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TW issued the statement or LC prepared the statement for TW to issue or????? The shunning unsurprising. Gee. TW may get treated like everyone else after all, and like he treated so many.

How long until Fr. TW leaves the LC because it turns out (gasp) that he is really gay (or so they will say)?

I was just thinking this past Sunday that I knew of no heirs apparent to the papacy. After reading this thread, I now know what I knew not.

And I'm thankful that my limited reading of church history reminds me that it doesn't matter who thinks they will become the next Pope, the Holy Spirit usually manages to put together a surprise for all involved (John XXIII and John Paul I and II come to mind.)

Obscene hubris.

Corcuera, you don't deserve the roman collar. Period.

Frs Williams and Corcuera both under the bus for the good of the Legion. If the seven under investigation are in any positions of authority (or have been since the allegations) then it makes the latter statement a lie. Stay tuned...

This just goes to show you that even in the religious life, it is a dog eat dog world. Love everyone, but trust no one.

My prayers go out to Fr TW. I feel badly when anyone suffers. Yes, even an LC priest. Perhaps our compassion will teach them a thing or two about mercy.

Btw, I feel the anguish of Fr Corcuera in that letter. Everyone must understand that this is not a personal vendetta against him, but pressing for appropriate transparency for the good of the Church, and for the good of souls. Prayers continue.

"I foolishly thought that I had left this sin in my past, and that I could make up for some of the wrong I had done by doing the greatest good possible with the gifts God has given me."

Some day, may these poor souls figure out what "truest Christian charity" really means. His greatest sin? How can he say that when his greatest sin produced a human life?

Does not anyone in the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi have the decency and intelligence to proofread this man's statements before he releases them?

My God! Forgive this misguided and ill-formed man and bestow immeasurable graces on his child!

I seriously want to know what Fr Wms thinks his "bad example" was. It seems clear that putting the sin in his past means abandoning his child, leaving him/her for others to raise. This is a bad example. To think that a prof. of moral theology (and author on matters of conscience) could begin to think that good work shielding a lie would "make up" for anything is nonsense. The Blood of Christ is what made up for it, plain and simple -- his explanation Is. Not. Catholicism.

Furthermore, being disobedient and lying to his superiors (and being the face of the Church during the elevation of Benedict!) shows riotously poor judgement. When you think it can't get worse, it gets worse, because the General Director admits he knew all along and sort of lost track -- lost track of the most visible Legionary in the Congregation. We're not talking about a fellow sent to Venezuela that they didn't monitor -- we're talking about a talking head during a papal conclave!

I'm sorry, every time I reread the statements, I boil over more. "My superiors did on numerous occasions encourage me to keep a low profile."

That's how the Legion handles this sort of thing? That's what their methodology: "to teach, to educate, to form" says about grave sin? Hide until things blow over? No matter how he responded, it seems that the direction he was given was as appalling as his own action. This beggars belief.

Giselle, your boiling is justified.

"To think that a prof. of moral theology (and author on matters of conscience) could begin to think that good work shielding a lie would "make up" for anything is nonsense."

The charism that seems to come clear over the last three years is..."good work shielding a lie" which leads to destruction. So sad. At least the letters are more forthright than the past but honestly this stuff is mind boggling.

If Fr AC is fine with tossing Fr TW under the bus for denying the affair and child, I'd say his days as a Legionary are over.

If Fr AC confirmed the truth of the affair and child "sometime after he became GD" (around 2005), why did he wait 5 years to rein in Fr TW and his public life?

Fr AC allowed him to write and speak on morality and theology all that time.

With all the unravelling that occurred after 2009 and especially while undergoing an Apostolic Visitation, that would have been the perfect time to deal with the Fr TW affair. Were the LC superiors forthright with the AVs over that scandal, or did they wait for the press to get ahold of the story in 2012?

Calling all RCs. Since 2005, did you ever hear Fr TW speak or buy any of his books? Did you hang on his words? Are you ok with being lied to by the Legion? They played you for fools. Again.

I would really like to hear from some RCs. When does the deception finally get to you?

