spent years as a seminarian and then was active in RC for years afterwards. It took him a long time to process his experiences and look at them honestly.

What really has to stop is the manipulation of souls , by even these well- meaning priests. On one spiritual excercise I went on, the LC priest gave a meditation on Judas- it was so strong and meant to make you feel that somehow you were Judas- I was convinced- I would betray Christ because I lacked enough generosity to compete with all the other super-formators there- really good women who were knocking themselves flat out for the Kingdom. I was very depressed for a week, and only Sr. Faustina's diary's words lifted me out of it- Jesus Mercy is for those who are the weakest- that was me.

My son was one who got out after a year in Cheshire. He is starting to recognize what kind of institution is the LC. I hope his faith in the Catholic Church won´t be affected.

How nice to see you again! In fact I was trying to remember a post in the previous exlc forum about the diferent meaning of the obedience vow in LC compared to any other religious order. Do you remember it?

"The Legion presents itself as an infallibly-ordained gift to the Church, which is made up of an elite squad of the most talented, most dedicated and most pious. Something in that twisted "anti-charism" leads men to believe that if they are sent home, they must not have measured up."

This calls to mind for me the comments made about departing LCs or RCs.

Fr Thomas Berg was described as being very "emotive". In other words, he was met the scandal with too much EMOTION. His departure and others were also explained by the fact that his was a "late vocation".

After my departure from RC, I heard on a few occasions that I had "taken it hard". I guess it's easier to blame someone's departure on their emotional fragility than to question one's own reasons for staying.

In this area, the problem is women who make decisions based on their feelings. They go so far as to say the these emotional women wrongly convince their spouses as well. There you have it! All the problems with the Legion today really has to do with the emotional women who convince the men to betray God!

"What kinds of men do make it to the altar and into the ranks of LCs?"

I knew only one LC priest, and I didn't know him very well. (Our mothers were close friends.) He was the most nervous, uptight priest I've ever met; completely lacking in joy and humor. There was talk of him suffering from deep depression and often being on the verge of a breakdown.

I hope he's out and ok.

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