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Thank you for posting this prayer from the previous thread.

Some of you may be hesitant to embrace this type of prayer. After all, it is very direct and squarely confronts the forces of evil, something we tend to water down or speak about in eloquent terms. But I can assure you that this form of prayer stands squarely with the Church and can lead to healing. I've seen the fruits of it in other situations.

Reposting my thank you from the other thread.

Thanks Truman....very powerful and true.  Just to know that some of these folks needed to be given a green light by thier superiors to carry around Maciels picture and preach his words is mind boggling.  Also to see the superiors bragging that they are giving their members personal freedom to do this is even more crazy.  I can see the conversations behind closed doors where they finally after two years of this mess decided to make a statement to take down pictures and not sell his writings and celebrate his feasts (and after 6 months from the Popes statement that he was devoid of religion, a criminal and false prophet).  There must have been a divide from folks who still wanted to honor his writings, picture etc so they made a deal to provide personal freedom to do that.  It all sounds so bizarre to me.

I now understand more how very good and smart people drank the koolaid at Jonestown.  The sad thing is Maciel did offer koolaid and it was his methodology and duplicity and is worse than physical death.  As the Pope said, he is not religious, he is fake.  I take that to mean that his actions were evil and blasphemy to our Lord.  He was given a public chance to repent many times.  I forgive and pray for his soul.

All need to break ties with him or his spirit still lives.  Thanks so much for that prayer Truman!  It is very freeing to break all ties with Maciel.

Truman, thank you again. This is powerful and certainly worth copying, printing and tucking into my bible.


Truman, thank you again for this prayer. It has been most healing for me personally.

Giselle, thank you for posting it on it's own thread.

Truman, I wonder if you can pen a version that would be intercessory for those still in. As so many have noted, this is more than anything else, a spiritual battle to free the minds and hearts of all those who have been in some way affected by MM..

Thank you, thank you, thank you! A healing prayer indeed. I needed that today! Blessings to all.

I'd like to share this short clip from Fr. Barron (not LC) on "Leaving the Church."

Many who have been hurt by the LC/RC and are also frustrated by the way the Vatican is handling (mishandling?) things now may find this helpful, at least I did.

Even though I left RC over 15 yeas ago, I found this prayer powerful and liberating.

I would like to add my vote of confidence to the concept of deliverance prayer. When someone integrates their mind and spirit with an evil source I believe that there is a curse that comes on a person even though he or she is well intentioned. It is tragic that those trapped on the inside accept that mm was evil but they continue to follow him and his teachings anyway.

So much for not publicly passing on the words of old Maciel............ I pulled This came from the Virtual RC Website today:

The Regnum Christi Apostle as a Leader of Souls

Based on Module 5 in the Getting Started Course

“The battle will be on-going. The final victory is not a matter of a day, a week, or a year. We will be fighting our whole life long.” These words from our founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel in his letter, Apostles of the New Evangelization, should echo in our minds and in our hearts at every moment, at every opportunity to further the Kingdom of God.

Such is the mindset of a Christian leader. A Regnum Christi member is a leader. Module 5 in the Getting Started Course helps us to see ourselves as the leaders we were born to be. This Module states what we all have heard but need to hear many times over. “God gives each member different talents and opportunities to exercise his or her leadership, and each is called to take advantage of them to the full. Only in that way can Regnum Christi render its unique service to the Church.”

Module 5 introduces us to four elements to effective Christian leadership. They are 1) a Vision of Faith, 2) Organization, 3) Determination, and 4) Team Work. We are given a beautiful, easy to understand “guide” to how these four elements are interdependent on one another and how, when practiced properly, they can help us to achieve our goal of reaching more souls.

Some of us may be natural leaders that already incorporate the four elements of leadership into their lives. These people are said to have a magnetic personality. Others may not have been born leaders but can develop the same skills over time. This can be achieved by being “faithful to their conscience, faithful to their friendship with Christ, and faithful to their duties and commitments in life.” (GS) These people are said to have a supernaturally magnetic personality, one that can be stronger than a naturally magnetic personality. As we read, this moral magnetism can be the difference between a good Christian leader and a great one.

“These are some of the characteristics of a Christian who really wants to help Christ in the immense task of bringing the Gospel to the whole world. But we only find in Christ himself a complete description of how an apostle should be. He is the Apostle par excellence, sent by the Father to the world (Jn 17:3), totally absorbed in his saving mission, completely identified with the wishes of his Father, and filled in the depths of his heart with an uncontainable zeal for the salvation of mankind.” (Fr. Marcial Maciel, Apostles of the New Evangelization)

Love Christ, Serve People, Build the Church

To subscribe to the Getting Started Course, please call Circle Press at 1-888-881-0729. The Course is also available in workbook form.

And if that was an oversight why is this there:
Mama Maurita: a maternal soul, a modern woman.

Fr. Juan Pablo Ledesma, LC, Postulator of the case for beatification.

Behind every great man is a great woman. Behind the formidable physique of Christ Jesus we have the grandeur of His mother, the humble handmaid of the Lord, Mary, ever-virgin. Behind Fr. Marcial Maciel, we find the sweet and discreet figure of his remarkable mother, Mama Maurita.

