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Why were the teachers told LAST WEEK that the school would open in the fall?

The Gala Auction is scheduled for this Saturday. If I were a donor, I would expect my donation to be returned.

Gateway was the great pioneer of RC driven methodology leading the way. Now it is left high and dry. I hear Royal Palm Academy saw the departure of the LCs from the school there too.
Indeed, look at those fruits!

Hope the LC's don't try and sell the land. Remember that the Indian mounds are in the back. we were told NEVER to mention that to anyone. Guess ALL the secrets are out now.

The Legion built a school on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground? Seriously???? Because, I've seen several versions of this movie, and it NEVER ends well......

Look on the bright side. At least they'll close at the end of the year instead of 2 weeks prior.

BTW-- Missouri, like every other state, has laws about these things:

Basically, if you know you have Indian burial mounds on your property, you HAVE to have them excavated by the state. No wonder the diocese is unable to get involved.


Is there any law these guys HAVEN'T broken?

So, Gateway is closing but the Legionaries, on paper, own everything. Which means they will recoup something and the parents and families of RC will be left high and dry. Wow. That's thanks indeed. Let the little people do all the work but when you rank the rug (that they wove, mind you) from under their feet, ask them only to pray for YOUR continued success--for the Jesus.

Makes me sick.

And the depths of Maciel's depravity continue to manifest themselves and the RC faithful will, by and large, simply cry and then carry all the water.

Well, Maciel's methodology is proven effective.

"rank" = yank

Carlos Slim had an increase of $20 billion in assets this past year. Wonder if the Legion helped him attain that goal at all?

Jim Fair quoted on

"The level of deterioration of our financial situation wasn't clear, and some difficult decisions have had to be made fairly recently . . . "

Wasn't clear????

Greg, whether it's rank or yank, it's a typical LC tactic to pull out and leave the troops hanging. The "Universal Church" excuse gives them leave to hose the local sections with nary a complaint from those members. Unbelievable.

(BTW this incident isn't the Legion's fault. There was a woman trying to close the school and an anti-Catholic press in the area willing to give her an ear. Those are the REAL culprits).

And let's not forget all the disgruntled, bitter ex members going around like roaring lions seeking the destruction of Fr Alvaro!

As for the parents (and the kids!) left high and dry at the school, as well as the reglegcorp "faithful" (sales force) who are waiting for a specific order from the Pope for them to get a life -- and also in regard to the recent statement from the Cardinal -- we are beginning to question what really can be done to help people see the light -- and act on it.

It's like the accidents where the accelerator "stuck". The studies showed that the accelerators didn't stick in most cases. The people hit the wrong pedal -- the accelerator instead of the brake. You can't build a car that protects people from making stupid mistakes.

And you can't structure the Church to protect people from frauds like reglegcorp. People have free will -- they're choosing to be defrauded and exploited. (Of course, in many cases, those who are still in are the exploiters themselves.)

Archbishop O'Brien and other bishops spoke up. The Vatican slapped down the criminal pervert "founder". It would be nice if the Vatican would get rid of the whole reglegcorp mess by dissolving it, suppressing it, or whatever else needs to be done to deliver us from this corrupt entity that is exploiting the Church for fun and profit.

But even then, there would still be die-hards who lack whatever it takes to leave the wreckage.

If there are still people who persist in thinking it's OK to be in reglegcorp -- what can you do? You can't keep them from destroying themselves.

"[Abraham] said to him, 'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced if some one should rise from the dead.'"

Lk 16: 31

The "Fish Tank" has closed in St. Louis thanks to all of those locally and elsewhere that have been courageous enough to come forward and expose the LC publicly.

Undoubtedly, there are many factors contributing to their closure but there was a real effort by many people in the St. Louis area to get the truth out about the LC/RC. All of them are faithful Catholics that tried to keep the matter inside the Church. This was not effective since Catholics were continuing to be recruited and children sent off to their apostolic schools, coworker program, etc.. No one had a beef with Gateway, only it's association with the LC/RC.

I feel like we are in the final chapter of the Wizard of Oz.

