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There is no doubt the LC/RC "Charism" has not changed, Or rather, the version of the charism that you need for the moment. In this case it is the charism of recruiting leaders, business leaders who can pump $$$ into the legion.
True, the workplace needs an infusion of ethics. But do you achieve that by forming the businessmen or by helping dysfunctional family life.
I opt for reaching out to families first.

Lord have mercy!

When they say "His Way at Work", I expect they are referring to MM.

Have they no shame?
You nailed it Dilbert.
They will not be forming businessmen and women but DEforming them according to their macielist charism.

Their arrogance is astounding. They actually believe they have something unique and important to teach?

There is only one non-white face in this whole racist line-up.

Interestingly sponsored by USEM (Union Social de Empresarios de Mexico, ie. Social Union of Mexican Businessmen). I wonder who thought of that acronym... not far off the mark of how many treat their unskilled labor: USE 'EM. Who can save the Business World from efficiency at all cost? That's right: the Legion.

Marigold: I count at least 2 faces that are distinctly not of pallor.

I was with Fr. Sylvester for 4 years, starting with Novitiate, and I'd count him a good guy. He was a straight shooter, who didn't take nonsense. I didn't follow his comments on the departing 3GF's, but if so, I'm saddened he's been infected by the disparaging spirit.

Corcuera could make in time for Cancun (lol). He can finally take a break, having his clone at this place. Sigh.

Two non-white faces but no indigenous faces

This may be way too tenuous, but the lighthouse thing looks overtly Masonic. If it were from a different group, I might not see it that way, but when I look and see a red pyramid symbol signifying the clergy presence and the half sun symbol elsewhere, I think the symbols begins to push an esoteric meaning to the overall thing. Compare the poster to this example

Neptune, excellent observation!

What a bunch of bullshit.

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