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Good grief. The new guy is young, but still came up under Maciel. This is all so weird. DePaolis actually thought he could change the culture and mind of all the leadership????While also changing the order? Now THAT is a job that would exhaust someone.

Rather, he wanted "to change the culture and mindset of the entire membership" without decapitating the leadership. Aarg. The quickest way to do that in a military-type structure is to change the leadership. Forked tongues and forked agendas everywhere.

Finally, for the first time ever, I applaud a decision made by Fr Corcuera. He should have stepped down a long time ago. Does anybody know much about Heereman? I'm not necessarily all that bothered that he "came up under Maciel". We need to get the story on him.

Maybe Garza is not too far behind? Heck, we can hope, right?

Fr. Alvaro resigns.... for reasons of health, although he is not sick. In short, he was fired.

That is indeed news, and my guess given DePoalis's opinion of Fr. Alvaro, that he has wanted to fire him for some time, but needed to be secure about his replacement and not upset his apple cart in the process. I am sure AC was for his part looking to get out, for he has really just been an MM to Vatican pawn in this game.

The real question is will there be any gain in Fr. Sylvester? Was this not yet again, in the style of old PRI politics, the outgoing jefe picking his successor? Fr. Sylvester fit the party line to a tee when he gave his disparaging commentary on the outgoing 3GF who were heading for Totus Tuus, for he had chosen to rise over it all with characteristic "faith" demands of the nomenklatura..

In Fr. Sylvester to be sure we have someone separate from the responsibles who were personal companions in the historical timeline of MM's life. In him we may have someone who is more adept to not let a glaring disaster like Fr. Thomas Williams go unnoticed until it was too late. Do we have however someone who can break the superior-centrism, who will do away with faith as a means of gain and gain as the charismatic substitute for the reliance sole on Gospel witness, who will break the internal ongoing witch hunt psychology.... etc.

Really if he were this type of person he would never have made it to vicar general.

Heereman was discussed in an earlier LARC thread:

Heereman was described as being "...considered to be from outside MM's circle of influence".

I won't lie, I'd love to see the Legion cease to exist and vocations salvaged. But if it is to continue, we have to hope for worthwhile leadership to emerge from the ashes. Maybe this is a start?

Although not a resignation, in effect it is. He takes a sabbatical until the next General Chapter where, most likely, someone else will be elected. Bottom line. Alvaro Corcuera is out.
But then again, you never know.

Corcuera could make in time for Cancun (lol). He can finally take a break, having his clone at this place. Sigh.

I worked with Heereman in Germany and know his family personally. He is young, he is also honest, has a good level head on his shoulders, and is compassionate. He is probably the best choice I could think of from all the members still in the organization.

Zenit says only that he is taking some sabbatical leave, and that it is only temporary.

Anyone have any further clarification?

I think the departure of so many legionaries finally got to him. Really? He seems to have a pretty cold heart. he is the real deal teflon man - nothing sticks. Was he putting in 16 hour work days? Hardly. If you believe his story then I got swampland in Florida for sale. They have had some pretty tough times, but his job is pretty much easy street. He's got an army of secretaries and all he does is sign letters, give conferences, etc. He flies around visits communities. Occasionaly looks over lists of community members or checks the finances.

If maciel could do the job showing up for 6 months out of the year, can't corcuera do it working 11 or 12? I wonder if the order came from the Vatican to pull the plug on the Corcuera experiment? There may be more scandals on the way or a huge hole in their finances. whatever it is, he doesn't want to be around for it as general director.

Maybe he finally figured out that he is a loser and a failure. His life wasting away when he could be a millionaire empresario in Mexico living the high life.

This seems like a huge victory for Garza who must feel vindicated. Whoever is pulling the strings are keeping the plans pretty quiet...I am just hoping to hear the "rest of the story" not the official white wash.

I F-N N-E N-R-G.

Zenit would say that.

Well, here's what the press release says:

"The Cardinal, who had been concerned about Fr. Alvaro’s health and had recommended a rest period, granted his request to be temporarily relieved of the faculties of the general director."

Commenting on a precedent point: Why Corcuera can't and Maciel with doble life could?
Corcuera really becomes sick, or with some kind of mental illness. He commented that several times. He began to loose the sense of reality as he explained to MRE (3gf).
Resign was not his own decision, but an "invitation" from De Paolis. Somebody in the upper chambers said "the time has come, make it clean". And they showed the story of sabbatical year.
Sylvester is a german copy of Corcuera; that is to say , without sweet face. But since his arrival to Rome, he was under Corcuera shadow. He's the perfect continuation of the system. And further all, some LCs think Sylvester is a free thinker.
The same as always...

I worked with Heereman in the Legion and can tell you he is the perfect fit for an LC superior: docile, unquestioning, clever enough to sell other's decision's but not enough to question them. More of the same...and also he doesn't have his hands clean in the purge the LC has made. He has been a superior ever since he entered the LC

I also think that things will be no different with Heereman....If I'm not mistaken, in regards to Corcuera, the word got around that he got bad migraines...on a visit home once, i asked my assistant if I could get anything for our superiors and he said migraine medicine for Corcuera...My dear's obvious that people like Corcuera knew about the Maciel BS for a while, and I really believe that he had half a conscience...but no one in the Vatican wants to be the prophet Nathaniel to him and to others....other people like Nader, Mateos and especially Bannon, Cosgrave and Kearns and Bailleres have long smothered and deformed theirs...just like Sandusky and can't tell wrong for right....
But with Heereman and De Paolis. Heereman was a nice guy, smart, but a yes a man who has chewed, swallowed and continues to vomit out the LC stench. this is just a stinkin' reflection of the "Sick and Tired' has said so many times.
Listen in regards to this whole nun visitation, I agree that there are some teaching some pretty weird and heretical stuff...but on the whole, the vatican has shuffle out their own horse manure from their stall, starting with Sodano, before they clean out others and theirs is piled so high, they can't even open up the door yet! Lord, please send us a St Catherine of Siena and a St Francis of Assisi who are willing to speak your truth to those who are hypocrites in the Vatican.

