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Every time I see this picture, I think of mExRC's reference to "Ferdinand the Bull."

That was a highlight on this blog, imo.

However, jocularity aside, I don't see how some of these guys can ever distance themselves from their "O, Best Beloved."

Dear Father Alvaro,
Thank you for posting these oh so beautiful and charitable words to assist all members of the Legion and RC to know just what we ought to think and believe with respect to our founder, whose gifts continue to give most abundantly to the Church, even despite his humanly flawed nature. Because, dear Fr Alvaro, you have been so quiet for so long, I was almost tempted to think for myself and ponder the actions of Nuestro founder. However, I took that idea before the blessed sacrament and determined that Jesus really wanted me to wait for instruction from the Legion about what I should think. I have been keeping my mind a total blank until now. Thank you for deciding for me which truth I should consider true.

Yours truly in Christ and the movement,
Holly Hayhead, RC

With regard to the text that Giselle posted in bold, all I have to say is "Thank you, legion!"

The legion has demonstrated in spades their inability to "self-reform", like having Bannon and like-minded die hards on the Constitutions Committee. Got to hand it to them....they have really helped do our job for us.

Frank l: Legion cannot "self-reform" but they can surely "self-destruct"! I have a nagging suspicion that De Paolis et al are sabotaging Legion by allowing them to measure out the very rope that will ultimately leave them hanging high in the winds of history.

With regard to Giselle's bolded text, I would ask any Legion priest or 3gf who have a picture of MacLiar, read his writings, listen to his talks or quote him while preaching, do they pray TO him? Why or why not? I think the answer would be very enlightening.

They have no shame.

To sum up, after years of knowing that Maciel was a crook and a criminal and a religious phony, after Vatican intervention that says he was completely void of religion, after countless hours spent meditating on what to do.....the Legion is going to not force people to read his works (except when his name has been removed from his words, which will be part of enforced formation still) but will allow them to, is not going to close the pilgrimage center to his hometown but will offer prayers of reparation, will not disassociate itself from him as a founder and instrument of God but will not hang up his picture. In other words, nothing is changed.

The fox declares he is a chicken, removes all pictures of foxes, demands that everyone assume fox noises are chicken noises whenever they hear them, but allows chickens to privately relate to foxes whenever they want to, especially those chickens who think foxes are their friends.

Basically, Alvaro is giving permission for all men, women, children and Catholic priests to secretly love and adore a CRIMINAL responsible for raping little boys, lying to women for sex, impregnating countless women and using funds donated to a Catholic religious organization to support him during his crime spree of 60 years for which he was never held accountable.

Fr. Alvaro, your pastoral missionary efforts would be commendable if you were a communist.

Thanks, Jeanette! We need our drill sergeant!

"In addition, these writings (Maciel's) may be used in preaching."

When I first read this I thought it was a poor translation. But no, there it is on the official RC Web site in perfect English.

Just when we think this sordid mess couldn't get any worse, out come a string of pronouncements that conclusively show that DePaolis is being hoodwinked by the LC inner circle. Just the same way that JPII was hoodwinked by Maciel.

BTW, hoodwinked isn't my word. A down-to-earth CFR friar used that word to describe Maciel's relationship with the church back in 2001. He got it right then. Unfortunately, the term applies to the current LC leaders.

I'm so teed off by this that I'd be tempted to write a post so long your eyes would glaze over. Suffice it to say, "Why?" Why would they encourage anyone to read the writings and preach from the thoughts of a serial pedophile, embezzler, etc. whom Benedict said led a life completely devoid of Catholic/Christian principles?

Maybe I should pinch myself. Maybe this is a bad dream, or an parody web posting. Tell me this isn't reality.

I wonder if Maciel is laughing in Hell because he got away with it on earth...

I'm with APR 15. Remember, the delegate stated at the outset that he was there to HELP not direct. And then, there was the letter that basically told them they were headed for a shipwreck.

These new norms are the iceberg.

The Legion cannot recover from this. It will die by attrition. It will become a byword for "Catholic Nutjob."

I guess someone had to replace the SPPX as the butt of Catholic jokes....

When "the contents of his writings" are used in preaching, will the speaker have to make mention that the works were plagiarized by MM?

"My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. In today's homily, let us reflect on the plagiarized words of our founder, whose personal dates we can no longer celebrate, whose personal writings we can no longer sell, and whose portrait we can no longer publicly display in our centers. Let us ponder these plagiarized words as we focus more deeply on Christ."

Is anyone else retching right now?

Ah, but Deirdre, some of them are being mentioned as candidates for POTUS in 2012 so watch out for that... Former Sen Santorum was involved at one point, and Jeb and Newt have been sucked in to some extent. All three have been mentioned in some places as possible candidates. yeeg, I'd hate for the Catholic world to have to beg Republicans not to vote for the "crazy uncle that escaped from the attic".

Nothing makes me want to start cursing a blue streak more than this infernal organization.

THIS group, with its deep, deep mind control, that requires its members RENOUNCE THEIR OWN JUDGMENT in favor of their superiors... NOW wants to RESPECT members' PERSONAL FREEDOM?

And for WHAT? Why this dramatic departure from protocol, from their very charism?


I hate this group. I really do. If I were pope (thank God I am not), I'd put the lot of them on a ship, push them off to sea, and sink it.

This is pretty blatent. Pretty arrogant. We see where they stand despite the pretenses. It's not a mystery anymore. Whoever stays has made an informed choice.

Correction: In some cases it may be the parents who supplant the voice of God with the voice of the LC to their children.

Giselle, did you neglect to include the words "without citing the author" to the bolded text or were they added after the fact? I think that qualification is most telling.

Loved the chicken and the fox analogy, Mary Ann. Well put.

Ugg! Alvaro looks like a teenage girl fantasizing being with her idol. Nothing against teenage girls.

Heavens, April! I took it from another source, and missed that completely -- they are stark raving nuts!

Holly Hayhead, RC, that was classic. Thank you! I'm glad it only took the Legion 22 months after the public announcement of Maciel's "mysterious ways" to determine that it would be best not to display his pictures on the walls anymore. If it takes them this long to figure out a no-brainer idea like that, how long will it take to detoxify each and every number of the constitutions and principles and norms?

You're missing the point. This latest communication shows that they will never detoxify. If anything the spirit is more alive than ever.

This isn't new. some have been spreading the "spirituality" of the movement in parishes without identifying it to non members. This has been very effective in secretly advancing the kingdom of the movement. Members can read b/w the lines and get good at that. Unfortunately that could eventually lead people to duplicity. But God is so good! He gives us the assurance that we will always have the Church and that He will be with us always.

The Legion of Christ has alreay hit its massive iceberg. They just keep sending the band to play on the deck of the sinking ship. In a few years, the Legion of Christ will be littering the ocean floor.

"The founder’s personal writings and talks will not be for sale in the congregation’s publishing houses, centers, and works of apostolate."

Darn it -- I knew we should've bought a copy of mm's "Dating and Engagement" when we had the chance!

"...not be for sale..."
Does that mean that they will be available for free?

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