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Predators are always clever about their prey.

What a shock poor Mrs. Mee must have had when she showed up at the pearly gates and found out Maciel wouldn't be joining her anytime too soon.........and probably not for eternity.

What is sickening is that these priests who are supposed to br living in poverty are living off of wealthy donor funds (the ones they've fished). It is so shameful and wrong what they are doing. But they will join their unscrupulous founder at the gates of hell (yes, the one who had children with two women and abused boys). Our true God knows the hearts of everyone. Those who deceive the elderly, seduce women and sodomize boys will not be

60 million...WOW!!!!!!!!! Why did my son have to wear gloves in Cheshire during the winter and eat outdated food??

Mercy, your son was slave labor. Garza et al figured out how to get around US laws concerning slavery and indentured servitude. It's all about the money to Maciel's heirs (for Maciel, it was about access to drugs and sex)

"Jackvony told NCR that Dauray could not comment because of a protective order."

What does this mean? The legion has a restraining order against her?

The sentence is important because fixes in a public act some points:
1) lies: There is no evidence Father Bannon disclosed the full extent of the significant allegations against Father Maciel to Mrs. Mee
2) deceit: The Legionaries of Christ did not publicly acknowledge the accusations against Father Maciel until February 2009, nine months after Mrs. Mee’s death
3)many knew: Father Garza spoke to several Legion of Christ members about it. In 2008 Garza shared the sordid news with 15 Regnum Christi and Legionaries members at a meeting in Switzerland.
4) methodology: Bannon began cultivating Mee after Maciel met her in 1991. The Legionaries wooed former Gov. John Joseph Garrahy and his wife, Marguerite, who was Gabrielle’s close friend. Bannon won the support of Louis Gelineau, bishop of Providence, R.I., from 1972-1997. Endorsement by the diocese was critical to the [Legionaries’] securing of funds to purchase a facility. In 1989 Mee visited the Legionaries center in Cheshire, Conn., and on Aug. 8 of that year, Mee sent a check for $1 million to the Legionaries. In 1991 she revised her will, giving 90 percent of her assets to the Legionaries. She also joined Regnum Christi that year and gave $3 million to the Legionaries.
5) cult of personality: Mrs. Mee held Father Maciel in extremely high regard and considered him to be saint-like
Nothing new and something not so correct (Torres knew by '90), but wrote down by a public authority.

Love how they use donor funds to fly "impoverished" priests to Switzerland. What do they do with the rest of the money? If they are doing good with it, why don't they disclose it? And when will big leader Garza give a public speech about God's love and living like Jesus? Is Legion money merely used to bribe officials in Rome and priests who have/had a voice on EWTN?? We know they serve dog food to the seminarians and purchase property that they
eventually have to sell. What a waste of donor funds. Let's protect our borders instead and not waste our dollars on producing more
unscrupulous, sex and $ hungry priests.

Seems she would have been an heir-at-law, had there been no will, and as such would have had standing, but "the trusts [Do they mean the will, which is the pertinent discussion in this part of the opinion - p 16?] clearly direct all assets to charity". Does it specify another charity? If not, "charity" fails for lack of specificity, and she has standing. The opinion doesn't get back to the will, but presumably all assets are included in the Trust. and given the fact that she spoke with her aunt, Mrs. Mee, once in 46 years, her standing as anything other than an heir at law is questionable. Now, if she could show that she didn't speak with her because of the undue influence, she might have a case...
The (poorly written) opinion can be found here:

LCs are not motivated by the money so much as the narrative of unlimited growth.
The Legion must grow grow grow (to what end, nobody knows) so buildings are constructed, apostolates undertaken, vocations recruited without proper planning or financial backing. Then you have to go and find a few million. Then you overrun your unrealistic budget and have to find more money while cutting back on things like hot water. Since the apostolates don't produce you are basically setting up a pyramid scheme, and the whole thing crashes down.
To simplify: uncontrolled growth leads to debt, which leads to desperate fundraising, which leads to all kinds of wicked things.

maybe if attorney for the widow had legitimate proof that the legion knew maciel was a dimwit before the widow gave away her millions they would have had a better case. why is it so hard to bring the catholic church to conviction?

Right on Another ExLC! This same comment could have worked just as easily on the last thread too where Garza, clutching his 21 candidates, was looking for the linchpin for yet another blind launch into the black hole that is the Legion's future. If the LC can keep the novitiate filled, and expanding smoke and mirrors of big apostolates, they will have no use for reform, clarity of charism, nor the long term well being of their members.

I would nonetheless add that behind the scenes, Garza has always maintained a passion for that fortune 500 company feel to the LCs version of the New Evangelization. Stock buys and corporate shell protection are part of his story. Merely examine the number of corporations that had to be listed in this suit to bring the LC to justice, and therein you see Garza's legal war strategy for hostile takeovers.

