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By what it excludes up front that case study formation is always going to be training in 'charity' and 'serenity'.

The fact that Regnum Christi lay people found out the news in 2009 is amazing, given that Catholic lay people knew about the information for years before. That fact alone should give pause to anyone in RC, and it is as telling about the Legion and RC as any testimony.

To the comment "in every case study, we could find Christ" I would add this...

"and WE were Christ".

Whether it was a positive or negative case study, we always looked at how "the world" would view the case, and how a RC would view the case. Inevitably, "the world" would view the case in an evil, secular, un-Christian way. RCs would view it in a virtuous, Christian, self-sacrificing way.

Thus we set ourselves up as Christ in the suffering world. The mission was on our shoulders to overcome the world.

I'm not saying its wrong to want to be Christ-like in the world. I object to the prideful "Us versus Them" thinking that caused us to build a wall around the movement and celebrate what we had inside those walls, and piously shaking our heads at those outside the movement who were less fortunate than us who were called from all eternity to this radical degree of holiness.

How did we ever think we could re-Christianize the world with that sort of prideful segregation of ourselves?


It's worse than that -- the Reign of Legion people apparently were being/are being used for a very evil end -- "called to a radical degree of [evil]". Far from being "virtuous, Christian and self-sacrificing", it was vicious, un-Christian and built on a model of accumulating money and power.

What you say about pride is true though, inasmuch as "pride goeth before a fall" -- actually in this case during the fall.

I feel for you and so many others and admire your resolve in leaving the Reign of Legion. It must have been very painful to realize the truth.

Giselle, Just a suggestion but you might want to add this one to your most helpful posts pile. If for no other reason than to make sure future waves of newcomers find their way to "The Elephant in the Living Room: Part 2".

One thing that stands out: if Christ followed the Legion model, He would have found a way to excuse the Pharisees (and cultivate them for their future financial contributions) and he would have been serene in the garden of Gethsemani, instead of failing in Legionary serenity and holiness.

The experience here in Raleigh, if I understand it correctly, when the news was broke to the teams was that the team leaders were instructed to use the case of MM as the case for the evening. Twisted and sick.

I would have to say that the biggest way Jesus failed in legion norms and customs is that he sought out Samaritans, lepers, the possessed, the unfaithful. He didn't once say to his disciples, here fill out this psychological form and family history before I decide if you can hang with me. Duuuhh.

shalimamma writes: "As we stepped more officially away from RC, and moved to a very devout Catholic parish, things started to appear more clear to me about RC, and I started noticing little facets of the movement that didn’t sit right with me."

This brings to mind Chesterton's introduction to his Everlasting Man. Forgive the length but Chesterton is worth quoting in full:

"There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.
The other is to walk round the whole world till we come back to the same
place...; and I tried to trace such a journey in a story I once wrote. It
is, however, a relief to turn from that topic to another story that I
never wrote. Like every book I never wrote, it is by far the best book I
have ever written. It is only too probable that I shall never write it,
so I will use it symbolically here; for it was a symbol of the same
truth. I conceived it as a romance of those vast valleys with sloping
sides, like those along which the ancient White Horses of Wessex are
scrawled along the flanks of the hills. It concerned some boy whose farm
or cottage stood on such a slope, and who went on his travels to find
something, such as the effigy and grave of some giant; and when he was
far enough from home he looked back and saw that his own farm and
kitchen-garden, shining flat on the hill-side like the colours and
quarterings of a shield, were but parts of some such gigantic figure, on
which he had always lived, but which was too large and too close to be
seen. That, I think, is a true picture of the progress of any really
independent intelligence today; and that is the point of this book.

The point of this book, in other words, is that the next best thing to
being really inside Christendom is to be really outside it."

Our perspective changes dramatically when we're on the outside looking in. I would invite current Movement members to go inactive for a time and see the Movement from afar. Maybe like shalimamma, you'll see it in a whole new light.

If difficult subjects needed to be brought up during the Encounters/study circle time, then the formators were asked ahead of time to help the others "buy" into what was being presented. To the other less integrated members on the team, the comments would look "Holy Spirit" driven...but they weren't.

05:21P - Exactly -

Also, I do not agree that we were taught only to see good in the "case studies" .
There were also case studies where we could show a negative or positive virtue of different "cases". People's lives , or a person who perhaps was having a bad day - and was observed by a Regnum member could end up being a case compared to a pollyanna "case". I found this a disrespectful. I also thought it was a little like encouraging gossip and "news". Alot of the time people knew who was being referred to even their names were not mentioned - Some cases pointing out virtue of one person, divulged the shortcoming or unfortunate - (personal?) events of another.
And yes sometimes stories or cases were brought out by team leaders for a purpose wrongly. They however were not guilty of anything because they were earnestly use following the next one above on the ladder.
Finding only the good seemed to apply to the Movement and the LCs. Alot of people - (most?) actually begin to see the faults and shortcomings of those outside the Movement - even of priests who are not in the Movement and they may or may not talk about it overtly. But alot of times - yes and very damaging to reputations even when done with "charity! Yet they wouldn't dare even listen to a criticism of a fault in the movement or something amiss. It's definitely different rules/ a double standard. How they effect it - I don't know. It seems intricate. I just know it happens.

LC- is it that they don't DARE listen to a criticism? Or that they literally CAN'T anymore? That their brains just go into RC mode and they think "Satan attacking the Legion?"

