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I don't know. I alway had hope that Fr Garza would see the light. He seemed to me someone that was not afraid of the truth. But in the end he succumbed to another truth, the numerous mass of faithful followers who have had the wool pulled over their eyes. He is basically saying he finds strength in those who have remained faithful to the LC/RC. He sees God's providence in those who remain in darkness, mostly because he and others have kept them in darkness, feeding them lies and twisting the truth. What a terrible catch 22. Manipulate the truth and find consolation in those who are blinded by this manipulation.


Why go to the point and be clear and honest when you can produce such pathetic drivel?
Where did you find this gem, Giselle? Links?

It's still all about growth and numbers.

And he made a cutting comment toward those who leave ("The natural human reaction is to run away" but WOA, look how much we are growing. Translation: You who left are big losers.)

Father John, are you for real? Perhaps you drink some wine in between Masses? Oh C'mon???

You must be out of your f_cking mind?

The problem with Garza, Fr. John, is that he would have to ADMIT to his complicity and then ask forgiveness, and possibly face police and canonical investigation...

He is an accomplice to Maciel, a protector of paedophiles, a silencer of victims and a lot more I am sure.

You betcha that he knew everything that was presented to the vatican investigation and then some more.

His conscience is corrupt, he only knows right and wrong in the subjective sense of how something benefits (right) or hurts (wrong) the legion.

I think he is a good example of a scoundrel.

Garza wants that we give up his silences (do not expect real and concrete explanations from him) and give in to his words. This is more than faith....

"Twenty-three young men are entering different apostolic schools. Eighteen girls now form part of the discernment program in Oxford, Michigan and twelve young women will join Mater Ecclesiae." I am sure that since these numbers are so small than what they were, he and the legion are going to make some asinine comparison to the early Church, its persecution and how growth began with some numbers...when I opened up and read this post, I smelled it before I read it, practically, that I was next to a pig farm!
"The suffering has been immeasurable. The breakdown of trust has damaged many. The natural human reaction is to run away and to look for other opportunities." Looking at Aaron's post, Garza can only answer in the complete and total asinine way because he is corrupted... Natural reaction, Fr Luis? How about for our salvation that we ran away, how about for our sanity? How about because you are just as much as a false prophet as all the rest... blood type for Garza... not AB, not O... it's KA.. Kool-aid like you wouldn't believe...what a prolonged Jonestown this is... Holy Spirit cleanse the Vatican of the devil's presence in all these lies.

The Greek etymology of enthusiasm isn´t exactly to be peacefully immersed in God; it´s divine inspiration, in the direction of frenzy and possession. I think it presupposes that the enthusiast loses his independent personhood for the duration of the state. Just a linguistic marginal note, perhaps not without its significance.

"We have been offered and have accepted opportunities to serve in parishes in New York, Atlanta, Montreal and Hamilton, Ontario."

These are new? Anyone know which ones? Because I think they deserve a barrage of copies of articles, testimonies, links, facts and warnings. It's the least we can do.

Garza and his PR guru, Jim Fair, keep stirring the witches' brew. Compare Garza to priests like Fr Robert Barrons who exudes true love and joy. It is day and night (or light and darkness). The people they trapped will now be lost souls. They will lose their heart and that is the saddest truth. However, on the flip side, they will learn how to count dirty money and manipulate people for Marciel Maciel's kingdom (with a small k).

Garza's perspective on their current circumstances makes me feel like I should put a tutu on, dance on tippy toes, stare into the clouds while little white butterflies fllutter softly around my head.

"...Go ask Alice. When she's ten feet tall...."

21 entering into novitiate? did they already get their cassocks?

the number before was between 35 & 42 entering the novitiate so at this point growth is a mute point.

A large part of the 21 are from the precandidacy. probably 16 PCs and 5 from CLC. They had about 11 candidates so that's 50%. If anyone could confirm the stats it would be helpful.

So if there are 16 novices who are 17 or 18 yrs old, imagine getting the guilty conscience complex of "you can't leave the legion b/c you are abandoning Christ and his new evangelization. Imagine what they go through psychologically.

I think the most concerned individuals should be the parents of the incoming novices (and young ladies) who see not even a smoke signal of reform.

this is the same guy who said he didn't have nuestro padre's cell phone number and he was number 2 in the organization. he was the pitbull for fr maciel. talk about short memories...

Yes, hauler, I do like a little wine between Masses, and not just on first class feast days.

I am not out of my f'n mind. I still believe all can be redeemed, that no one is a slave to lies and can see the truth. By hoping this way does not mean I am still drinking the cool-aid. I would love to see all, from Corcuera to the newest boys and girls entering, admit the truth and be freed.

I believe Aaron's assessment is: to publicly admit the truth would incriminate him. There is no 5th amendment in the legion.

"We have been offered and have accepted opportunities to serve in parishes in New York, Atlanta, Montreal and Hamilton, Ontario. Consecrated men and women of Regnum Christi are working in parishes as youth ministers and directors of Religious Education. "

This is a true statement and it is freaking me out! I feel like my parish in Atlanta is quietly being infiltrated and no one has any idea. I am watching it happen and no one seems to care. I don't know how to convince my fellow parishioners that this is NOT A GOOD THING!

