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Admittedly, I started skimming about 1/3 of the way in, but my first reaction is that this is a bunch of crap. Same old stuff. Could've been written a year ago.

At the very least it should have been written a year ago.

“I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
- Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

The communiqué:

"And it is just as natural that everyone is not at the same point. Some, having received a special help from grace, can say that this is now behind them"

Can I just say this is the meanest, most manipulative thing I have ever heard? I have so much pity for people who are trapped in the Movement by twisted statements like this. This is not love or charity, it is a sick kind of emotional exploitation. The rest of the letter was a blurr to me after reading that statement. I can't get over the spiritual browbeating tone of this letter. God Bless the poor RC who thinks this is how Jesus would minister to them. I wish they could all be free from this tyrrany.

"Damned if you do and damned if you don't!"

At long last the LC makes an "official statement."

I know I'll learn a lot as I read the different reactions. Maybe that is why I agree with Fr. Alvaro "not everyone is at the same point."

You read my reaction (in red) Monk. What does it tell you about me?

Why is it “a special help from grace… that this is now behind them" ? Does grace inspire cowardice or blindness to allow one to stick ones head in the sand? This letter should only be the beginning – the difficult part should be ahead: reparations, penance, reform etc… He’s saying - OK now that we wrote an apology it’s all behind us now, we can move forward and if you can’t - why you just haven’t received that “special grace” yet. I guess I’m not special.


Can you post the communique (see link above)? It's a little more straight forward than AC's letter. It has a lot of problems, but it has some interesting lucid moments. Here is one...

"we accept and regret that, given the gravity of his faults, we cannot take his person as a model of Christian or priestly life."

I wonder if that means they finally start dropping his writtings? Of course what will be left?

There is a lot more in the communique that needs to be anylized but I will leave it to to better minds then mine.

The communique states that they want to help everyone who was harmed by Maciel and the Legion. All of the victims should contact them and ask for reparation. They could send a certified letter with a copy to the appropriate visitator, or possibly even to Rome.

They seem to be having difficulty contacting the victims so maybe the victims should contact them--again.

Monk, you say you agree with the same statement I find so appaling? Don't you see how he twists the truth. Grace doesn't blind you, it sets you free. Be free of the Legion my friend and live in the light of the Church. Christ would never shame someone into following Him. We stay true to Christ because we love Him and he loves us. There is no love in this letter, only shame and guilt.


At what point are you?

This communique (and read Fr. Alvaro's and Gang's) accompanying Manifesto for the Future is nearly blasphemous, IMO. RC is now Mary, Legion is the Church Church, and MM was the crowd that sought to crucify Christ. It really is just a final, desperate attempt to keep the sheep in the flock. It is infuriating!

I meant Legion is now the Catholic Church!

This letter is pathetic. Neither Alvaro nor his general counselors and territorial directors have any right to continue their attempt to spiritually guide anyone. The leaders of the Legion do not know right from wrong, good from ABSOLUTE EVIL. These are men without a functioning moral compass. Honesty is not something they understand because they live in fear of what the truth. They don't want to know just how far MM's corruption goes because they know that they have been compromised by it and directly or indirectly participated in it.

Stop telling us to imitate Mary! Mary didn't follow God's will her entire life only to find out that Jesus wasn't really the son of God, and that everything he ever said was a lie. There is no possible comparison to the Legion's situation and anything in the New Testament. This scandal is unprecedented in Church history.

Alvaro, PLEASE stop the pompous preaching. You are wrong and have been the entire time. You have blood on you hands that can't be washed off. Step down and let people decide for themselves without all the BS and guilt.

" We all had to go through a process of gradual assimilation," Are you kidding me. It sounds like Star Trek or the Borg! I just can't believe how many times they say the same thing over and over. You really have to be like a drone to keep on taking it in and believing it. They are supposed to take it in and make it okay and keep on going. WOW! Can't wait to read the rest.(Not)

Let's hold that thought- the Annunciation and all that it says about the discernment and response to the plan of God...

AC keeps a tone of applying the virtue of faith so that only those who say Yes to RC/LC are like Mary, those who go elsewhere did not measure up. Humanly processing the trauma, dealing with your own spiritual immaturity and overcoming your own cultural context are just part of what is in the way of your Yes.. Yes to MM's work, the LC/RC works is the only answer that works here.

At no point is it ever thinkable that these events should be not only a legitimate, but even necessary reason to find a new path, that is, to discern that these events are sign that God is calling you elsewhere. Afterall we did lie to you... The virtue of faith (trusting totally) is used to overpower discernment such that it never genuinely takes place. Classic LC manipulation: the virtue of faith is twisted to omit the discernment of faith. Hence Mordor rears its ugly head: "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

Fides quae (vs. fides qua) are what theologians use to distinguish the content of faith from the virtue. Without the proper content of faith (Rooted in the Faith of the Church and right reason, Sacred Tradition /Sacred Scripture, etc..) the virtue can easily turn into fanaticism, superstitions and self-destructive spiritualities of all types.

Back to the Annunciation: We see the dialogue between Mary and the Angel opens up a space of true freedom. She receives the response with maturity and full discernment when she asks, "How can this be since I do not know man?" She ponders over the content of the proposed events, her past and the new future. There is no real presumption of a yes such that the Angel feels free to ignore her questions, and she in her turn brings the answers to the light of all that she knows about the faith of people of Israel. She discerns.

Lies destroy a man's freedom to discern. Freedom needs truth, and MM with his lies has destroyed the meaning of LCs freedom, he has robbed them of their dignity, and AC has rather than acknowledging those particular wounds has just poured more salt into them.
He leaves them their to continue in the same. Nor does he even try to respond how a charism could come from such deep perversions if it all- is that not a relevant question for any spiritual mature person before you give a response?

