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Dear ex LCRC readers, especially those in the Atlanta area interested in the conference: please note that the conference will start at 2:00, end at 4:00-4:30 and it was moved to MOQ (education building). Speakers are Genevieve Kineke and Mary Kochan. It is free. For more information, please contact See you!

It went great! A few follow-up thoughts:

The moment of repentance and humility, on knees or face, that was mentioned? That was the moment the Cross triumphed. That was when your guardian angels were doing victory dances in the end zone. Those moments are when we're closest to the Kingdom of HEAVEN.

I think there's a huge difference between expressing frustration in one of very few safe places, and gossip, and I don't think anyone was there, though it could have headed that way. But there really wasn't time to do much of that. However, everyone there knows what you went through, are going through. We believe what was said, what people wanted to say, and what you just can't describe because their manipulation is soooo subtle sometimes.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

There is a difference between expressing frustration and gossipping, on the one hand, and necessary post-traumatic sharing, on the other. To say nothing of the need to alert others to bad actors and their MO's. Please let's not use the RC brand of charity to censor ourselves.

I am surprised that no one has really posted a summary of the event. Maybe everyone was so healed by it they don't need to come here anymore.

Sorry for not posting a summary earlier. The meeting was scaled down. It was unrealistic to expect a huge turnout; prior registration/paying process may have been a hindrance to some; and the there was the storm. In the end, we had a good group of people, close to 20, mostly from Atlanta. We sat around a conference table, in a nice sunny room. We started with prayers (Our Father and Hail Mary), I suggested guidelines: 1) respect the privacy of participants in order to allow a fruitful, free flowing discussion; 2) the meeting was about healing, and finding ways to do that; 3) to respect the fact that the meeting was on diocesan grounds (this was not about overthrowing the Church!). I asked Jeannette to come represent those that were abused (with permission of Paul Lennon). I think it was important to give a voice to a side of this debacle that is particularly awful, that we should never forget.
The speakers were introduced (short bios). Genevieve Kineke gave a great talk about her and her families’ journey, struggles and all, in and out of RC, and her advocacy work. This was followed by Mary Kochan great talk about the 101 of cults: her personal experience (not in LCRC), the historical models, the journey in and out of a typical cult, from recruitment, retention, exit and the post exit recovery period. She used a lot published material and examples. It was excellent. Mary’s talk helped demystify the meaning of “cult”. One concept was particularly useful: “deed, not creed”. In other words, all “cult” like groups use similar methodologies to manipulate. That is what counts in these groups, the methodology. Whatever the belief they use in their manipulation is almost secondary. A discussion followed, it was free flowing and went over time (I missed part of it, had to step out for work reasons). Some people even went out to dinner to further discuss. I agree with Jeanette, that people should be able to speak freely during such discussions, and that was not issue from I can see. We should have had a closing prayer, something for the next time. The other thing I wish I had done was to pass around comment sheets. But I did get some feedback, I think the meeting did spark a healthy discussion. The meeting was worthwhile for me, I hope it was for all that participated.

The most important outcome of the meeting was that we came together and let in some fresh air and sunlight on a chapter of Church history that is about as dark as they get. We also came to understand that this experience affected the men in the movement differently from their wives, (excluding LCs and 3gfs of course)but as far as damage to souls in the movement, the women and children were the most vulnerable.

Clarification. what I said about the registration/payment process was an impression. There are strong arguments for a secure web based registration/payment process, as was done in Atlanta: people share the cost of the meeting; the meeting is transparent (the local Church is informed); people that may not be reached by word of mouth can be notified. One does not want to create is a new secret society either. Peace.

Below are some links kindly provided by Dr Langone that could help people understand how these cons work, that they are not alone:
Within this collection, see especially:
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Getting people that were in a cult like environment to talk to each other can be healing.

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