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Interesting discussion here:

Mentions the fact that the Garzas are heirs to $10 billion dollars.

It does appear that the money is the thing. Satan is going to hold on tight, and the Archbishop is going to have to yank that arrowhead-tail pretty hard to get rid of him here -- and in the regnum part of regnum/legion.

Anyone know how to contact the Delegate? An email address perhaps. I've got some info he should have.

Someone posted this recently. Not sure if it's been tested.

S.E. Mons. Velasio De Paolis, C.S.

Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio, 11

V – 00120 Città del Vaticano

(Tel. +39 06 698 82074)

concerned father, we were given the same address by our Nuncio.

handwriting on wall (sorry if this is redundant):

- keep eye on Miles Jesu situation: same theme, plot, conflict, character types as LC situation

- "Statement on the Situation" (here: presages digging and doom for Maciel's Congregation with the same dulcet tones ("Apostolic Visitation ... outside person ... correct these situations ... renewal ... new Constitution ... charism, spirituality, and apostolic nature ... vocational discernment and formation policies ... financial policies ... completely revise all its practices and customs")

- for Miles Jesu, "The work of renewal is already in progress and there is enthusiasm for the future that the members are building together." The denouement may be less rosy for LC/RC ....

I thought I saw a leathery, snot green dragon with ruby eyes circling over St. Peter's last week.

Then I realized it was just the Legion financial powers-that-be, shape shifting, protecting their ever-loving pot of gold.

Thankfully B16 has an AK 47, and he's not afraid to use it. The dragon's jig is up.

He may. But can he? And, if he has the ability and is not blocked, will he? I doubt it.

For those who understand Spanish, I recommend listenting to tapes of Fr. Luis Garza Medina, LC explaining how the Legion apparently had no true accounting system until 2006...


Since the Legion and Movement RC is dealing with "ecclesiatical goods" (donations, property, foundations), it has always been bound by Canon Law. Where the most elemental laws of financial administration neglected from 1941 to 2006?

See Church Law Canon 1284

Can. 1284 §1. All administrators are bound to fulfill their function with the diligence of a good householder.

§2. Consequently they must:

1/ exercise vigilance so that the goods entrusted to their care are in no way lost or damaged, taking out insurance policies for this purpose insofar as necessary;

2/ take care that the ownership of ecclesiastical goods is protected by civilly valid methods;

3/ observe the prescripts of both canon and civil law or those imposed by a founder, a donor, or legitimate authority, and especially be on guard so that no damage comes to the Church from the non-observance of civil laws;

4/ collect the return of goods and the income accurately and on time, protect what is collected, and use them according to the intention of the founder or legitimate norms;

5/ pay at the stated time the interest due on a loan or mortgage and take care that the capital debt itself is repaid in a timely manner;

6/ with the consent of the ordinary, invest the money which is left over after expenses and can be usefully set aside for the purposes of the juridic person;

7/ keep well organized books of receipts and expenditures;

8/ draw up a report of the administration at the end of each year;

9/ organize correctly and protect in a suitable and proper archive the documents and records on which the property rights of the Church or the institute are based, and deposit authentic copies of them in the archive of the curia when it can be done conveniently.

§3. It is strongly recommended that administrators prepare budgets of incomes and expenditures each year; it is left to particular law, however, to require them and to determine more precisely the ways in which they are to be presented.

A certain level of difficulty will be presented by the fact that the delegate can't force everyone to come running to him because the life of being forced to everything is part of what has to be fixed.

Unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that a lot of this we're just going to have to wait and see how it plays out, since there's great potential for rooting out evil but on the other hand a still complex situation in which to actually manage to do so.

However, waiting to see the results doesn't mean not sending our concerns for what they're worth; and one other thing we can do and should do all the more when we have to wait is pray.

On the issue of finances- I would urge to keep it in context. The Money/Power paradigm as far as being a spin-off of Macielism (which is the real enemy here) would have offered potential for wrongdoing only to an elite circle at the apex of authority. All big money is managed there, period. So if they have carried out an abuse of power in this area who will it affect? A handful.

Now if we go back to social-religious culture that has been accruing for 60+ years in the Legion, in which most members cannot even buy two aspirin without permission, and this deals with 99% of the Legion, then I think we understand where the heart of reform will have to take place.

LG however is either just referring to Integer, in which case its existence if fairly recent, but his words may have been misleading. Centralizing the movement of funds and total control of the LC assets while distributing liability has been a process underway since the early 80's. All accounts have had their assets swept into centralized points of distribution long before integer came around. So the gradation from centralized control to what I would call unprecedented mega-control via Integer, has been on that longtime continuum of abuse of power under the guise of the vows, and military like regime setup by MM.

In my humble opinion, if you do not see fixed assets and operational assets brought back under a transparent provincial (local) system of authority- the abuse of power will never end, never. It's just human nature 101.


