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God Bless Mary Ann and well put. Bears repeating:

"But later, hyper-devotionalism and tridentine defense of the priesthood and loss of philosophy led to a way of thinking that regarded the "ontological" nature of the character (which really just means that it is real) as a change in the very nature of the being of the man who becomes a priest, such that he is now a higher being. The Legion has taken up this mal-theology in a big way."

P.S. My response to the video and related Legionary marketing material?

(Channelling someone attracted to the Movement here):

"I wasn't just called by God; I was seduced by Him."

I have been thinking about the importance of a charism in an order and thinking that it should be evidenced in all they do - espeically a recruiting video. I did not see a specific charism in this video but as I said earlier picked up more of a competetive message not just to get vocations to the priesthood but to be an LC because that is where you will be the holiest priest....."The Church needs us. It needs soldiers. It needs holy priests. That's what the Legion is made for. It makes holy priests."

I found this website for Little Sisters of the Poor. Their founding charism is so clear - They do not seem to be competing with other orders but attracting those women who are called to that charism.

I also found article by Cardinal Rode in December 2008 written on founding charisms fascinating. If he follows what he said - the LC has no charism or roots to go back to.

He says:

“Religious life, being a gift of the Holy Spirit for each religious and the Church, depends especially on fidelity to its origins, fidelity to the founder and to the particular charism. Fidelity to this charism is essential, because God blesses faithfulness, while he ‘resists the proud.’ The complete rupture of some with the past, therefore, goes against the nature of a religious congregation and in essence, leads to the rejection of God,” he said.


“Many of you remained faithful,” the cardinal said gratefully. “With great courage you see yourselves called to remedy the damage and reconstitute your spiritual religious families.” Central to this renewal is fidelity to the charisms of the founders, which “attracts vocations,’” he said.

“The Council,” he stressed, “insists on this point. “We must guarantee that in our congregations, our lives are fully Catholic and forever aligned with the charism of the founder or foundress. There cannot be contradictions regarding this issue since the charism has been given to the founders in the ecclesial context and has been subjected to the approval of the Church.”

“We should not be surprised that the path we must follow is full of difficulties and challenges,” Cardinal Rode said. “Nevertheless, I want to assure you of my total support for any sincere effort at renewal in each religious family in fidelity to the Church and to its founder.”

This video is creepy and cheesy at the same time.

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