They have learned nothing. If they were capable of charity, they would give the money back. ALL OF THEM ARE CONMEN.

Would someone please tell me what good have they done?? please

hauler, the good Legionland has done for society is by example:

Darkness and evil can appear as light and evil. It has appeared in the form of this so-called holy institution where financial and spiritual rape are the order of the day.

meant to say can appear as light and holy

Giselle, a person I know told me that he will be attending some meetings next week and apparently one of the goals of those meetings will be the discussion of what the charism of the order is. I guess we'll finally know what it is!

"It is a mark of the evil spirit to assume the appearance of an angel of light. He begins by suggesting thoughts that are suited to a devout soul, and ends by suggesting his own. For example, he will suggest holy and pious thoughts that are wholly in conformity with the sanctity of the soul. Afterwards, he will endeavor little by little to end by drawing the soul into his hidden snares and evil designs" Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola Sec. 332

Be very clear that the spirit which moves activities of Garza and LC is not the Spirit of good, rather that of evil. How does one know? You stop listening to what is said and start looking at what is done.

And before all the objections are posted, i am NOT saying that all LCs are bad and evil. I AM saying that LC as an organization cooperates with the movement of the evil spirit, and some of the LCs are overcome by that cooperation to the degree that they find it necessary to continue to promote it....even while believing it is right and good. Remember, to discern what Spirit or spirits are moving, you look at what is DONE, NOT what is SAID or THOUGHT, and pray with the reality of that.

I have been free from LC/RC for approximately 3 years. My parents initiated estate planning (mother was in RC 4 yrs ago). Documents were reviewed and found that a portion of dad's multi-million $$ profit-sharing was to go to LC. Got that one changed right off.

Ms Mee made personal gifts to various individuals in the LC. T

How did the constitutions allow this? Are LC allowed to receive gifts? As an RC consecrated (supposing she gave gifts as a consecrated, I am not taking time to re-read and scrutinise the details we have been supplied with) is she ALLOWED in her poverty to give a gift?

Are the LC rules flouted? This gift giving is a bit bizarre to me, so un-legionary, Brother!

I mean what is the difference between Ms Mee donating to the Legion and donating to named individuals? Obviously the money is not kept (i presume) by the individual recipient, it is passed along to the... legion? or some LC foundation?

How does the LC benefit from this type of donation - it strikes me as a circumvention for a reason, what the reason is I dont know.

I am struggling with Dingledore's comments. As a family member of an LC in the process of leaving, I want to assure you that the Legionary from my family also lived an austere life. There was no healthcare, so we were pooling our money to buy him glasses and send him to the dentist (or he would not go at all). When he was overseas, it was nearly impossible for us to help him with these basic things, if we could even get him to admit that he needed them. Better to sacrifice needlessly =Legionary way.

Now he is in transition to diocesan. I can't talk about this to any of my friends, still, because RC/LC members have been known to run smear campaigns against Legionaries who are leaving. And you never know who is RC or will inadvertently share with an RC.

His fellow diocesan priests have been building up a retirement through their various diocese, whereas the Legionary in our family has a promise when he went in that "we will take care of you." Since then we have read of a supposed Legionary retirement fund but no one has helped explain how to access it. (Do any of you have ideas on that?) He has no degree to show for the years of classes he took at Legionary institutions around the world, and he was an excellent student.

If you have any practical suggestions, they would be appreciated.

FFLC: I should have specified that I am only talking about the higher-ups who take advantage of their rank. I am convinced that those who do well earn it through absolute obedience, even if it means lying and manipulating people. To do well in the Legion, one must be willingly deceitful (they call it playing the game) and keeping things covert.

I am so glad your loved one will be accepted as a respectable diocesan priest. That is a wonderful thing and you should be most proud of him. That is a blessing indeed!

Indeed, only Maciel, Corcuera, Garza and superiors got to ride in BMW's and Mercedes', while the rest of us froze inside the building and ate expired food.

I have a question on the ruling. I read the PDF link. Just want to make sure I got it right. The court would make the LC's bear the burden of proof, and by the facts presented by the plaintiff would most likely be found guilty. But the court is tied because the plaintiff doesn't fill the requirements as "legally interested". So the LC's big dodged? Or is there a chance of a further trial

Hope, I would think that an immediate family member would have to file suit in order to be considered "legally interested."

I believe that the niece is deciding whether or not to appeal. The Superior Court did suspect "undue influence," but the lack of a relationship seems to be the hang-up, especially since the niece was not mentioned in any of Mrs. Mee's several wills.

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