Freedom has still not arrived to this world and as such everything they do until then must be considered works of darkness.

Monk, They made an "offical statement", however they refuse to provide the width, length and depth of the truth. I see half truths with lots of rationalizing going on. Plus if you are just going to say this to the existing rank and file, those already staying in the boat, well what's the point? I'm confused as to why they keep getting apologizes and not those that really deserve it. It appears to be based in false humility and manipulation. If you read through the past posts you may begin to see why I see it differently. It would be interesting to take the writings of the last year and see if there really is anything that truely demonstrates growth. I see very little if any. Don't you think they are trying hard to justify their actions and responses?

Having acknowledged that the Vatican found legitimate fault with MM in 2006 (as Fr Alvaro, etc. point out in their communique) will the Legion EVER apologize for their entirely arrogant public statement of May 2006?--the one where they stated his innocence!

They will never be able to overcome this, the very news of MM's evil actions has de facto made them all lame ducks. Master work on his part. That is the true work of a manipulator. The truth is maiming because the lies are so deeply sown.

"We cannot end this communiqué without thanking the thousands of Legionaries, [so-called] consecrated men and women and all Regnum Christi members who have given and continue to give their lives to God in the service of the Church and society with absolute generosity,"

...and very special thank you goes out to those RC men and women who intentionally set out to destroy the reputations and lives of those who chose to speak the truth about the Legion. To you, I am most grateful. Keep up the good work - It ain't over yet. In Christ, Fr. Alvaro and Gang.

Cliffs Notes version of Father Alvaro's interpretation of the Virgin Mother:

"Poor, vegetable, invincibly stupid, bovine Mary. She could in no way understand the meaning of God's Providential design, but she had faith anyway. Be like her."

Giselle - You ask me what I think of your reactions (in red) and what they tell me about you. The truthful answer is I don't know yet.

When I first read the documents, my reaction was to take a long, deep breath. I didn't think knee jerk reactions were appropriate.

I could choose to focus on the flaws and how they coulda woulda shoulda written a better document. Instead, I choose to focus on the positive elements - at long last, an "official" statement, acknowledging what needed to be made explicit. In the heel of the hunt, it is an apology. I believe Alvaro's letter is from the heart - check my thoughts about him on my blog.

I suspect you have invested so much of yourself in the RC debacle that you will miss it if it ever finally gets resolved! The amount of people you attract here speaks to the need for what you do. God knows the LC/RC have not been kind to those of us who left.

Time will tell if the LC is sincere - and we still have to see what the Pope will have to say.

I don't know how you manage to maintain your blog so assiduously. I admire you for that - personally I find the task emotionally draining. I'm sure it's a generational thing with me - I did a lot of talking with a psychologist after I left the Legion. One who helped me greatly happened to be a Jesuit. I still find it hard to understand how people, seem to want to pour their hearts out in the comboxes. No doubt there is healing but, I have to think, there have to be some who get stuck in their personal journeys. Emotional contagion is very real. As a newcomer to blogs, I haven't enough data to make an educated judgment - but my superficial take is that I don't see much, if any, evidence of healing. But, there again, God writes straight on crooked lines :-) so what do I know?

Not a complete answer to your question, but it's sincere.

Thanks, Monk. That was an honest assessment. For what it's worth, I'm on line for hours everyday because that's my job. I'm a writer and an editor -- so words come easily and I'm sitting here anyway. I can duck out to attend to kids and house and dog between writing tasks.

Would I miss it? Nice to feel needed, but more frustrated at what this siphons off the Church at large, meaning my energies that could be going into my next book, and the peace and good that the readers could be attending to. I'll live just fine without this "project."

"Knee jerk" is the only phrase I quibble with, because reactions are what they are. If mine come quickly, it's because of four years of varsity debate in which I learned to dissect and respond on my feet. I do reread and adjust, but my reactions are pretty steady. I'd rather react quickly than not at all (like the "serene" crowd).


I can attest that this blog has led me to real healing. I was quite angry for a long time, but after participating in this blog for the last couple of months, I have worked through quite a lot of issues and have actually come to grips with the fact that I lost the better part of 10 years to this group. I still have healing to do, but this blog has been a life saver for me.

Regarding the letter, wow. It's a tour de force of that "Theology of Trust" that the Legion uses to brainwash its victims. True faith is trusting in God (ie, ones superiors). Those who can't think for themselves will gobble this up. They will think of themselves as Our Lady, saying Yes to Christ, even though they don't understand what is going on around them.

This letter does not invite critical thinking, it invites people to stop thinking and to keep doing their busy work. Even Fr. Garza in his address to the 3gfs admitted that this is how he kept going after the last chapter of the Legion. He saw troubling things, but "kept busy."

The parallel with the Annunciation is absolutely so out there that I actually started laughing a little. But it's actually very sad to use an example so powerful as Our Lady's as a way to keep people under your thumb.

Monk, are you also an expert on healing? Although it reads with sarcasm, that is not my intention. Why do you contest the openness of those who've suffered? I can tell you that if it weren't for the real people sharing their stories on this blog, I would not have been able to endure the verbal attacks from my sisters in Christ these past months. We've had experiences that are contradictory to Catholic teaching. Do you think that shouldn't be exposed? It's on a grand scale. These are not five isolated events. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of painful and disturbing experiences that we've suffered at the direction of Catholic priests from an order that has highly questionable origins. Do you understand the gravity now? I don't have a bone to pick with you personally - just anyone who holds a candle to this organization. God bless you.

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