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A little bird -- take it or leave it.

Fair enough!

great news !!! i pick the first one.....but.. just leave and we are done? if he is guilty he should have, at least, a canonical punishment, he has to be removed from his ministry

After all LC/RC have been through - don't they deserve to know the real truth for a change?

Anon out of RC - I agree. What we'll hear from the Legion is a story of the martyr Garza....well, that or they'll throw him under the bus. Either way, the truth needs to come out. I won't rely on the LC/RC spin machine to provide it.

"After all LC/RC have been through - don't they deserve to know the real truth for a change?"
You'd think. Heck, I'd think, and half the time I'm not sure what to think beyond the basic rules of logic.

Off-topic, but I finished Moby Dick finally. I'm curious whether there's a good study guide somewhere? I started to look at what the professional critic says in the introduction of my copy, but it was a stern reminder that many modern academics think everything is about sophistry and sex. Not that Moby Dick isn't at all about either, but at the same time they're hardly the sum of the book. And yes, there are profound things to be said about sex, but counting every line that could be read as innuendo isn't profound.

I digress... but this was off-topic in the first place, unless you want a review? I'm afraid that, actually, it'd be more a basic impression and my own thought on the end moral of the story (whether intended by Melville or read into the tale by myself, although I can make a fair argument that my reading's perfectly sensible). At least, unless I got someone or something to bounce reflections off of.

This could be good news for those of us watching and cheering every time an LC walks away from the congregation. I know a few LCs who were really high on Fr LG. If he's gone (of his own volition or kicked out) this could be the final straw for some, who will either follow their hero out or realize their hero was a schmuck and thus the bubble will burst for them.

Well, let's hope and pray!

Gone from his office or leaving the legion or leaving both legion and priesthood?

Congrats, Seeking. And don't believe what the academics say, necessarily. You could try Spark Notes for basic commentary. Beyond that, perhaps "Twentieth Century Interpretations of . . ." is a good series. I think there ought to be one devoted to Moby Dick, or at least Melville. "American Literature: The Makers and the Making" (eds. R.W.B. Lewis, Cleanth Brooks, and Robert Penn Warren) is out of print--but is an excellent textbook (I used to teach from it). Might be able to find a used copy at Amazon or somesuch. Very good commentary on Melville and Moby Dick (as well as "Bartlby the Scrivener" and "Billy Budd"). Happy reading!

How long has it been since Alvaro has been allowed to say anything publically?


Assuming Giselle's anonymous source is accurate, I would have to put my money on option #1. Option #2 is too Legionesque for me to believe because:

1) it's so disjointed. Basically, #2 is saying, "Having the best interests of the Legion in mind, Garza selflessly sacrificed himself in order to render impossible any help he could offer De Paolis. Therefore, the delegate's efforts of purifying and reforming the Legion are greatly hampered." Herioc indeed. Maybe those who still sip, swish, swirl and swallow the Kool-Aid could help us out on this one.

2) it's very similar to Maciel's "taking one for the Church" when he refused to defend himself after he was dispatched in 2006.

Original Jane,

It's unfortunate that anyone who is "high" on "Fr. G" has some serious problems that won't be solved by this character leaving regnum/legion.


Hmm.. why would the Church give him 2 weeks notice? That would give him time to start covering the money trails, hiding stuff in off shore accounts, etc. etc. etc.

I'd think it would make more sense to lock him out without prior notice. But hopefully De Paolis put monitors in place so if Garza DOES try any funny-money business on his way out, he's covered.

So when the money angle is diffused, what happens next?

For Moby Dick? Eugene Curtsinger.

It will be very interesting to see where Garza goes. I'm betting on some island where he can have easy access to all of the money he has probably squirreled away!

A side note, I just heard that my former parish is now headed by an ex Legionary. Can only remember that the last name started with an E and he was older--probably 30's--when he entered religious life.

Hi, mary ann. I took "The Novel" from Eugene Curtsinger way back at University of Dallas. Quick anecdote:

Curtsinger was calling roll and he'd call out a name and wait to hear a response like "Here" or "Present." He called out one name (And I wish I could say it was me) and there was an unnaturally long pause--long enough for Curtsinger to have to call the name again, ". . . .is that correct?" To which the response came:

"Yes. But you can just 'Call me Ishmael'. . . ."

I agree with April 15. Option #2 is crazy. Aren't the Legionaries supposed to be helping DePaolis in any way they can and reaffirming their obedience to the Pope? If Abp. DePaolis didn't want his resignation, LG should have rescinded it. Option #1 is way more believable.

Does this mean LG will also leave his position at Grupo Integer? Someone posted way back that Grupo Integer is also the Garza family nest-egg. Any ideas on what his leaving means for all the apostolates under the Integer umbrella?

"Any ideas on what his leaving means for all the apostolates under the Integer umbrella?"

My guess is that if he can't play, he's going to take his ball and go home.

Simpler version of #2 is his wings were about to be clipped as a step towards #1 and he quit before they could turn open his pockets and fire him.

April-- but...that's...INSANELY MACHIAVELLIAN...because... wouldn't that basically dissolve the Mission Network? Which would mean that RC would cease to be an international group and have to make ends meet on the Diocesan and parish level?????

Which would basically make Blasquez'z job easier.... and also serve to decouple the LC from its lay movement so that it would be easier to deal with.....

Huh. From an ease of untangling the problem POV, letting Garza take the money and run is actually a BRILLIANT move.... Because without the cash reserves, LC becomes nothing more than a minor religious order that is wayyy off the rails.....

No longer a goliath....

Huh.... interesting.... brilliant, if that's how it plays out... (Because yes, it stinks if the PTB don't get temporal punishment for their crimes (though that would then be the Mexican gov's perogrative then..)

But from a Church perspective...if the care of souls is the primary concern.... taking all the money OUT of the equation makes the whole problem a lot simpler.....

Giselle-- btw--has Xavier's post disappeared?

This best put in an email but can't find one: at Curtsinger's funeral, Fr. Bob McGuire, his friend and mine (and fellow student with me back in the day) testified that Curtsinger, on his deathbed, said that for a funeral scripture Father could read Moby Dick.

Don't get mad about the money being gone: it's only money. I agree with Deirdre that it's a great idea. Let the money guy run off with Integer money and see who still feels "called by God from all eternity" to stay in charge of a discredited order with absolutely-dutely no moolah, not even enough to buy Alvaro a clue.


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