I hope the story ends with Archbishop Carlson issuing a ban on ALL LC/RC activity in St. Louis.

The Legion has shown time and time again that it is a for-profit business that sells religion.

I am so grateful that the good monks at St. Louis Priory will be spared any possible scandal by their generous offer to help what they thought was an independent Catholic school.

Believe it or not, but the parents and teachers really were blindsided by this closure. They had been led to believe (or at least not corrected in their belief) that the monks were taking over the school, and it was going to become a Benedictine institution. Now, where did they get that idea?

The teachers were crying yesterday afternoon, and I have a mental picture of what the scene must have looked like. After all, just last week, they were told that school would be opening next year.

Many parish schools are full, and the private schools are sending out acceptance letters this week. I do believe that all attempts will be made to help out the families who need to find a school. It's a shame that other schools have more compassion for GA families than GA does.

"Freetobe" is so right that many people have come forward in an attempt to get out the truth. It's hard to believe that such a small school has caused so much division. This is only the first step in the healing process.

Regarding the Indian mounds, they are located in the bluffs that are on the back of the school property. The proper authorities did know about them, and the school was told not to build there and to keep people out. Many years ago some classes would explore the Indian dwellings as part of an assignment, but then they stopped. I thought the caves were considered unsafe. I don't know if they were officially excavated or not.

I know that we were not supposed to go back there. I question whether the Legion has the authority to consider that tract of land as available for sale with the rest of the land.
The families of Gateway and most of the staff were always "good, Godly people"but those same good people could not see past the rhetoric and the formulas given to be "better than the rest".
Sometimes, "ya just can't fix stupid".

The Modus Operandi for the Legion was to take all the donations from parents and donors to buy properties, including schools and seminaries like Thornwood, then to refinance them to the hilt, taking out cash and transferring the cash to Grupo Integer in Mexico. After 45 years in America not a single property has been paid off! Not one! Not even Cheshire! All properties have huge mortgages, which accelerated over the past few years when the top dogs must have known that the jig would soon be up, so they took the money and ran.

" they took the money and ran."

Just so everyone is clear on tru's last point, especially those still inside the beast, that's called stealing.

Tru: You are right. Properties all over the world are mortgaged to guarantee loans for building of new schools. That was Luis Garza master plan of investment from 2000 onwards. But he did not take into account the MM factor.

tru: The issue of all properties having mortages is not entirely accurate. Cheshire was certainly paid off at one point, so was Orange, and possibly Mt. Kisco. However I am sure they all stand in collateral for existing debt on Thornwood and other places.

However schools are another matter. The LC assumes control of land once it is debt free, leaving operating debt of the school to the local board. I hope the land interests were properly signed over to the school when the LCs left. If not a grave injustice is occurring.

Let's just hope that the next LC school that closes is Canyon Heights Academy in Campbell, CA.

The principal is already serving as a principal at another school in the Bay Area, Wellspring Academy.

Most school principals have their hands full with one school...seems like a nice fall back position if CHA closes.

Scipio, I think you mean that it was part of Garza's "Ponzi scheme" and I wonder if he knew the jig would be up at some point; maybe he should have read "Peter's Evil Overlord list".

Maciel missed 12, 17, 18, 19, 22, 26, 64, and 69.

and Garza missed 17, 21, 22, 24, 29, 34, 37, 49, 54, 55, 61, 71, 92, and obviously 100.

sorry, here's the link:

from Dungeons A and B: 102, 109, 121 OBVIOUSLY, 127, 132!, 133?, 137, 147, oooh gotta hand it to Garza, he managed 151 all right, 166, 187, 188, 199, 208, and 220

Reposting Cynic's March 9, 2010 post that hit the major Evil Overlord theme (Nemesis):

"Fools! Of COURSE we obtained multiple death certificates! We had to get our hands on that money before NP's kids got it! And there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. Our RC followers will NEVER ask us about it, they ALWAYS trust us!The church will never TOUCH us, the lawful authorities will NEVER touch us, we have enough imbecilic bishops and pastors to support us, we are INVINCIBLE!!"

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