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Consider all the resources they have to work with - $ 20 billion assets, over 800 priests, hundreds of consecrated women and many tens of thousands of volunteers. What do they have to show for all that? Most people where I live have never even heard of them.

What fruits did he bring????

He stole people's idea and turned them into apostolate. That was what I thought when I found out Benkovik had your hearth magazine, and I cancel my subscription. What path, what apostolate did MM came up with? maybe I am ignorant. What new way of education did he come up with? something like De la Salle, Don Bosco?
to me every apostolate came up from some good catholic soul to "etablish the Kingdom of God". The only MM did is keeping able men from being ordained within reasonable time, so they would harvest more vocations in South America for the "mouvement". To me the only fruits he came up with, are sins, and they are legions!!!

There's also the oddity that all of the "good works" are so spread out, so redundant (how many different variations of children's clubs do we need, anyway?) and that the Legion connection to its apostolates is sometimes hard to track down.

I've been putting together a list of known Legion affiliates, here:

I can't help but wonder how many of these groups, etc. are duplicates of work being done by others, and so forth.

Let me clarify, ML. I gave my magazine to Johnnette with my blessing. I wanted to leave it aside at the providential time when she needed a magazine for her Women of Grace. I stayed on as editor for the first year, and then stepped aside to pursue my own writing. Please, never think there was anything untoward in the transferral. She has an excellent apostolate and a real heart for women. As far as I know, she has nothing to do with Regnum Christi.

I have grown tired of mmlegion's biological metaphors, but I'll play along. What is the chance that the fruits are good, etc?

Not good. Examine the soil in which the tree has been planted and the nourishment it has received. Under certain ecological conditions plants may become poisonous as the result of accumulation of toxic substances.

I never heard of Ed Mulholland, but I bet the poor guy would like that book blurb back. That's one for the ages.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I came across a few apostolates taken over, that I became suspicious for Hearth. I was mistaken.

The problem with the fruits argument is that Maciel reduced "fruits" to numbers rather than the practice of theological virtues.

And then of course the Legion infamously makes up all of the numbers. Does anyone seriously believe there were ever 70,000 Regnum Christi members?

I believe RC/LC is a counterfeit spirituality. It is not easy to distinguish real fruit from counterfeit "fruit." The only way you can detect a counterfiet is if you have a trained eye - if you know what REAL fruit looks, feels, sounds and tastes like. Real spiritual fruit produces humility. If the RC/LC really studied the spiritual heritage of the Church they would have more ability to see through the flattery and the manipulation. I think the LC purposely take parts of real spirituality and either add to it or subtract from it to use it for their purposes. The litmus test is always humility.

DF - thank you for pointing out the exaggeration of RC numbers. 70,000?

It would be an enlightening exercise (while we wait the result of the AV?) to quote the membership in our respective regions to ascertain how many RCs there REALLY are. I think we'll find the actual numbers are an inconsequesntial drop in the bucket of the Catholic world.

This will only work if there is good participation.

Any takers?


I also thought that when I read that quote by Ed Mulholland. If he ever had any reputation as a writer or journalist anywhere at all, that is long gone.

Of course, he was probably a minion drummed up from the RC troops and made to feel special when asked to put this book together. He may have had no integrity or journalistic talent at all in the first place, knowing how the LC works.

For all we know, he's a pseudonym, come to think of it. LOL

Anon @ 10:58, SO TRUE about recognizing counterfeit fruit by knowing TRUE fruit! It wasn't until I was "out" and attended a workshop on Ignatian spirituality by the great - and yes, very humble - Fr. Timothy Gallagher that I finally saw how completely phony the LC version of "spiritual exercises" really is. I could only weep!

Plus, so-called "spiritual direction" was never very spiritual at all, but rather focused on "apostolate" and tattling on the other women. The "program of life" was never really addressed. Even if it were, I now see how insane it is to place such inordinate attention on your weaknesses and "fixing" them through human strength. Ha!

Anyway, the whole fruit argument falls apart for me when realizing that their "spirituality" was nothing but a mirage. The spiritual growth I experienced was by God's grace and in spite of the accident of Regnum/Legion. Thank you, Jesus!

I accidentally came upon this site and wished I never had but maybe God wanted me to see this. I am a Regnum Christi member now for 6 years and proud of it. The so called "fruits" are very real in my life. When I joined Regnum Christi, I wanted more in my Catholic spirituality and Regnum Christi was and is the answer to it.
My focus is on Christ and Gods will in my life. Plain and simple! How can you spend so much time tearing down something and build a life of Gods peace and tranquility? This site feeds on hate and I am so saddenned to know that you want a movemennt to die because of its founders grave sins. Ask yourself this question- does Jesus want this movement to continue? I know that He is the true founder and knows the Legionaries and Consecrateds beautiful hearts that are for Christ!

Kathy, my sister in Christ, do you want me to copy this note and send it to one of the boys who were molested? They have never received an apology for their suffering -- or for being maligned for years as liars and enemies of Christ. We simply cannot ignore all who have been insulted by the superiors over the years.

Where is charity on their behalf? Where is the integrity of a group that claims to teach love?

Sure send my letter on to whomever you wish. I would hope and pray that they have been apologized to. Believe me I was sickened when I found out about Marciel and what he did. I pray for those who have been victimized by him, but through my own experiences with the Legionaries and the Consecrated- I have only experienced love, joy, and hope and cannot apologize for that. Christ HAS encountered me through them. There is no doubt in my mind that they are focused on Christ. These priests and Consecrated were lied to just like we all were. They should not have to pay the price for their founder on earth, but if they have to pay the price for Christs sake they will, because they are true soldiers for Christ!

I think the point you're missing is that the ones who lied to them are still in control of the group. We agree on many good points, on the fact that there are many good people, but MM didn't act alone, and we have yet to distinguish who was accountable for the travesty in the name of faith. Until that happens, the lies are still embedded in the system.

I don't believe that I am missing any points. Regnum Christi has been under investigation and scrutiny and justifiably so- but it's not been shut down. What does that say to me- that Regnum Christi is still very viable because of Jesus Christ himself and the Holy Spirit who is working in each one of us to continue His work!
My daily prayer life has increased dramatically since being in the movement. The fruits in my life do account for something because I know he has a purpose for me and every human being. I am so very blessed to have discovered this movement. The fruits of my life are proof to me that this movement is authentic and truly inspired by Jesus. May God Bless you Giselle and keep you in His care. I am so sorry for any wrongs that have been made to you from the human hands of the movement. I am truly sorry to anyone that has been hurt by the movement. One thing that I have just realized through this site is that there is so much hurt and that I must pray more fervently for the suffering of people who have not only been hurt from the Regnum Christi movement but those who have been hurt by our Catholic priests outside of the movement. May we all be inspired to live in truth, justice, and His truly merciful love that He has for each and every one of us.

Kathy, well said. The faith of my parents, myself, my five brothers and sister, my five children and 18 nieces and nephews exist because a mexican priest came to our "catholic" school and organized an after school soccer game for 5th graders. If any of us make it to heaven it will be thanks to the legion.

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