It bothers me that DePaolis fails to communicate what is going on. The decapitation option was ruled out and yet there were lots of good reasons to consider that. Because he doesn't communicate what is going on I get the impression that he is this weak, incompetent guy just sort of hanging around hoping something good will happen that he might take credit for and all the while enjoying lots of power and prestiege and perks and in a way being like a new "nuestro padre".
It would help if he showed some acknowledgement that the 3gf's are living lives of virtual slavery. It would help if he released the contents of the Blazquez report. He could have expressed some personal feeling about the Legion leaders playacting about their founder when they really knew about his mistresses and aiding and abetting Fr Williams in his secret life. It would help if he would be open and honest and state his true feelings about A.C.'s departure. If he kicked him out then I would feel better about it if he said that he did this. If he just loved A.C. then he should be honest and say he loves him and really hoped he would stay.
As the years pass by the reform looks as if it is just a process to buy some time hoping that all the victims and family members and all the enslaved persons and general public will forget so they can get on with their Legionary business.

and actually, in regards to the Vatican, I still think it's bigger news that Scicluna was sent to Malta, than the Corcuera matter....Scicluna who had done probably more than anyone in getting more to the heart of this abuse matter in the Church.

Letter from Cardinal DePaolis....

Rome, October 10, 2012

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi,

I write these lines to accompany the letter of Fr Alvaro Corcuera, General Director of the Legion of Christ and responsible for Regnum Christi. All of you have been able to get to know him, esteem him and love him for what he has been for the Legion and Regnum Christi, especially these last seven years due to his service as General Director. It has been a very difficult and burdensome seven years. When he took up this responsibility he know he was to be in office for twelve years—a tenure that today we feel is too long and therefor a matter to be reviewed in the next Chapter, to take place in late 2013 or early 2014. That Chapter will have to elect the new superiors of the Institute and also approve the new Constitutions which by desire of the Holy Father are now in the process of revision.
During these seven years as General Director, Fr Alvaro has given himself generously, investing all his energies in the service of the path of renewal that the Legion is following. His service has been invaluable both because he knew so well his Institute and Regnum Christi with their people and situations, and because of his intelligence and kindness, to the point that he enjoyed the general trust of his confreres and Regnum Christi. But his efforts, carried out in a climate that was frequently one of suffering and misunderstanding, have weakened his energies to the point of causing us to fear that if he continued his efforts, especially in this year leading up to the General Chapter we might have compromised his health. He himself has realized this situation, and in his humility and dedication has accepted the invitation I made to him after consulting with my collaborators. Subsequently, he himself sent me the request to be temporarily relieved of his duties as General Director, which I, after consulting with the General Council of the Congregation, have approved and accepted.
As you can see, this is not a resignation from his position nor are we designating a new, substitute General Director but simply something in the order of a sabbatical year that has been requested by and granted to the General Director. He remains in the position but ceases to exercise its functions until the next General Chapter is convoked. During this time, from October 15 until the day the General Chapter is convoked, Fr Sylvester Heereman, his Vicar General, will exercise the functions of General Director.
This is a painful decision that grieves us all, but we consider it necessary for the good of the Legion and Fr Alvaro himself. We renew our gratitude to him for his dedication, we assure him of our prayers, and we look forward with joy to the day when he is fully recovered and takes up once more the governance of the Legion and his responsibilities in Regnum Christi. May the Lord bless him and help us to follow the path of renewal of the Congregation and Regnum Christi in harmony and unity of intention and purpose. I ask all of you for your collaboration and renewed commitment in your service, according to each one’s condition and role. I send all of you my blessing and I ask each of you to keep me in your prayers,

+Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, c.s. Papal Delegate.

source of letters from Fr Alvaro and Cardinal DePaolis

"This is a painful decision that grieves us all..."

The same whiny tone, we all suffer, we're all hurt, we'll all wring our hands over this...

Somehow I can't see other congregations writing such things, and especially not someone like Ignatius. The "new Jesuits" need to man up.

Hey, maybe he'll follow in the footsteps of so many who took a leave of absence, and incardinate into a diocese!

I don't mean to be an ass, but no one has commented on where the article says that the Vatican élite have known about the accusations since the 1950s yet celebrated the Macielites down through the (decadent) decades. What does this imply about the nature of the Vatican? What context does this give for things like the Second Vatican Council and the John Paul II cult of personality? To what extent was all this sheer manipulation/exploitation, perhaps a bid for power by the hidden leadership? Maciel told his mistresses he was CIA. "Set 'em up, watch 'em fall" is the modus operandi of intelligence. Surely the secret societies in the Vatican and in other global entities have become emboldened to where anyone with eyes can see them operating.

I'm going to miss the Legion's Ferdinand. Now that he doesn't have to worry about not restructuring, he'll have lots of time to sit quietly and smell the flowers.

Miriam - Let's hope someone doesn't encourage him to write his memoirs. Imagine his flowery wordiness, previously confined to overly-long letters, inflated to book-length!

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