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Thank you so very much from all of us lost at St Brendans.
For those of us who know nothing about mind control,brainwashing or CULT.
OR never heard of L/C or R/C and now they have taken over our Church!!
Please use Left hand side and read these articles that are the TRUTH.And go to REGAIN website and LAW suits by L/C nasty business.
Just to let everyone know what you are dealing with.

I have never seen such FAKE SMILES in all my life as I have at St Brendans.These people seem SO SWEET and so FALSE.
Wolves in Sheep clothing.

READ, READ ,READ here and educate yourselves and protect your kids and yourself.L/C have hurt so many people and done so much damage in EVERY State they have got their foot in.
They are BANNED in how many Dioceses??????? by Bishops who want to protect their sheep.

Be Not Afraid.Fr Maciel even fooled JP2.So they will fool you.But they have an agenda and its not to help you.
The Bishop needs to put them in POOR Parish not with the ELITE in St Brendans.

St Michael the Archangel defend us in the day of battle.Be our safeguard against the wickedness and the snares of the devil.

Jesus how can you leave us all ALONE with no one to defend us.?????
We are helpless.
Please pray for all of us in turmoil as THEY dance in the streets with joy.

They will NEVER leave not in 3 years thats a joke they will be in St Brendans forever.

St Brendan's parishioners,
Welcome, and I'm sorry you have to be here. We're here to help you. If you have a specific question, just ask. If it's big enough, Giselle will turn it into a separate post. But since this post is already long and a little farther down the page by now, it might be best to ask on one of the most recent posts. Most questions have been answered at one point or another, but there are always new ex-members in need of recovery so that we're re-answering questions all the time. No problem.

Some resources: for an idea of what Consecrated Virgins Living in the World are supposed to look like. They differ from 3gfs.
"Vows of Silence", both the book and DVD. Jason Berry's conclusions in the book are a little leftish for me, but his research and sources are impressive. Maciel covers the second half of the book but it was written before the truth came out in 2006 (and yes, I mean 2006. The LC leadership didn't admit the truth until 2009, but the Vatican acted and spoke in 2006, so everyone who DIDN'T think Pope Benedict was a modern-day Pontius Pilate recognized the truth May 19, 2006)

There are also the Vatican statements of May 19, 2006 and May 1, 2010.

Posted by: Jeannette | March 13, 2012 at 04:45 PM
I also found comfort from Ezekiel 34.

This is your time to be Mary. Keep a watchful eye but above all, keep your faith. Educate yourselves by reading the side bar and google Legionaries of Christ cult and scandal. Looks like the deacon got them in without a vote. Let them take the parish and flatter each other. All that pretending will get old after awhile.

Thank you Jeannette.

So what exactly is a Consecrated is that a 3GF.
They will do Activities the girls group.
At this point EVERYONE in a Leadership role is R/C.
I am reading helpful articles here on left Steve Hassans"Freedom of Mind center"He is the expert in USA on CULTS and he does say L/C is a CULT

We are sure getting a lot of information.We are getting not just an order but a CULT and Masters in mind control.We are not equipped for ANY of this.I have to leave and get my children out.
There is no one to talk Deacon is R/C also so his MIND is thr same.

"a web of lies that allowed this toxic entity to grow"

Did someone say toxic? More on that here:

Also an excellent piece by Mark Shea on the spiritual mop-up effort:

"He designed the robot so well that it went lumbering on defending him even after he was dead — because organizational systems, like computers, don’t do what we want them to do. They do what they are designed to do"

"Father Maciel perverted his charism to fool people into trusting him and then organized those people into a phalanx of defenders. He understood the Number One Rule of the Con Man is that a con man does not fool people. He gets people to fool themselves."

Unfooling takes a long while when the fooling is planned and thorough.

Lost, 3gf's are not "consecrated". They call themselves "consecrated" but they're very different than "real" Consecrated Virgins. The Church views their private promises benignly, and they can consider themselves privately to be "consecrated" to Christ, but their vows are not permanent like Consecrated Virgins.