A light went on for me when I read about the case studies. I never really understood how people could buy into the "great blessing" because it looked so phony to me. God drawing straight with crooked lines seemed just dumb to me and even contradictory to good fruit from good trees only in the bible. But I can see how people like my daughter and I can be on completely different wave lengths if I point out things like MM's unfaithfulness and fraudulent acts and she is thinking about how wonderful all this was because God made something good come from it. God does bring order out of chaos but it seems to me that in legionthink they try to take credit for God's goodness and make it seem that any evil of theirs brings good in the long run. I can see a deviously clever thinking behind the Macielization of information so that everyone stays happy (especially those on the receiving end of the billions of dollars).

Off topic but Mark Shea has a few words for over-eager attackers and over-eager defenders:

"Point out that a slanderous misrepresentation of Pope Benedict has not a dram of truth to it, and the reply is: 'So, once again, you fail to see the real issue here, and are more concerned about the problems of the Church and its survival, than of ridding the organization of pederasts and their enablers.' Because, of course, the only way to Save The Children is to lie about the Pope. Conversely, any attempt to say, 'But the Pope is not the Bad Guy here' is to ignore the victims. It's classic mob mentality...

Unlike his sometimes over-eager defenders, Pope Benedict is not afraid to say that the attacks of the world "speak to us of our sins". He knows perfectly well that the Devil, the Accuser of the Brethren, often has something to bring to the bar of Divine Justice. We *have* sinned. Benedict included. There's nothing for it but to acknowledge it where we have done so. But the thing is, the Accuser is not our judge, any more the editorial board of the New York Times. Our judge is God, who judges us with mercy"

Dilbert, I think the cure for people like your daughter is to read some detailed history of the Legion from those who were in it from the beginning and who have researched it. Then she could put together the "cooked line founder" and the crooked lines he intentionally wrote....using words of our faith, which gave it a semblance of credibility. Maybe Giselle could post a list of books and articles. I do know that the letter from his early companion back to the bishop, complaining about everything that was later investigated during the "Great Blessing", has moved some people, because of its date and its obvious authenticity.

The skewered LC outlook comes straight from the theology of Paradise Lost (a non-Catholic theology). Adam marvels at the magnificent good--i.e., Christ--that will come from his sin:

"Full of doubt I stand,
Whether I should repent me now of sin
Done by me or occasioned, or rejoice
Much more that much more good thereof shall spring."

SS--this gives a paradoxical genius to Milton that he deserves. It's not a mistake, as we have seen.

When we sin; we tend to rationalize that some good will and ought to come of it because God is soooo good.

If we but knew it in the moment, we might recognize that we were tempting God Himself.

Since we don't--well, we behave like the righteous sinner, who rationalizes his own weaknesses by reasoning that those weaknesses must be chalked up to Providence.

His virtue is in recognizing this--and therein lies his participation in his own redemption.

Plus a pat on the back--thank you very much--for recognizing the complicated configuration of salvation.

It's a trap, of course. And because it's so comfortable, many LC and RC members persist in lying in their beds.

Love Christ,

Not only in case studies, but team leaders and spiritual guides would be encouraged to present difficult cases at their meetings. Of course, it was "anonymous" but the reality is that with the details given, a person would have to have been pretty clueless not to have known who was being discussed. Your information given in spiritual direction and team dialogue was not as private as you might have thought.

But it was for the good of souls, and that is what mattered...or so we were told.

Our Section Formation Director was on my team and a close friend. She was a master at twisting a case to suite what ever was needed in our section. Even our resolutions would revolve around what was going on in the Section at the time. There was never any room for the Holy Spirit. They manipulated the outcome to fit whatever was needed. This was widely practiced in many situations. I was even told by my Spiritual Director that I should have a resolution in mind and pick my meditation materials to match the night before.

The Temptation of Maciel:

"What is it that you ask?"

"I ask why I hurt so much."

"You know the answer to that question. Tell me."

"I hurt because they tortured me."

"Why did they torture you?"

"They tortured me because I was helpless."

"If you were not helpless, would you have been tortured?"


"So, your helplessness offered the foundation of suffering, no?"


"So, if helplessness could be eradicated, then suffering would cease?"


"What would you then?"

"I would make it so people could not be hurt."

"How would you do that?"

"I would offer a system. Everyone would agree to the rules and if they followed the rules, everyone would be happy."

"Good. There are systems. Their failure is not a matter of method. It's a matter of their goals. So long as your goal is good, your method will not be questioned."

"But the method exists to achieve the good, right?"

"Yes. Never forget that--so long as you adhere to the method, you can do no wrong."

"What shall I do?"

"Do as I say . . ."

Quick question: what exactly is this "case study" thing you're all talking about, in a nutshell? Was it a routine part of every meeting? It sounds bizarre.

MRA: In a nutshell...

The case study constitutes a portion of a weekly meeting called Encounter With Christ, originally copied by Nuestro Fraude from Opus Dei, and "improved" by maciel to make it an effective recourse for manipulation of members.

During the Case Study, (which follows Gospel reading and reflection, and going over the commitments to find out who was and who wasn't faithful to their regnum commitments), team members each present a synopsis of a "real life case" to be analyzed and discussed.

Team members vote for their favorite case, and then they go into three stages: SEE, JUDGE, and ACT. They discuss the case and at the end they agree on a new "commitment" or course of action illuminated by the case and its discussion for that week.

I am so very sad to find out your daughter is ??? Consecreted in R/C.
I promise to pray for her that she will be set free.

I have not followed your story but could you get a good Priest to talk to her next time she is home.
How long has she been involved and how old is she.

How did/do RC Sections choose the sequence of gospel readings for their "Encounters with Christ"? Are they willy-nilly? Do they follow the liturgical calendar? Just curious.

The Gospel for the upcoming Sunday. Now that you mention it, that means we've already nailed in our RC spin, so no matter what the homelist offers, we're all set. And the Liturgy only provides a backdrop and impetus for our established plan of action. We were so duped -- and I'm still learning how!

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