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Fr Pérez was discussed in the com box of this blog. There you can see the three requests he made of Fr Corcuera.
Scroll down to almost the end of the comments.

What happens to him now? Can he incardinate into a diocese or leave the Legion to join another order? And is there any way to reach out and offer support to Fr Perez?

What a disgrace!

Fr Pablo remains in the Parish of Playa del Carmen until the 8 of September. He is now deciding what to do next.

The delegate seems to be trying to send a very clear message that reform will not be permitted. However, priests who follow the charism of sex, drugs, and rock and roll WILL be tolerated until they are caught by non-LC media.

If this isn't a deliberate Vatican strategy to get people off the sinking ship, it must be a deliberate strategy by the Holy Spirit....

There is enough of a mess to last at least a generation, if not more, imo. Hubris is human. But it seems to me that one can not fight hubris with more hubris (not that I am saying you are, dear DM). Is the Holy Spirit chastising the Church? Could be… Sinking Her, I pray not and would think not.
Perhaps getting people together to sponsor this poor priest to get a visa, so he can incardinate in a US dioceses would be an idea? Have him do a trial period, and if all checks out, keep him. There is a shortage of priests, isn’t there? There are large US Hispanic communities, no?

Tom-- I wasn't talking about the Church as a sinking ship, but the LEGION as a sinking ship.

Maybe a better analogy is the Legion as a dysfunctional bathtub trying to drown people. The plumber says it's beyond repair and should just be tossed, but some people refuse to leave the tub, towel off, and step out into the larger house?

I am wondering exactly what Fr. Perez was doing since his famed letter some months ago that has them chasing him out of a mission parish in the jungle? Did he have any further message or a new audience that was problematic for him after that letter? was he rebellious to the the Bishop in the ordinary ministry of the parish? Or was it just payback?

Well it is time for him to find a good bishop with a healthy diocese and let this group go forever... He can be a better witness to the truth outside, and perhaps do so by adding to the known historical accounts of doings of the PTB over the last three decades. He probably has his own stories to tell there.

I second Tom's 9:21 am comment (re: helping Fr. Perez), in case anyone is interested in passing the hat.

Deirdre, your larc posts over lo these many, many months have been consistently thoughtful and have offered me fresh insights into this mess. But I can't buy the notion that there is some "deliberate Vatican strategy" to get people out of the kingdom of the blind. The only strategy I detect is Vatican Damage Control.

I've never heard an official Vatican "plumber" say l/r is beyond repair and should be tossed. Instead, the official Vatican appointed "plumber" instructs this corrupt outfit to continue to recruit. The official Vatican-appointed "plumber" has also said it's not worth it to investigate the legion inner power circle and its role in fostering a personality cult, covering up for mm, manipulating its members, and withholding pertinent information from the delegate until circumstances force the legion's hand.

No, what I see is the Vatican “reform” of l/r attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That's so it won't have to explain -- to l/r members, ex-members, family and friends of l/r members, concerned on-lookers -- the Vatican's own negligence/complicity/corruption in allowing the legion to conduct business for seventy-plus years, despite the presence of plenty of smoke indicating fire in the hold.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if the Vatican dumped the current ducking-and-dodging “strategy” and began to act a little more like Christ's Church by trying something a bit more direct? Like telling the truth? People deserve the truth.

Well said. As I've said before, most of us on this blog have learned to stop covering for LC. It's time to stop covering for the Vatican as well.

When I left about a year ago the LCs were trying to learn how to speak openly about the situation. Open disagreement, transparency and meaningful dialogue had been frowned upon for so long that you had to teach yourself by baby steps how to do it.
I was in Rome the last couple of years, which is the most straight-laced community. Some superiors were very thin skinned, and lots of perfectly nice young LCs had such raw nerves that I never felt it was prudent to shout my opinions to the wind.
In an ideal world the superiors would have been trying to little by little foment an atmosphere of free opinions. They didn't. Having never dealt with internal criticism before they were clueless as to how to deal with it now, and tended to react as they had been trained.

Fr Pérez: If you are reading this blog, please know that you have friends who are concerned for your well-being and future. Please get out. Keep your passport next to you at all times. Go to a Western Union office (there are plenty of them) and we can arrange to have money wired to you so that you can leave. Giselle, can you pass the hat if he contacts you? God bless!

...for that matter, Giselle, do you need money yourself to keep the blog up and running???

How kind, but all's well.

hm of course we know the mission territories to be gulags for the troublesome members, but what happens when you make trouble in the gulag? where do you go from there..?

i would guess that the major major was that it was made public - if he had only preached toto the indigenous then that would have been ok...

No, they don't like it when the truth is revealed over and over again. They are really trying to hide any connection to their great founding father and others who lived as he did. Yes, MM was the pride and joy of their clean orthodoxy. He and the fashion in which he lived was the model or the image of how his minions should live. Anyone who speaks out, who has a voice, who has a brain, is the enemy. How Christian!

Just to help everyone out, here are the 3 requests Fr. Guajardo made in 2010, as reported in the link above, that got him in trouble.

Fr. Guajardo asks three things: that Maciel be definitively disowned as "founder" of the Legion; that every Legionary be authorized to confess to a priest selected by him instead of by the superiors; that the Holy See be given back the Notre Dame institute in Jerusalem, taken "by deception," he writes, from John Paul II in 2004.

(Back to me) I can't read the Spanish language documents, but it seems sadly plausible that he would be forced from priestly ministry for these statement (and I gotta presume others) that called for change.

Wow. I do indeed hope his priestly ministry can flourish elsewhere.

Are other LCs ok to just stand by and watch their superiors bully Fr Perez out of active ministry?

Basically, all you can do is watch, the superiors do the acting. But we can also follow his example, more or less our way....

It's my understanding that ReGAIN could use a few dollars.

Seems that his parishoners are protesting Fr. Pablo's dismissal:

To contact Fr Pablo

This sounds familiar -- the truth teller being sanctioned by the criminals.

But Father Pablo will emerge the hero. People are now wise to cover-ups of clerical crimes -- and the ones covering up are themselves criminals:

Translation of Fr. Pablo's response to the canonical sanction, taken from Paul Lennon's blog:


"Accepting the decision of Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC, on Saturday, September 8, 2012, I will say good bye to my church community as far as exercising my priestly ministry. I am not completely sure why this drastic decision has been taken as I have had no personal meeting (with the bishop, my superior, to explain it), even though I asked for one. I hope in God to be able to spend some time in Playa del Carmen to pray, reflect and plan.

"I consider it a beautiful coincidence that I can conclude my priestly service on September 8th, the day on which the Church commemorates the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God. Let these words be a testimony of my gratitude to so many wonderful people in Playa del Carmen. And I am writing to "show my face" because I have nothing to hide or to feel ashamed of in my work for (the state/diocese of) Quintana Roo, a work which covers both the spiritual dimension and also the promotion and defense of human rights."

"Your servant in Christ the Priest,

"Pablo Perez Guajardo, LC. (Legionary of Christ)"


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