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As a scifi fan, I think this is the better graphic!

Beyond parody, indeed. It makes one stand back in sadness and horror, as if watching someone who has been invaded by the body snatchers.

Seriously, at this point I'd be shocked if ANYONE hoping for reform stayed--- I mean, they've been labeled "dissidents" and are being equated with terrorists!

On the other hand, if the goal is to get RC people to abandon financial and vocational support for the Legion, then this speech is brilliant. It basically signals that no change or reform is coming, that the Legion is inextricably joined to Maciel's legacy.

If the goal is to shut down the lay movement before suppressing the order (remember, Peter Vere used to say that was the safest way to avoid schism), then this is precisely the message the delegate SHOULD be sending to sap the will of lay supporters.

Of course, that's more machiavellian than I'd expect from the Vatican....

"legitimate superiors"

What was Benedict thinking when he appointed this complete moron as delegate to the reform.

Well, with his "guidance", they are certain to end up as the most pathetic and useless order of Catholic priests in history.

You are right, Giselle. It's time to enjoy summer and take the telescope off this shipwreck.

I don't think I can even imagine what an LC dissident might look and sound like... I've never met one. In my limited experience, all of the LC priests I've ever known were either "all in" or "all out." I wonder if we're able to friend them on Facebook...

The RC men in my parish are now working with our priest to reinvigorate the adult faith formation programs. They do this apostolate with a straight face. When pressed with the apparent uninterrupted reign of all of MM's cronies still ruling over all things LC, one particularly lucid response was: "Yeah. I don't understand that at all. But the local LC priests are really great."

If not Facebook, do you think some of the dissidents might be lurking on Google+???? I would love to see some of these guys.

Well, there they go, exercising that "radical autonomy and individualism" that MM warned about.

The cardinal has a conflict in interest to keep a lid on the truth regarding the extent of the Vatican corruption while trying to reform the LCs of the same corruption. He needs to go. He seems to put the need to protect the Vatican finances before the real task at hand which for me is the prototypical conflict of interest. Plus he is shooting high, really high. He will never be a Pope if he burns JP II's memory on a public stage.

Why does the Cardinal criticize reformers just before Alvaro & friends might step down? is this his way to send a signal that a reformer will not get accepted as the next leader? sure looks that way...

Whatever...the priests that I know who left are not "dissidents" but are real, honest priests who are willing to follow Christ wherever He leads. This division has to end. It is sick and so Maciel. If I was still in, I would run for the doors now. This is so divisive and sad. Reform does not mean bringing down those "dissidents" who left...many of whom had very good feedback to their brothers for real reform. Someone please listen to these "dissidents" before the whole thing falls apart. They have another perspective which is healthy and helpful.

I agree with you, Deirdre, in your second guess of Card. DeP's strategy: the speech is brilliant. Only time will give us the fullness of true intention and strategy, but all of DeP's public speeches re. the Legion have been, IMHO, simply dripping with irony, even sarcasm. This is one of his best, so far as irony. And the effect? Time passes. The Legion's top brass gets more smug and filled with hubris and those who know the reality of this evil "Invisible Empire" are struck to the heart with doubt and dismay. We may well weep, if there is no irony and if Card. deP is sincere in his castigation of the "dissidents." But the effect will be what is desired by the Holy Father -- they will leave the Legion. Recall how B16 has dealt with other corruptions in the Curia -- he has simply eliminated the office, or cut the legs out from support. I believe that this speech was a strategic one and the irony is subtle but exquisite. I loved your sci-fi image, Deirdre! Let us, indeed, hope for the very outcome that you predicted: Seriously, at this point I'd be shocked if ANYONE hoping for reform stayed--- I mean, they've been labeled "dissidents" and are being equated with terrorists!

But justice, do you think you know more than the Pope? Please, note my sarcasm. When I read your comment I could just hear the RC supporters saying that.

Seriously, this is very disheartening...just another sign of just how out of step with the real world the Vatican is. And this isn't to say that it's "above" the world in the sense that it sees with the eyes of God and is acting out of a sense of knowing what is better with regard to eternity, but in the sense that they are all in their own ivory towers without a real sense of what goes on in the pews of the ordinary parish, and the damage that is being done to many, many souls.

Very, very disheartening.

I'm not a supporter of women priests, but sometimes I do think that many of these problems would be resolved if the Vatican weren't such a boys club and if there weren't such an environment of protecting each other and helping each other not lose face.

And how does CNA report this with a straight face? I am beginning to suspect something going behind the scenes at NCRegister/EWTN/CNA. They seem to give the Legion a free pass more often than not.

Brilliant irony or strategy aside, in terms of freedom of conscience within the community, what's the difference between De Paolis and Maciel? Instead of brilliance, how 'bout a little candor?

observer, I wish I could share Marigold's enthusiasm. But I don't. I look at the facts. DePaolis is a financial expert. He's far from being a psychological wizard of sorts and less likely to "see" the sickness of the structure. I've heard my own parish priest, who has no love for the Legion, exclaim, "they sure no how to fundraise. would like to know their secret." And that my friends, is it in a nutshell. The big boys are after the money making machine and they were hoping the poor saps would solve their own problems. DePalois didn't expect an exodus, so he's a little miffed since he's failing at preserving the beautiful golden calf. It's only my opinion. Not a positive one. But the only one that makes sense given that they shut down investigation into wrongdoing. Good grief, these men need some women around the house.

I found some relief by posting a comment to CNA's article, which is best done here:

As per The Program, "take what you like and leave the rest:"

On the other hand, I commend Tom Hoopes for the maturity of this post.

In light of the previous link, time and exposure to other reading material (outside approved channels) works its own wonders eventually.

Wow, Giselle! The PJM post really IS like a "how to deal with a hardcore RC member!"

I especially liked this:
Their unexamined premises and their overwhelming desire for affiliation with their tribe are understandable, and not everyone has the temperament or inclination to think for him-or-herself. They’re like prisoners trapped in a dungeon, unable to escape.

Ummm, re Giselle's post; Did anyone else read Rush's interview with Andrew Breitbart last month and go, "wowwwwww, sounds familiar.."?

Polish Pilgrim I went to CNA's link that you provided but I did not see your comment.

A friend shared this with me about how bad the "dissidents" are being treated....

"It's worse... three "dissidents" on the faculty in Rome are all being transferred to remote places around the world.  "The spirit of the Founder" lives on!"

Well, you can't have those "dissidents" influencing the young with their crazy ideas!

Did anyone else think that DePaolis's comments on the dissidents sounded suspiciously like the complaints of the Athenians against Socrates? What's next? Hemlock?

Or is Depaolis just insisting that the Legionaries continue living an unexamined life? Can we get a few Jesuits in here to help the process along, please? Socratic dialogue seem like what the Legion NEEDS.

Soooo, Scipio is a Reaver, I guess.

DePaolis' statement seemed to be written by Garza. I wonder if they really have the cardinal tied up in a storage closet somewhere and are issuing letters on his behalf ...

Jeannette--I like it! Reavers versus the Legionaries who become so Serene they just lay down and die.....

Does that make Giselle River Tam?

May I acknowledge a slight flutter of the pectoral region when I realised that I was contributing to the "structural contamination" of the Legion. Reminds me of the review of my women's magazine back in the 1990's, when Catholic World Report called it a "samizdat publication." I can die happy!

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