Please educate children on "red flags" for adults' behavior. One aspect of the 3gf's "spiritual direction" (where bishops have banned sd with children, they call it "formation dialogue" I'm told) that's disturbing is that when they attempt to get children to confide in them, unprompted, it's one of the things that the "safe environment" training warns against. "Do you want to discuss things you aren't comfortable telling your parents?" was something that caused a friend of mine to pull her daughters out of Challenge. It wasn't that her daughter might have secrets; it wasn't that her daughter might have a confidante. It was that someone she didn't even know (this 3gf whose VIRTUS status was unclear, from the neighboring diocese) was forcing her way in demanding to know the girl's secrets! Hello?. When the mother confronted them, they had NO respect for her concerns even though Church teaching is clear on a parent's primary role in their child's catechesis and formation.

This example demonstrates that you have to know Church teachings, and you have to be able to be very specific about what the problem is. Another example: they probably won't directly tell lies about people who disagree with them, but you'll definitely hear false innuendo. If you accuse them of lies, they'll be able to indignantly deny it.

Just a conspiratorial thought, I wonder whether the archbishop decided to give LC a parish so that exactly what is happening now does happen, ie other RCs moving into one parish so as to concentrate LCD/RC in one area.....just a thought. There seem to be other unsettled parishes in Atlanta where there is a mix of RC and non RC members not getting on and this would be one solution of dealing with complaints about RC LC involvement in parishes.

Giselle or anyone,
Is it safe for my children to stay here for their CCD classes?????????????.They changed to K4J from the year before.Is that L/C

What about Teenage girl to go on a Life Teen retreat over the Summer.
It is not L/C its LIFE TEEN.Is this a R/C Apostolate.??????????
Also is there a list of L/C DISGUISE names eg Familia,Fashion show.I just want to know.

If I continue to stay here it will be a full time job to keep these SHARKS away.
So Giselle would you run.We can actually WALK to St Brendans.

This website is all Regnum Christi, and I think the priority apostolates for them:

If the children are going to participate, the difficulty is one of trust. Many of these programs are ostensibly lovely -- just what we've wanted to help form our children. With older children, it is good to set boundaries about what can be discussed privately with the leaders, and it would be hoped that the kids talk openly with their parents about what questions were asked, especially in one-on-one chats about prayer life, etc.

With younger children, it's tricky because they cannot really remember or relate what was said/asked, so they're a little more vulnerable. It's not that they're being taught poor doctrine (quite the reverse) but the dangers come in when there are statements about their obligations to God, and little guilt trips are planted. The results are either alienation from God later, or scrupulosity in the sensitive. Tampering with souls is a dangerous business, and that's what parents have found problematic for years.

Recruitment has been a mainstay of this group from the outset -- which explains its rapid growth. But, recruiting as a mission for kindergardeners goes nutty when each child is to bring a friend to the next K4J meeting -- and a subtle shunning takes place when Sarah cannot find a chum. Imagine her envy when Madison finds two and gets the best stickers as a reward! Little games like these abound, and kids have no idea what's happening.

Dear Friends at St. Brendan's -- You are not alone; none of us has been left without friends, at least not for long. Many of us have long been at the task of stripping the lies from this benevolent-seeming facade of this organized business-enterprise, posing as religion. Please remember that every one of those three LC priests is someone's lost son; they don't take losers, but gifted young men from good families, who have not got a clue of what they are up against. Pray for them. But don't let them get your children. Strengthen your home life, the Domestic Church. God will not abandon you, as many of us on this blog can testify -- and I'm one of the more "fringe" members!

About K4J: as someone pointed out a while back, if you change the "4" for its upper-case symbol, guess what you've got? Yep! The kids and Jesus rake in lots and lots of money for the LC/RC!

Lost in St Brendans
My daughter has been "consecrated" for quite a few years now (or thought she was until she found out last year that it was not recognized by the church. She gave up all her money and has had absolutely none of her own. She does not buy her own clothes or have much in the way of decision making power. She took a solemn promise of obedience and is fully dependent upon RC to provide every one of her needs. She has none of the safeguards that religious sisters have, i.e. no provision for security, no provision for her senior years, no health insurance and she could be terminated without any notice and have zero assets. She idolized Fr Maciel when he was alive. After he died, the leaders knew about his secret life but still kept up the pretense he was a saint and she continued to believe that. Her information was controlled. Her mail was opened and read before she got it. Her telephone calls were monitored. I understand that she had to reveal all to her director, who was also her spiritual director for years (contrary to canon law) and was not allowed to have any particular friends inside or outside RC. She was only allowed home for two days a year until the Vatican stepped in. If she were to leave there no other group would recognize her consecrated state. she is not able to clearly identify what her charism is but she is convinced that they must have one. That is what "consecrated" RC style is like. Guard your daughters.