A los legionarios de Cristo
Queridos hermanos en el Señor,

En días pasados, desde la publicación de mi nombramiento como Delegado Pontificio y del reciente Decreto sobre la manera de ejercer mi oficio, he podido encontrar personalmente algunos de sus hermanos religiosos que se encuentran aquí en Roma y he recibido también las cartas que me han escrito desde diversas partes del mundo. Les agradezco por la cordial acogida, por sus gestos de adhesión y sobre todo por sus oraciones.
Con esta carta quiero ofrecerles una sencilla aclaración sobre algunas dudas que pudieron haber surgido en algunos de ustedes y los animo – en la misma línea que lo hace el Santo Padre – «a no perder de vista que su [de ustedes] vocación, nacida de la llamada de Cristo y animada del ideal de ser testigos de su amor en el mundo, es un auténtico don de Dios, una riqueza para la Iglesia, el fundamento indestructible sobre el cual se ha de construir el futuro personal y el de la Legión» (Comunicado del 1o de mayo).
Con el fin de serenar a cuantos han manifestado inquietud sobre quién ejerce la legítima autoridad en la Legión de Cristo y en el Movimiento Regnum Christi, y sobre cuál es la regla que rige la vida de los religiosos legionarios en las actuales circunstancias, he considerado conveniente, en unión con el director general y su consejo, recordar cuanto ya está establecido en el Decreto del Secretario de Estado del 9 de julio de 2010.
1. Vigencia y revisión de las Constituciones
El número II.9 del Decreto del Secretario de Estado del 9 de julio de 2010 pide que, bajo mi dirección, se haga una revisión de las Constituciones del instituto. Ahora bien, de acuerdo con los principios generales del Derecho, las Constituciones, legítimamente aprobadas, siguen en pleno vigor mientras se realiza esta revisión y hasta que se promulgue una nueva versión de las mismas. Así pues, deseo confirmar que las Constituciones (excepto lo que se haya explícitamente derogado) han de guiar a todos los legionarios en el seguimiento de Jesucristo a través de la profesión de los votos religiosos. De modo análogo, en espera de eventuales aclaraciones, se regulan los miembros consagrados del Regnum Christi.

Autoridad y servicio de los superiores
El citado decreto, en el número II.2, establece también que los Superiores del instituto permanecen en su oficio y ejercen su autoridad según las normas de las Constituciones.
Todos los religiosos, en virtud del voto de obediencia, siguen estando sujetos a la autoridad de los superiores a tenor de las Constituciones de la Congregación. Del mismo modo, los miembros consagrados siguen estando sujetos a la autoridad de los directores.
La labor de revisión y renovación, en la que todos los miembros de la Legión de Cristo participarán, ha de estar basada en una sólida vida de oración y en la búsqueda de la santidad por el seguimiento más fiel de Jesucristo, según nos lo presenta el Evangelio, la tradición de la vida religiosa en la Iglesia y la identidad de la Congregación.
Este camino, en coherencia con la propia elección vocacional, es una nueva oportunidad de conversión personal. No se trata de querer liberarse de los compromisos de la vida consagrada, ni de un camino de indisciplina o individualismo, sino de una mayor adhesión al Señor.
Los invito a todos, de manera particular a los más jóvenes, a participar con paciencia en este camino constructivo de renovación, que requiere la unidad de esfuerzos. No construye el futuro de la Congregación quien procura rupturas, sino quien persevera en la caridad y la unión. El amor siempre tiende a la unidad. El respeto y la escucha recíprocos favorece la reflexión individual y comunitaria, para de esta forma dar espacio a la acción del Espíritu Santo.
Yo, también, rezo por ustedes todos los días para que Dios guíe el camino de revisión y renovación que estamos recorriendo, y colme así con frutos de santidad y de apostolado su vida consagrada en la Legión de Cristo y en el Movimiento Regnum Christi. En estas semanas recordamos de manera particular a los jóvenes que participan en los cursos de discernimiento vocacional en el hemisferio norte. Acogeremos con alegría a todos los que el Señor ha llamado a seguirlo más de cerca en esta familia espiritual y los encomendamos a la protección materna de María Santísima. Una oración especial va también a los diáconos que se preparan para la ordenación sacerdotal el próximo 24 de diciembre en Roma. Dios los bendiga a todos y los conserve fuertes en la fe y el amor.
Velasio De Paolis, C.S.

...which seems to say that until the new Constitutions are written and approved, the existing Constitutions, statutes and hierarchy are subject to the usual obedience. AND, the consecrated [sic] are encouraged to cling to their state in life to increase their love and personal holiness.

For everyone's sake, I hope that "consecrated" means the men in formation and not the women. On the surface this is looking like a sick joke, unless I'm just distracted by the high grade velvet on that iron fist. If it's just a glove on a hand attached to a limp wrist, then we can all just give up. Oremus.


