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Will they trademark Charity as well?

and Unity.

Addressed to Regnum Chis and LC :
Please consider that this may be a form of avarice and perhaps theft from the Church and her people.
Please consider that this is a pattern of the Movement - to have eyes which are seeking aquisition of anything or anyone.
Consider that even if it is not for one's personal use - but for the Movement - it is avarice. It is ignoble.
Consider that even if one lives in poverty but has this form of avarice he is not spiritually poor.
Please know that I do not judge you, for I realize that many start out and persevere with the desire to serve Christ and the Church. But even the proper desire in the wrong system could take one farther from one's intended goal.

Giselle, in revisiting this point you bring to mind the great struggle that LC priests who blog on Trastevere cannot figure out, nor Fr. Luis for that matter. They are all denouncing MM acts, they all agree his life must be minimized, he must never be used as a model, but as they sift through the LC world they come up with this sense that there is clearly something there. Many RC's think the same thing.

The task that lies ahead for them is therefore to keep believing a charism was given, and purify it from its deviant elements. And to some extent they have been affirmed in this idea by the Visitors, and Cardinals Rode, Sodano, etc.. Yes, you have a charism they say (granted if the said the opposite it would pretty much bring an end to all discussion).

However whenever you critically examine the sources they have to use to arrive at that certain "something" about the LC, you really cannot find anything that is truly original if it is good, mostly all objective sources proper to them are tainted- history, writings, co-founders, etc... So they all are looking to the Chapter as a great Pentecost moment that will help them find their originality. All of these 'hopefulls' are praying for a miracle to do what they know they cannot do, i.e. buzzphrase: "Trust in the Holy Spirit."

But is it so hard to figure out? 85% of anything good in the Legion came from the Jesuits. All their retreats in the early years were preached by outside preachers using the spiritual exercises. All their academic development took place under the framework of the Jesuits, most getting their degrees from the Gregorian. When they started their own university in Rome they duplicated much of its form and style. In many details MM had a penchant for the most rigorous interpretations of the rule, so he adopted the most rigorous components of Jesuit formation- daily schedule etc...
I am sure that of those ideas of the founder that are used in seminaries we will find much of it in commentators of the day on the subject.
So MM simply used the charisms of other groups for his own narcissistic needs to be the elite, the best by appearance..
Ofcourse when we look at HOW he cut and pasted these pre-existing gifts in the Church into the Legion we see their disjointed structure, with poison of control and fear as the glue making it stick together.

Anon 6:58

I've been chewing on the same question. And the follow-up question, can what he counterfeited even be recovered in his LC/RC wineskin?

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If the Holy See does not take the lead in oblidging them to renounce MM as founder and re-ground these pasted charisms of others in an honest form, they will never be free enough to admit the truth. I agree, the figure of MM no matter how reduced, will forever be a stumbling block to putting this mess on solid ground.


It's a bit like squaring a circle. Doubt that what he copied from is in there as much as people hope.

First step is to sack his friends and for the Pope to appoint pontifical delegates.

The delegates will need a steady hand to get them past the optimism that a charism is at hand without big sacrifices. Letting go of RC and the recruitment and fundraising network will be a key step in leaving everything behind.

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