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God bless you, Father -- for your candid and honest sharing about the shocking practices of LS, and for what you are doing now to serve the people of God.

I think this may be the most accurate portrayal of the Legion so far.

Legionaries who led souls to the foot of the Legion bank accounts were rewarded over Legionaries who led souls to the foot of the cross.

While there is a closet and a back door open for those who love the Catholic Church, there is a room at the Waldorf for those who love the Legion and its ways more than the Church.

This is their charism: Lust for money and allegiance.

it's one thing to critique rules and structure, and quite another to testify to life as it was lived inside. thank you.

I think that in many ways that video which includes Fr Burtka says it all... the most ingenious cult that has ever existed, still exists... his complete passing over in one if not two sentences of the reconciliation of victims, not challenging the in a complete way this centralized government, acting like the superiors have really changed really goes to prove that true, personal holiness and be a Man, a Vianney, for others does not exist for a LC priest, unless you count holding a door for another LC or fulfilling your vocational goals... to be honest, the main reason I left, was that Corcuera (and others) never learned how to be grown men and tell the truth, but secondarily, I didn't want to be marginalized, and a "problem." I don't think I was a problem before, but my family, NOT THE LEGION, had taught me long before about living the 8th commandment and since the LCs put the safeguarding (or they call it reform) their old boys club higher than the 8th commandment and grouped with that, natural law (especially in the justice), I had to leave once and for all. I don't want to reveal the person, but there is LC who told me he is still discerning on leaving, and let's pray that he be cleansed of the sewage water.

Fr John puts his finger on LC activism. We were always told to avoid activism and have a deep interior life, but most of the motivation was towards numerical successes, so that is how you ended up judging yourself. The superiors gave enough lip service to holiness and prayer that they could deny fomenting activism, but the contradiction you felt was sharp and deep.
An example of the cult- think involved to justify it: In 2010 I spoke to one superior about the need to change the culture of activism and he said "But whenever we asked Nuestro Padre about that and he insisted prayer was the most important." I thought to myself: Nuestro Padre the bigamist, or Nuestro Padre the child-raper?
Later I overheard a more realistic superior comment that MM always spoke out of both sides of his mouth on this issue. I wonder if he is still in.

Father: I am just so happy that you have found a beautiful vocation within the church that allows you to use your God-given gifts with honesty, free will and JOY! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Dear happy in diocesan life.
You left because you didn't want to be a problem, and that's OK. You got out when you could. God bless you for that. I didn't, and it caused me a lot of pain and suffering. But for some reason I had to stay, make a statement, even if just to the superiors and not publicly, that it was not alright what they were doing to me (and unknown to me, to others). Maybe I was overly proud. I admit that. But I was not going to let them put all the blame on me. That's why I stayed and fought, costly and humiliating as it was. And when I did decide to leave, I didn't leave quietly, like other (not blaming, just saying). Even before leaving I started a blog, leaving a permanent record of what was happening. I never repent of this.

Fr. John: My heart swells with admiration at your courage! It takes alot of nerve to stare down the devil (in a collar, with crew-cut and cufflinks!), and I wish that more men would do so! For us women, it is another sort of challenge, namely, how to disentangle the hold on the heart, to break the religious seduction.

And Fr John, I am glad that you let people know what you thought. I didn't really process a lot of this for a while and I didn't write anything on LARC for awhile... but in many ways, this website has helped me open up, be honest for the first time in years and know that only Our Lord is what matters and in my love for the Lord to develop TRUE friendships...I know each person has a different temperament, experiences, path and I appreciate your blog Fr John and all you have to say here. You are a blessing!

"He was ridiculed by other legionaries as being a new St John Vianney."

Another reason why the Legion of Satan is doomed: dissing a intercessor with great influence with the Lord and efficacious guide to priests, St. John Vianney. Think of the many miracles St. John Vianney worked in this life. Imagine how his intercessions are answered now! These fools in the Legion just stir up more and more trouble for themselves from all quarters.

Dear Father,
Thank you for this post. Our family was very involved with LC/RC. My husband had been hired to be president of one of their schools. Shortly after a move almost halfway across the country, we realized we were absolutely not wanted there. They fired my husband perhaps 3 months after our arrival with no reason given. At an international convention for women in that same city, I asked to speak with one of the territorial directors (who was very uncomfortable in my presence since my husband had just been fired). Asking him what went wrong (neither my husband or I understood and I was grieving), he dismissed me and wouldn't talk to me. Our family moved back to the east coast shortly after.
You will understand how deeply we were attached to RC: five years later K4J and Challenge were thriving at our parish; we had introduced it in our area. At another women's convention I was told the very same territorial director wanted to see me. I sat with him and he thanked me for all the apostolate taking place in our area.
I never felt like more of a commodity. I felt used and knew at that moment that my soul, and everyone elses soul in RC, was not treasured or appreciated - simply our work. That was when I saw the movement for what it really is.
I will offer my Mass tomorrow for your intentions. God bless!

Perfect summary of the Legion of Christ. Thank you, Father! I guess I'm lucky I got out after only 10 years sucked out of me.

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