Sorry, that's all I got right now. Ugh.

The poor darlings HAVE NO STATE IN LIFE!


And if any troll pops by here to give me a little sermon on my knowing "better than the Vatican" I will personally send my guardian angel to kick said troll in the butt. Just so you know.

It doesn't make any sense for Abp. De Paolis to ask the seminarians/priests to report to him in one letter and then tell them the hierarchy is the same as it used to be in a different letter. What am I missing?

1) Giselle: I note that when the term consecrated is used above, it deals with both branches- and by analogy to the Legion only- relative to their currently approved statutes.

2) I want to just throw out a few points of analysis but knowing it is still very early to draw conclusions- only to sharpen our vision a bit:

*On the letter:
Personally I think we all remain a bit confused by whether or not there is some sort of 'soft' uprising of the rank and file, particularly in the young which so far has no external evidence. Nothing shows up on the blogs- most reports are to the contrary. Nor have we seen any large numbers for departures- rather they have been minuscule given the circumstances. Further Sandro Magister indicates above they are saying little, nothing is happening out of fear of the current Superiors or system of power.

On the other hand, De Paolis makes it look like he is besieged by requests from members who wish to break ranks from the status quo. He seems to affirm the need for all to follow through with the process that is marked out, at all costs- as if the damn is about to burst.

Both cannot be true- I wonder who is listening to who? Is De Paolis relying of the evaluations of existing leadership which are exaggerating the problems? Is he merely just creating system of stability so that the real work might begin in earnest? Is he more interested in the self-directed component of the process than setting a startup vision for the order- capable of generating hope beyond the current state?

*On Sandro's take:
To Sandro who questions the fearful and hesitant LC, as if now is there moment- one wonders if the exhortational language currently in use by the Delegate is not the cause. De Paolis has freely used a lot of trigger words that are the sore spots of their ailments as if he has no idea what is at issue, or he has dismissed the concern and is moving forward with a vision very different from many onlookers.

Some trigger points: (here I only express the tone I hear- so I run the risk of putting words in his mouth)
1) Constantly referring all solutions back to superiors- granted no one is advocating the promotion of anarchy, but LCs, who are awake, know their superiors have lied to them, the nature of obedience has a lot of reworking to do, etc..

2) Affirming, without qualification of the prior horror story, the grave obligation to follow through with all prior commitment to the order. Any new direction or hopes for the future must be discerned in the group process now noted, that will in effect be the place to resolve all personal issues. When one wakes up to 60 years of deceit, freedom has suffered its gravest blow- it only comes into its own with the truth. To not affirm a free and new discernment seems to me a very dangerous omission in justice. Does the process of input truly permit them to skip this step? This is the second time he has made sweeping statements invalidating the consideration of other paths, if the commitment is not there maybe it is telling him something.

3)Stress and anxiety from 18 months of disintegration of ideals from within- if this is what he sees, I wonder about the efficacy of the solution. The process the Holy See is using consists in mirroring the order back to itself to fix, albeit with direction. Some see the nightmare, others see only their little world of self-designed contentment, a few might have a dream or two of changing things, etc... and you can go on and on. Now, after 18 months of increasing lack of vision for the future, whats left in the mirror?, and with no real tools to work to see where its going in concrete terms... well this letter really throws no bones- patience, patience, keep unity, listen to your superiors, you will participate and by committee, and at the end- it's all fixed. Hmmm, I could imagine Joe LC saying: "Charism by committee-- is this what I signed up for?"

Pleas for patience will have a time limit. Every trickle of truth that creeps in without an honest, deep and truly reconciling vision to address it, will provoke questions of the spirit that ecclesial leaders on scene may not be capable of answering, and binding the rank and file to a 'charism by committee' process that could by its very nature become repugnant, may in the end backfire.

Of course I jump to no conclusions here only concerns, but if September does not change the current course- this ship may soon be lost at sea.

I will add this letter has caused a string of rumblings on Trastevere, and some are LCs. Most think it is seriously unwarranted given what can be observed, and the language all seem to show signs of undue influence of the upper leadership who are overcompensating for their own lack of control.

Watching--where did you find this & do you have an Italian version?

SS- It was posted on the last LC thread of Trastevere. They have gotten all the docs right so far, so I have no reason to doubt their authenticity. If the Italian shows up I will post it.