Happy Girl,

here is the modus operandi of the legion. find a series of projects that sound nice on paper. step 2 is to develop a person in charge and get the program budgeted. step 3 is to prepare a huge splash PR campaign with 5 color promotional pieces. step 4 is to impress others with the PR campaign, a money flow and some initial impressive results. step 5 is the lc need to keep financing these programs monthly so buyers remorse enters in. step 6 is to pull back on transfers from the DT to the organization and force them to fundraise locally while forcing them to let go of most of their personnel due to lack of funding. step 7 is to pull almost all funding and the program starts to fizzle out. step 8 the legion drops all of those people who were helping out like a rock b/c costs exceeds benefits. step 9 program attempts to run solo with no luck since it was never well thought out from the beginning step 10 program fails leaving their helpers up the creek w/o a paddle. Now if the parish is willing to take over the funding of the program that might give them a future lifeline.

My point is that the Legion is like the seed thrown on good soil. the sun comes up and the plant withers and dies. Most legion programs die out after they worked hard to get people excited and working. The deception that they spread is painful. If they open their arms to legion programs and legion people, all that awaits them is pain. I have seen it in too many people and too many places. It is a story that just repeats itself over and over. Do they want their faith to be put through a buzz saw? You wouldn't think so.

@LAN who asked for a link - this is from Regnum Christi Live.

Random thoughts:
Little Light's breakdown and gospel reflection is spot-on. The great majority of the Legion's US apostolates have been one flaming burn-out after another, and the parable of the seed that fell in rocky, shallow soil is probably the best explanation.
Parishes by their nature tend to be quiet, long term work. I've seen parish work have a good spiritual impact on LC priests. A pessimist can see it as the Legion spreading its tentacles, but this can also be an opportunity for many LCs to mature. Anyway, cannon law is pretty clear on the lines of authority when a religious order takes on a diocesan parish.
Off the top of my head, the vocation numbers Fr Luis quotes are higher than average for the last seven or eight years or so. Don't know if this means anything.
Finally, while I am also annoyed by the pep-talk style of the letter, it is good to keep in mind that the letter is not directed to the world at large but to sympathizers who are expecting a pep talk. Of course it would be nice to see acts of self-flagellation every time an LC opens his mouth but that is not realistic, and would also get old after a while, like Germans always beating themselves up about The War.
I guess my point is that while everyone would like a moment of transparency and an effort at reparation on the part of the Legion, you should not expect that in little letters like this, and should not expect it while LCs are so confused about their own situation.

"the mission of the New Evangelization in North America, discovering the beauty of our foundational charism" ????? what foundational charism?? he should not mention the word foundation......

...or charism, indeed!
(And thanks to Les for the link.)

I think we need more people to join the real militia, not militia Christi. With today's news, I'm afraid we need more soldiers and fewer priests. I have always been a pacifist but these priests, instead of praying for peace, have instead wasted their time on love bombing and betrayal of brethren. We need to find common ground and fight the real enemy - non Christians, Muslim terrorists.

The more times I read this article by Garza Medina (fighting nausia more each time), the more I think that is was prompted by the "give up" part of the phrase. It seems plausible that Garza Medina is finding the "giving up" syndrome more and more in priests, seminarians, consecrated, and RC members every day.

We can hope.

Remember, real numbers of those leaving are as manipulated as other Legion numbers.

The numbers he gives, and labels "growth" are pitiably small compared to the heyday. There is a diminishing rate of growth. Furthermore, he doesn't get into the numbers who have left since 2009, or are in the process of leaving or discerning leaving. The Legion still claims "800 priests, 70,000 RC members" and I simply do not believe it.

And I agree with PWC, this is Garza's way of addressing the potential quitters.

I was incarnated in RC in the spring of 1983. I did not attend the retreat using studying as an excuse. I hated LC retreats:sleeping on floors, eating shit food, while the priest stayed in the rectory. Perhaps I'm still considered 1 of the 70,000 RC members?
I hope I am, because I put this on my resume along with being a member of the National Geographic Society.

This Garza statement would be funny if it were not so sad -- it's ludicrous in its unabashed hypocrisy and lies -- but since the only LS standard is "Can we get away with it and make money?" -- it passes muster in LS.

Apologies for the thread jack, but there's a great post today over at Rod Dreher's blog that touches on LC.

The National Catholic Register (owned by EWTN) fired John Berger, the staff member at the NC Register who conducted the controversial interview with Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Rod discusses his past interaction with the NC Register, when it was owned by LC.

Rod also refers to an LC priest who is the former editor over at the NCR. That priest is Owen Kearns.

On a personal note, I have financially supported EWTN since the 80s, when I was a high school kid working part time sacking groceries. Sadly, this once-great apostolate is beginning to look more and more like another self-promoting, self-interested business enterprise.

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