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Congratulations, Aaron! Also:

Finally, someone is LISTENING to you!

Though I was interested to see that the 'sacramental abuses' under investigation did not seem to include the allegations of breaking the seal of the confessional...

And since they didn't name names or locations-- is the one from NH that there were accusations about one of the 7? Has he been removed from contact with kids, or is he still at the AS?

I second Deirdre Aaron!

It sounds as though they are mostly self reporting. Thus only those victims who complained loudly and/or publicly are likely to be heard. Are there many more victims out there who are cowed by the power or prestige of the macielistas?

According to Wikipedia, they have just shy of 900 priests-- if 7 are under investigation for abuse and 2 more for the SD thing, that means 1% of current LC priests are under investigation!!! Doesn't that seem like a pretty high percentage? Sure, other orders have had problems, but, for instance, to have a similar schedule among Jesuit priests, you'd need close to 150 simultaneous accusations! (or 45 Dominicans --just counting priests for all of these, not brothers or seminarians, otherwise numbers would be higher...)

Anyway-- for 1% of an order (assuming wikipedia # of priests is accurate and up to date, which is doubtful) to be involved in abuse? Astounding!

Though, also according to wikipedia, the US scandals amounted to about 4% of active priests (Except they included dead priests but, OK)... so I guess 1% is not as shocking as I thought....

And if the number of Legionaries provided has been inflated in any way, then the percentage is higher. Given that they haven't adjusted in a long time, and there have been so many defections, the result is rather grim.

Next sign of sanity that we look for is an end to recruiting. Since they're NOT "on track" as indicated, forbearing to take in new members would be the best sign of spiritual health. Without that indication, they're doomed. It is ONLY in dying to self that they might live.

Also, this news is in the AP, but have the LC seminarians, families of apostolics, and 3gfs been told?

Does anyone know what priests are under investigation? I'd like to know names.

Deirdre, I'm consecrated... and yes we got an email yesterday!

Good! That's certainly a change over the Maciel years! :)

Wow! Congrats Aaron and everyone who stood up for truth & justice!

OK: "an email yesterday"??? How many months/years were they sitting on this story before the top blew off? Given LC SOP, they don't fess up 'til it's the ONLY option left on the table. ALSO: humans being humans and such, if MM's abuse led to a small number of his victims becoming abusers, how many more abusers do you think are still quietly hiding in the Borg (the victims of the victims.) I copied the AP story to a number of my RC friends this AM w/out response. I'm guessing they were carefully prepared for the news release ("it's another part of the Cross that we will all carry out of our love for Christ...."

I still remember how poor Fr. Gill was sent to Raleigh way back when MM was remanded to custody (I mean, "a life of prayer and penance.") He had to bend himself twelve different ways to try to put the best face on a HORRIBLE story. Am guessing that the big donors and largest surviving sections got similar visits in the past few days to prepare them for this newest "challenge" in their life of mindless cult adherence or "following Christ's call" as they would call it. I wonder how many more "happy face" LCs will wake up after this story settles in...?

I'm waiting for the e-mail to the membership . . .

. . . meaning the rest of the membership (other than the 3gf/m).

@Aaron: I pray that the Lord continues to heal and bless you. Your courage is very much a big part of today's story.

@Wondering: LC SOP: You'll get the names when either the press prints them OR in an email sent to you right after the LCs discover that the press is about to print them. Or you can go and hunt around on the website. I'm pretty sure that a few of the old LCs listed there will make the list.

And I still remember when Fr. John Hopkins hit Raleigh in 2010 for some damage control (a few of us former RCs had been invited to an open meeting.) He loudly told me just how many untruths and lies were on the LARC and RN websites and I loudly told him that they outed his boy (MM) years before they did, so I wasn't sure how much stock to put in his claims.

All of my kids spent time in the Legion, 10 yrs, 8 yrs, 2 for 3 during high school and one for 6 months in Mexico. The spiritual and emotional abuse they endured didn't start coming to the surface for months after they all came home. My oldest is just feeling the affects after 4 years out. We know so many exLC's that are in the same boat but no one wants to hear it or talk about it. When you bring it up, people say, oh, it's over now, you need to take the good your kids received and focus on that. So glad that more is being exposed but they haven't even touched the surface. Maybe I'll write a book too....Aaron...I was so happy to see you mentioned. Your suffering will not be in vain...

In RC-- There will be an email to all members..and Steve is will be all about suffering and enduring the sick of it all...

"Surely now, they will stop recruiting for the time being to be sure that they have the proper foundation to support healthy vocations."

Good one, Giselle!!

In RC: Am thinking there are three or four reasons that you have yet to get an email:

(1) You, your team, or your section have been deemed "expendable" and thus, not worth informing.

(2) The LC Damage Control office is either closed, clueless or confounded.

(3) See #1

(4) The LC PTB see this story as "so yesterday" that it doesn't merit a response. They've moved on and so should you.

(5) Or, of course, see #1. Didn't you guys pay your dues this past year?

Way to go Aaron and Giselle! I can't help but be hopeful that good will come of this press release. At the very least, maybe a few more members will at last discern that it's O.K. with God if they leave l/r.

No Steve, I predict we will get an e-mail. It will be forwarded by our section director once she receives it from Territorial. It will simultaneously appear on the RC website but not on RC-Live.

Hate to say it but some of the consecrated and RCW leaders were complicit in manipulation and should be ashamed of the way they treated their women. They know who they are...mean-spirited, selfish women. I will pray for them.

Up in Philly, Msgr. William Lynn is in a criminal trial over charges he was complicit in continuing to assign priests to active ministries in the Archdiocese AFTER credible charges of sexual abuse had been brought against them (helpfully, the story is next to today's LC article.)

I say this because my 8 years of experience with the LCs left me with the impression that they don't use the bathroom, let alone set aside credible allegations of abuse unless someone up the chain of command has said to do so.

The RegainNetwork has an abundance of credible allegations of abuse that have been available to the whole world for the past 8-10 years. And a few of them only made it into a Vatican investigation TODAY?

Given how small the chain of command has been over the years, it's a stretch to believe that the crew currently running the show were not somewhere in the communications or decision making channels on several of these cases. It's REALLY HARD TO BELIEVE.

SO: just like in the days when MM would suddenly not be able to appear at some major US RC event that happened to coincide with credible allegations about his crimes in the press ("he was needed at the Vatican..."), I'm guessing the LCs who don't enjoy plausible deniability about criminal coverups will probably do their best to stay outside the boundaries of the US court system. Keep track of who never manages to visit the US and you'll get a sense of who makes this short list.

I further predict that the e-mail will be straightforward, without the silly excuses or references to "suffering" "The Cross" or "poor us" that we've seen in prior years. These mindsets are without doubt still alive and well among the LC leadership, of course, but they have to be more subtle in how that gets communicated. And of course they'll just use this as another example of how they are "walking in lockstep with the Church (neither one step ahead nor behind)" in all matters.

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