On this thread:

DELEGATUS PONTIFICIUS // Jul 31, 2010 at 23:05


To the Legionaries of Christ

Dear brothers in the Lord,
In recent days, since the publication of my appointment as Papal Delegate and the recent decree on nature of the exercise my office, I have personally met some of your religious brethren who are here in Rome and I have also received the letters from those I have written from different parts of the world. Thank you for your warm welcome, for your acts of loyalty and especially for your prayers.
With this letter I want to offer a simple clarification on some questions that may have arisen in some of you and encourage you - in the same line as does the Holy Father – “not to forget that your vocation, born from the call of Christ and animated by the ideal of being witnesses of his love in the world, is a true gift from God, a treasure for the Church, and the indestructible foundation on which to build your personal future and that of the Legion.” ; (Communiqué of May 1).
In order to calm those who have expressed concern about who exercises the lawful authority in the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement, and what is the rule governing the religious life of Legionaries in the present circumstances, I considered it appropriate , together with the director general and his council, to recall what is already established in the Decree of the Secretary of State, July 9, 2010.
1. Validity and revision of the Constitutions
Number II.9 of the Decree of the Secretary of State, July 9, 2010 requested to carry out, under my direction, the revision of the Constitutions of the Institute. However, according to general principles of law, the constitutions, legitimately adopted, remain in full force while performing this review, pending the promulgation of a new version of them. So, I wish to confirm that the constitutions (except what has been explicitly repealed) must be the guide for all Legionnaries in following Jesus Christ through the profession of religious vows. Similarly, pending any clarification, are also governed the consecrated members of the Regnum Christi.
Authority and Service of the Superior
The decree, in the number II.2 also provides that the superiors of the Institute remain in office and exercise their authority according to the norms of the Constitutions.
All religious, under the vow of obedience, are still subject to the authority of superiors under the Constitutions of the Congregation. Similarly, the consecrated members remain subject to the authority of the directors.
The work of revision and renewal, in which all members of the Legion of Christ will participate, must be based on a strong prayer life and the pursuit of holiness by faithfully follow Jesus Christ, according to what is given us in the Gospel, the tradition of religious life in the Church and the identity of the Congregation.
This path, consistent with ones vocational choice, is a new opportunity for personal conversion. It is not wanting to break free from the commitments of consecrated life, or a path of discipline or individualism, but a greater commitment to the Lord.
I invite everyone, particularly the younger members, to participate with patience in this constructive path of renewal, which requires unity of effort. One does not build the future of the congregation who seeks rupture, but who perseveres in love and union. Love always tends to unity. Mutual respect and listening encourages individual and community reflection and in this way makes room for the action of the Holy Spirit.
I also pray to the Lord for you every day to guide the path of revision and renewal we are traveling, and that it culminates with the fruits of holiness and apostolate for consecrated life in the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement. We also remember in these weeks in a special way young people who are participating in the courses of vocational discernment in the northern hemisphere. We welcome with joy all that the Lord has called them to follow more closely in this spiritual family and entrust them to the maternal protection of Mary. A special prayer goes also to the deacons who are preparing for priestly ordination on 24 December in Rome.
God bless you all and keep strong in faith and love.
Velasio De Paolis, C.S.

Sorry, but it sounds like a hoax.

I agree. I doubt he would find the time to follow all the blogs that discuss LC. The Pope has his own facebook page, but he doesnt't update it, his staff does. Perhaps Satan is taking advantage of the anonymous nature of the Internet?

LCs on trastevere are confirming the letter's validity. I doubt it could go this long as a hoax there.

Question: He wrote
"So, I wish to confirm that the constitutions (except what has been explicitly repealed) must be the guide for all Legionnaries in following Jesus Christ through the profession of religious vows. Similarly, pending any clarification, are also governed the consecrated members of the Regnum Christi.
Authority and Service of the Superior
The decree, in the number II.2 also provides that the superiors of the Institute remain in office and exercise their authority according to the norms of the Constitutions.
All religious, under the vow of obedience, are still subject to the authority of superiors under the Constitutions of the Congregation. Similarly, the consecrated members remain subject to the authority of the directors. "


But, isn't the whole point that the constitutions approved by the Vatican were pretty typical-- weren't most of the red flags buried in the thousands and thousands of norms?

So, couldn't this be a way to ease into a new, authentic form of religious life? He didn't say 'obey the norms.' He said 'obey the constitutions.'

It makes sense-- if they're still living in community you can't have NO rules--even FRAT HOUSES have (very lax) rules and systems of governence.

The norms are where all the weird stuff is, and he didn't say "live by Maciel's norms."

I could see this as an attempt to help the LCs grow into the congregation the Vatican THOUGHT they would be, instead of what they actually ARE.

Of course, I'm not an expert on the LC constitutions. Was there anything particularly wacky in them?


I hope you're right.

Otherwise, well...we're sunk -- Satan's in the driver's seat of the Church for the foreseeable future, meaning probably our lifetimes. If the Church can't stand up to these characters, she is powerless at this time.

It seems strange that we can never really tell what position the Vatican is taking in this matter. Why is that?

"A time to keep silence, and a time to speak."

Eccl 3:7

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