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Wonderful interview! Ordered the book and a few extras for Christmas presents!! Can't wait to read it.

Archbishop Chaput's latest column at First Things: On the Square -

He discusses what ails the modern Church, and offers this as a sign of hope for the future - new ecclesial communities.

"This is the value of the new ecclesial communities and movements. They’re alive in Jesus Christ, and their new life and energy spill out into the whole Church. What they can bring to the Church is a clear and honest view of our pastoral realities—including the failures and flaws of the Church herself; a view tempered by love, ruled by fidelity, but unencumbered by legacy, habits of the past, or an investment in keeping things the way they are. "

I'm disturbed that we're left to guess which ecclesial movements are favored by Chaput, because he fails to name them. Does he include Regnum Christi in his favorable list of new ecclesial communities? I am certain his comments will be read by Regnum Christi members as a wholhearted endorsement of their ecclesial group, whether or not he has named them as such.

Hi! After several years, I recently left religious life. I was wondering if there's a support group out there?

The wound is still painful... and I was wondering perhaps I can find some support?

Former Monk - do you mean religious life in the Legion? Hoping you are well

Things have been quiet on LARC recently - a couple of news items may be of interest:

Mons. Scicluna was made bishop of Malta as we know - rumours thought it was a demotion from the Cong of Faith, but very recently he was made a member of the congregation which means he is a judge presiding over cases of abuse.

I know that earlier this year two dossiers containing reports of abuses by LC priests and religious were sent to Mons. Scicluna. I wonder...

The second piece of news is about the extortion case against Maciel's Son/victim Raul: none of the six named legionaries (Jesús Quirce Andrés, Carlos Skertchly Molina, Daniel Beltrán Moctezuma, Javier Enrique Durán Lomelí, Rodolfo Martín Mayagoitia López) appeared at a court hearing related to the charge against him. They were to declare against Raul.

The judge reset the hearing to the 12th Dec (ironically) and warned of a fine if they do not show up. In that case, they may be arrested and made to appear on a third date.

And im not sure if this was highlighted already, but another US case against the Legion is underway regarding the another inheritance obtained by the legion through undue influence:

Former Monk: if you will write again (with your contact information on the hidden form) I can put you in touch with those who can help. The address will not be visible here. Or you can write me privately at gisellestemarie [at] yahoo [dot] com. Blessings, friend.

George Weigel at First Things:

"The Church, however, must always hold itself to a stricter standard. That is why the failure to make a full public accounting of the depredations of Father Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, is a grave mistake on the part of both the Legion and the Holy See—as is the failure of both the Legion and the Vatican to ask a very hard question: Is the community Maciel founded, and manipulated to facilitate his crimes, a work of God? No one can or should doubt that individual Legionary vocations to the priesthood are gifts of God; the fruits of those vocations testify to their authenticity. But the Legion itself?"

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for your concerns and prayers.

In regards to your question, no I wasn't a Legionary. I belonged to a young religious community.

Like most young religious communities, our community had serious issues. (ie: psycho-spiritual manipulation, violation of the internal forum, etc.)

I ask for your prayers during this time. Thank you! God Bless!

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