Who was this wonderful woman? What was her genius, her charisma? How did she live the different stages from childhood, as fiancée, then wife, widow, grandmother and finally consecrated to God in the Regnum Christi Movement? Why does she deserve to be known throughout the Church?

Maura Degollado Guízar (1895-1977), affectionately called "Mama Maurita" by the Legionaries of Christ and the members of Regnum Christi, was a simple yet marvelous Mexican woman. One of her children, now Fr. Marcial Maciel, in his book Christ is My Life recalls:

“My mother taught us to see God´s hand in everything that happened in our lives, the pleasant and the painful. A loving hand that led us to Him by the most unexpected of paths. What we could never question was God or His love. She also taught us to discover His creating power in nature, made by Him out of love for us. Sometimes when we were out with her, she would stop in front of a simple wildflower and say, ‘Look, children, how much God loves us.’ And she would teach us how to recognize the flower´s beauty in its color, its shape, its perfume... It all spoke to her of God´s love and power and wisdom.”

After her death, a great number of testimonies have told
countless tales of her consideration for others and of personal transformation brought about through relationships with her. Numerous stories of favors attributed to her intercession have also arrived. Therefore, our postulation was requested, as established by the norms of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, for the introduction of her case for beatification on June 27, 1993. The petition was presented to the authority of Archbishop Manuel Pérez-Gil González in Tlalnepantla, (Mexico City); the diocese in which the Servant of God finished her earthly sojourn. The Roman Congregation, after an attentive study of the documentation, gave the its nihil obstat for the promulgation of the decree which opened, on January 15, 1995, the diocesan process on the life and virtues of the Servant of God Maura Degollado Guizar. On November 24, 2000, in its Ordinary Congress, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints decreed the validity of the diocesan process.

Now our postulation has begun the elaboration of the Positio, the set of documents that must be presented in Rome for examination in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. This Positio, will contain all the evidence from the diocesan process, plus a critical study on the heroism in virtue of this Servant of God and any other complementary documentation.

What a woman was Mama Maurita! As a young girl, she was extraordinary in the ordinary roles of daughter, sister, student and playful friend; she recieved her First Communion at only age seven. She wanted to become a nun, but in obedience to her parents and her uncle, Blessed Bishop Rafael Guízar y Valencia, discovered the will of God calling her to married life. Thus she was exceptional also as a fiancée, wife and mother of 14 children! Beyond mere duty, she was involved in the foundation of the Parochial Committee of Catholic Action which withstood the Mexican religious persecution of the 1920´s. During the Cristero War, Mama Maurita had to courageously defend her daughters, with a rifle in hand! After caring for her husband, Don Francisco Maciel, during his nine years of painful agony, she remained a widow for 27 years. On June 16, 1977, six months before she died, she consecrated her life to God in the Regnum Christi Movement. She left this world on Christmas Day that same year. Her remains lie in Cotija, Mexico, and her tomb is an oft frequented site of pilgrimages for priests and lay people from all
over the world.

The most characteristic note of Mama Maurita’s life is precisely that enchanting nature with which she adorned her Christian charity. She was known to say "Just living the Holy Gospel is what I call Christian life". Out of love for God she helped the poor, the sick, the socially undesirable and the dying. She expressed her charity with words and action. The practice of speaking well of others was connatural to her; and she rigorously prohibited any gossiping in her presence. It was indisputably in this family atmosphere, wherein matured the priestly vocation of one of her children, Father Marcial Maciel, Founder of the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement.

Mama Maurita was a maternal soul, invested with a great mission and a profound message for our 21st century. Her life was a luminous testimony of God in the contemporary world which represents for all of us, and particularly for women, a strong stimulus to live out one’s vocation to holiness. As a modern woman, her exemplary life has an immense appeal, and provides a convincing testimony to today´s women. She is a "new figure" in the Church who deserves to be known.

John Paul II does not err when he writes:

“In recent years the number of canonizations and beatifications has increased. These show the vitality of the local Churches, which are much more numerous today than in the first centuries and in the first millennium. The greatest homage which all the Churches can give to Christ on the threshold of the third millennium will be to manifest the Redeemer´s all-powerful presence through the fruits of faith, hope and charity present in men and women of many different tongues and races who have followed Christ in the various forms of the Christian vocation” (Tertio Millennio Adveniente #37).
"Comes with a lovely picture of Mother and Son."

Ugg! the poor woman to have a son like that. She is certainly not a St. Monica.

JPII wrote "In recent years the number of canonizations and beatifications has increased. These show the vitality of the local Churches." Weeeell, maybe.

Mother Teresa, in one of her lighter moments, is reportrd to have said, "Hurry up and die. The pope is making everyone a saint!"

Maggie--- I find it interesting that Maciel said that the idea RC member is "completely identified with the wishes of his father" and then had them call him "Nuestro Padre."

If someone is "completely identified" with the wishes of Maciel and has decided to fight for Maciel's cause for his entire life, how can they hope to disentangle from LC/RC.