Thank you so much Gisellre and MariGold.
I am just back from Adoration.So happy to see your post.We are NOT ALONE we have you all that are there to support us.

I have posted a few times and was a Legionary for more than a few years. K4J can be quite dangerous and the reason why is that the kids really get caught into all really good catholic things (saints, sacraments), but what really is behind this is this word "integration," I can't remember if there are older youth, teens who work with them on a constant basis or a regular basis, but there should be some supervision of these little ones (at least by they are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades) by youth (6th grade and older). These little ones look up to the older kids tremendously; one big example is Leadership training program which the attendees are K or 1st through 4th and they are led by 7th graders through high schoolers. Especially the young boys look up to the older boys. This is all good outside of the Legionary methodology/integration, but inside it.... I can tell you, they are starving for vocations now. The integrated older ones will visit Cheshire/apostolic schools (minor seminaries). See, the Legion does not know how to approach vocations like the Holy Spirit would want them; it's a complete business or communist youth way. I can say more, but hopefully this helps a lot.

Blogger Erin Martin maintains a list of Legion apostolates:

K4J has summer camps. Watch out for sly campaigns for summer camps. The LC-RC prepare packets on how to run the camp, etc. The LCs won´t staff all of them but you can be sure they will show up and get their work done anyway.

They changed "spiritual direction" to "formation dialogue" A LONG TIME AGO because of concerned parents especially those who were home schoolers who were bright enough to see the stuff behind the fluff. Even in their apostolic schools they use formation dialogue although we all know what they do... this is what comes out of the meetings of superiors: not protecting children and families but morphing their terminology to deceive and confuse.

Everything written here can be echoed within every parish and every school run by the Legionarirs of Christ and Regnum Christi members. The same manipulation and misuse of your love for the Catholic Church will be twisted into a sick idolizing of Legionaries. Take note, Integral Formation™ will confuse your children's mind. Many, many families who are not RC, yet have chosen to educate their children in Legionary run schools have fallen under the spell and are completely unaware. They are destroying their children's educational future and more importantly jeopardizing their children's faith.

If you love your family and your children, RUN as fast as you can and as far as you can from the Legionaries of Christ and their Regnum Christi members.

The organization is a cult!

Happy in Diocesan Life: what was the primary reason for your leaving the Legion?

My advice to the good folks at St Bendans is to read the Vatican communique that was released after the Apostolic Visitation of the Legion of Christ. It outlines both the pro's and con's, what needs to be reformed, and what is good.

And make up your own minds.

Re:the uptick in numbers of visitors to Life After RC-

Back in 2009, I sent a long letter to my bishop about my RC experience and the negative effects I saw in my personal faith, my family, my parish and the LC school. I urge newcomers to this site to document their experiences and send them to your bishop. Your bishop may have no idea how bad the situation is unless you tell him. It frustrates me that people will complain or vent here but won't tell the shepherd of their diocese about their concerns or experiences.

I believe our bishops will start to take notice if enough members of their flock inform them. Don't be afraid to write him!

I know many regulars here have written their bishops, but for newcomers to Life After RC, it's important for you to keep your bishop informed.

Maybe when enough Catholics notify their bishops, they'll finally see past the shiny show of orthodoxy to the true nature of this group.

And for members of St. Brendan's, I also encourage you to write Abp Wilton Gregory about your concerns with the Legion in your parish. If you decide to stay at St. Brendans, inform Abp WG if you witness anything problematic with the Legion or their RC follower.

****, Sure but let them fix the cons before they recruit children. Friends put in writing that they did not want their child to receive any spiritual direction at a Regnum-connected school, and yet the attempt was made to enroll their daughter silently. Fortunately she told her parents and they were out at year end.

Jane is totally correct. Write to the Archbishop and DOCUMENT anything problamatic. Tell your friends to do the same, and keep a copy of your complaints.

May God keep you from all harm and bless you!

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