To think that a man duly elected as General Director of a Religious Congregation can throw out excuses like those above and then say that they are no excuse is total nonsense.
But then again, the poor b#$tard doesn't know any better. The Legion does not teach any better.

This stinks to high heaven. Corcuera admits that he learned of the existence of TW's child shortly after he became GD in 2005, and what? Through his ineffectiveness, Corcuera was unable to persuade TW to withdraw from public ministry??! That was SEVEN (count 'em!) years ago. TW was the friggin' Superior of the local community in Rome and a professor of moral theology and poster boy extraordinaire! To try to convince us that TW was doing all these things while Corcuera was standing on the sidelines, muttering, "No. Stop. Don't. You mustn't." is an insult to anyone's intelligence. None of this would ever have come to light if they weren't about to be "outed."

As Giselle said at 9:54 PM, TW and Corcuera have now officially been thrown under the bus by LC/RC. They, deservedly so, are the fall guys. I suspect that both will fairly soon disappear into oblivion. But it just goes to show that Garza and Carlos Slim are really calling the shots, and sadly to say, money is much more important than morals in the Church. I honestly think that that is the whole reason why this fraudulent enterprise has not been shut down -- there's just too much money at stake. Sad, but true.

Just linking the Big Novena below so we can keep praying.....

Lord have mercy on us all.

Yes, come Holy Spirit!

What burns me is this line:

"Many of you have written me messages of encouragement and understanding, promising your prayers. I am so grateful to you for this undeserved outpouring of the truest Christian charity and mercy."

So just in case you're scandalized and angry, please know that the ones who wrote to him with messages of "encouragement and understanding" are the ones who exhibited "the TRUEST Christian charity and mercy." The rest of us just aren't living Gospel Charity.

How many "letters of apology" from various LCs have done the very same thing? Enough BS Legion-speak!

In the meantime, I have done a final purging of my bookshelves. I have the following books available for recycling:

A Heart Like His (T. Williams, LC)

The Splendor of Love, 2 copies (Walter Schu, LC)

The Promise, 2 copies (Jonathan Morris, LC)

I don't care if the material is objectively good or if they have since left the Legion. I trust none of it.

I can't wait to hear how The Monk tries to spin this one! Hoo-hah!

Oh, I guess I have to stand in the shoes of the General Director to fully understand what is going on. Ok, it's all better now. They both have written a nice letter, admitting their mistakes, now we can move on like nothing ever happened. YEA RIGHT!

As for doing a thourough search of all misdeeds from the past, how about taking care of the victims we already know about, be that MONEY $, counseling, whatever.


(Amen, brutha!) Once there is nowhere left to hide, they have their little moral awakenings and issue their apologies full of handwringing and "repentance." Until then, it's Business As Usual.

The Legion is so good at putting up a pretty facade. Sometimes I think they don't even realize they are expert liars. It's always for some good reason (to "preserve souls from scandal" or "to do as much good as possible with the gifts God gave me" or "out of prudence and respect for the privacy of others involved"). There is always a reason to avoid coming out with the truth in a timely way, especially when that truth puts them in an unflattering light. When will they be honest!? When will they stop being the Sultans of Spin?

This quote was meant to go at the top of previous entry:

To try to convince us that TW was doing all these things while Corcuera was standing on the sidelines, muttering, "No. Stop. Don't. You mustn't." is an insult to anyone's intelligence. None of this would ever have come to light if they weren't about to be "outed."

i don't believe either of their statements. TW--my superiors couldn't control me. When does that happen in LC? Well, when does it happen and the person doesn't get booted? AC-he knew before he became Gen. Dir. but chose not to know. AC and TW both admittedly knew when they put TW out there to express 'shock' at MM and then again when TW served as the face of the Legion at Benedict's election. They all knew, they all chose what they chose, they all suffer the consequences. The statements are prepared by the LC machine (probably Garza) for further manipulation of the public.

I'm not in the spin business.
All that is new is Fr.Alvaro's admission of a terrible lack of judgement. As I wrote before, this may be the beginning of real change in LC governance. I hope so. However I don't think it's a topic I want to gloat about.

"All that is new"? You're really a piece of work, Monk!

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