Again and again, this site hammers home that only divine aid will suffice. No human, or even Vatican effort will free these trapped souls-- it's up to the Holy Spirit.

Ohh-- I think the idea is that the popes have been seeking out more local and regional saints (Like Mother Guerin here in Indiana), who might have been overlooked in the past-- to help Catholics around the world see that you don't have to live in Italy to be a saint... that there ARE saints among us, unnoticed.

JPII had lowered the standards for canonization during his pontificate. In January of 2008, Bertone (? I think) said in an interview that Benedict XVI had re-raised the standards it's in Sandro Magister's chiesa espresso online dossier. He made some interesting comments, considering you-know-who was on his deathbed

"When someone integrates their mind and spirit with an evil source I believe that there is a curse that comes on a person even though he or she is well intentioned."- Dilbert

You have put into words something I've pondered alot. I believe there is simply no level of involvement with L/R that is safe from this element of evil, no matter the good intentions of certain individuals. I have described it as something dark, something diabolical. "Curse" is a good word for it too. This is why I feel it's best to cut all ties with those still in RC. I can still nod and say hello politely at mass, but I don't care to involve myself in any deeper discussions than that, at least not until these individuals I know inform me that they have indeed left RC completely.

I add my thanks to Truman for this well-written and much-needed prayer.

"Such is the mindset of a Christian leader. A Regnum Christi member is a leader...[There are] four elements to effective Christian leadership. They are 1) a Vision of Faith, 2) Organization, 3) Determination, and 4) Team Work."

Dear, God! This is horrific. This is AMWAY or Scientology, not Christianity. And to equate Christian leadership with leadership of an organized apostolate! So many saints are now disqualified!

I guess Jesus had it all wrong with his talk about trust, humility, patience, and love for others.

i am reminded by the subterfuge which is prevelent in LC/RC, how they conduct their business in parishes, how they recruit for the movement disguising it as genuine catholicity, that groups who dabble significantly in the occult disguise their M.O. as being a service org. or an organization for the betterment of mankind. For the most part Occult means something secret, for the initiated. What kind of teachings they add on are not as important as the secrecy of it, the exclusiveness of it.
If this part of LC/RC is allowed to continue with the full backing of the church is it possible that in time LC/RC could become stronger than ever? If this is so, and it has been brought up here time and again, the church is playing a very dangerous game, offering itself in humility to the leadership, trusting the true church to begin to alchemize the process by which the remnant of LC/RC might ever become truly Catholic. Is the church WAY over their head? Remains to be seen.

Alchemize meaning convert, as alchemy is an occult term in and of itself, so lets just say full, true, conversion to the Catholic way of life for the religious and for the laity. Just like most of us average Joe's go throught.

In the last few weeks, there are some very difficult to understand and worrisome contrary messages coming out of this mess. How can this movement be “sound” when the only “freedom” allowed, is to study the founder, who is a “false prophet”? How can an order be “sound” if its leaders allow preaching the “false prophet” as long as the “false prophet’s” name is not mentioned? How can a “false prophet”, even remotely, be part of a “sound” order? Is using the teachings in subterfuge of a “false prophet” the clear Charism that the delegate talked about?

This makes no sense. Is there any precedent of this in 2000 years? Vaticanese aside, didn’t Christ say to mean yes when saying yes, and no when saying no? I agree with you Bruce, allowing this kind of confusion opens the possibility of all sorts of mischief, especially considering that these people still control $billions. It is clear that by now no Charism is going to emerge from the Delegate or any of the remaining leaders. This outfit needs to be stopped now, for the good of those strapped in it and the rest of the Church.

i guess in my own roundabout way i am begining to see Gregorbo's idea of evil as being quite sound. LC/RC on the face of things does not give me pause in terms of fear, it is what has a hold of it and the church. And once again, the church could not be more vulnerable. it would be quite diabolical in as you say Tom, the measure of confusion being more than just a little alarming.

Deirdre I think Mother Theodore Guerin, sp, is a wonderful new saint. I'm not so happy with Escriva and I'm VERY grateful that nuestro fraude didn't die 10 years sooner or the legion might be selling his statue today. The full process and at least a couple of decades AFTER a persons death is a good idea.

Bruce and Tom,

Remember...the recent letter from Corcuera was approved by the Papal Delegate. So, the Pope's representative approved...I can't imagine it getting more discouraging than that.

In the LC constitution and norms there are really wierd directives re/ MM -- like how many Masses needed to be said by each Legionary upon MM's death. this was prior to the polygamy scandals. Another norm was that MM was to be General Director for life and that his portrait/ photo was to hang in every house, everywhere. I have wondered since reading this powerful prayer given by Truman if there is not some part of a ritual, diabolic "deal" that MMs image wss to be carried by his followers, as if it were a talisman or lucky rabbit foot. The terms of a Luciferian way of binding may require the likeness of Maciel in every house, so to "keep the power" these pictures are still "allowed" -- probably secretly stashed. Good Lord, deliver us! We should each say that prayer in spiritual adoption for someone who is still in the Legion that the binding be broken, by the power of God.

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