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This will turn into a gay icon, no doubt!
That sweet gringo accent in that happy-clappy idiotic, all-male video... lovely!

The con lives on!

These adults are acting like babies. First it was churchathons, now it's singalongs! This is definitely evidence of arrested development. They were never allowed to mature (except maybe in the bedroom). Does this surprise you? They're not even allowed to urinate like men, standing up! There is nothing normal about this order. They are creating very frustrated priests. It's no wonder they're always in deception mode.

It dawned on me while swinging to their
singalong that perhaps this is all part of a bigger scheme (yes, they scheme). Everything is always calculated, always part of a setup. Perhaps they "retired" Corcuera knowing full well that he'll be back. These "I miss yous" are an attempt to get people's sympathy because they need forgiveness for so many years of manipulation and mistreatment of youths. These boys should be rebelling against abuse but their brains have been turned to mush. They are told, like little boys, to be obedient even to sexual abuse. Sound like pedophilia?

These men should be a lot farther along in their development and critical thinking (and for that matter, the consecrated and RC mothers). If only they had access to the real world and could read these articles. If only their families could read outside posts. Sadly, some parents are too far gone and have sacrificed their entire families to this cultish lifestyle. For these parents, the Legion has become their reality instead of the real, real world. They are living in a fantasy world and making lots of money as they attempt to reel in real people from the outside world.

Embarrassing. Sickening.

Aargh my old robotic LC is scandalised by the informality and shoddiness...

Is it good that they appear to be more relaxed, less programmed if immature? (How can we expect them to be mature over night?)

There are definitely gestures, postures and individuality traits that would never have been allowed in my day (mid 90s). Is it a sham? I doubt they casually open bottles of wine that often...

I have conflicting thoughts.

Ok, that song really sucks.

Is it me or does the lead singer goes actually off tune. And I agree with Dingledore I find the music and the video to be a little childish (and I find it to be a little 70-ish as well, but it might be just me). Feel so sorry that the culture of "praise and honor your superior" is still around. That's precisely what got them in that mess. As long the superiors make the LC's honor them because "they sacrifice so much for you", the Legion won't puritfy itself. In my mind, whenever I thanked or praised a superior deep within me I felt I wasn't beeing sincerely thankful. I always wonder why those men wanted to be praised. To me the real superior, was the one who seeks to serve and help their religious, without the least intention of being acknowledged. "I came to serve, not to be served". But my conscience had to be silenced since the LC tokd me to behave thus, and that was God's will for me. The LC culture teaches you to be "delicate" with your superior, but superiors were not obliged to be thus with their subjects.

Excellent point, Hope.

Aaron, when you were in the movement, would you say that there was much prayer and spirituality? Or was it all about making videos, playing soccer, drinking wine, giving tours, and running around to churches trying to get attention from the masses? Were you constantly busy so you had no time for the Lord and prayer? Were they more obsessed with recruiting versus evangelizing?

When I began to watch the video, I thought it was just a "promotional" item, showing the life of the young men at their Center in Rome off the Via Aurelia. "Strange, but innocuous" was my reaction. But then when I realized that it was a taped message of thanks and appreciation for Corcuera on his feastday, I thought to myself "Why would they ever broadcast this? Why wouldn't a message from brothers to their down-for-the-count Superior be something private and 'en famille'?" And then I remembered: all they know how to do is self-promotion. All they can say to one another and to us is: See how wonderful and charitable we are!

Sad. There is so much more to life than the Legionaries of Christ and their debilitating organization. It certainly is a sheltered way to live out your life as a missionary. Assuming "missionary work" is their charism this week.

Mighty painful. Thanks (not)

She-Ra - just saw your video link. I nearly fell off my rocker!

Wow, the LC's blocked the video to the public. Guess they didn't like the reviews their new hit was getting.

Or maybe they read my comment above? Hmmmmmm.....

Sure sounds like all the good voices were lost in the Exodus.
This is just bad. And God love those little boys: singing to their General Director who is "somewhere" "resting." Reminds me of all the stupid videos, spiritual bouquets, etc. Maleny would have us make for Dear Leader when he was "somewhere" "resting." I don't know Alvaro's whereabouts, but I doubt we'll be hearing from him anytime soon. If nothing else, those "caring" for him asked that this video be made for him because he's on the verge of jumping ship for good (once you taste how nice it is to be out...). Nothing like a little spiritual guilt tripping/blackmail to keep you hanging on!

Wow...very interesting insider information, She-Ra! I hadn't even contemplated the possibility of Dear Leader himself jumping ship, but, as you say, "once you taste how nice it is to be out"...

And that this video could be "spiritual blackmail"...well, the mind just boggles! Thanks.

Maybe Alvaro has gone with Devlin to Thailand for missionary work with young children...or maybe he will start his own legacy. After so much deception, he may finally be living the dream.

It's so obvious, and I too noticed a few of those details, Aaron, but those legionaries are still part of the Truman Show (Jim Carey movie, a must see for anyone having been in this joke of an order call LC or RC)....but they are all Truman himself. You never notice til you allow yourself to think, to venture beyond the contained area and notice the whole "false set".

Why hasn't all the "good work for the children" in Thailand gotten more attention from the press? They all deserve to be in jail.

Well, dear blogger... you thought of stopping comments some days ago, no doubt thanks to my 'nasty' (?) gay reference. But after Little Light and She-Ra's comments, I wonder whether you weren't right...
(Sarcasm, for those who don't get it...)

dingle there we all spent four hours a day in prayer, more at times (retreats etc). I would say there wasn't much time for spontaneous prayer - we had to pray regardless of whether were inclined to and had no choice about what we had to pray (some prayers and devotions were not permitted).

Our prayer time was scheduled and universal - everybody prayed the same approved prayers.

I am not sure if I remember whether a visit to the chapel needed prior permission or not. The morning hourly "meditation" was a very difficult time - it was an extremely cerebral daily event that I still don't understand. It was a kind of torture in some ways - it was full of guilt traps.

Can anyone explain to me its merits? How was it prayer?

Aaron -- It was self-binding "prayer." The purpose was to control your mind, your soul, your will. There is real sorcery at the core of the Legion's black heart, and the diabolic set up and MO is created by those who KNOW the Catholic Faith, the Catholic Church's patrimony, to the very core -- thus they know how to twist and pervert it in a truly occult double-bind. The saddness and the blasphemy is horrible -- ONLY the TRUTH can get us out of this situation, and the TRUTH is that this is religious terrorism, where the Enemy has used our own planes (i.e., churches, prayers, structure) to bring down the Catholic culture that is so hated by these diabolic little Mexican Masons.

Marigold: I know that goodness always defeats evil so the good will prevail. I have faith in the light of Jesus. For every act of deception they create, there are acts of kindness that are delivered by decent Catholics. I now have a stronger faith that brings me great peace and joy. Leaving the movement has given me an incredible feeling of lightness. I will pray for them to find the light.

In order for them to find the light, they need spiritual leadership because it was not just MM who was devoid of genuine religious sentiment. His words and his ways still echo through the leaders he trained and LC and RC continue to primarily devote their energies to produce power and money for the guys at the top by recruiting and fund raising. They still don't have a spiritual purpose.

RC members are being pacified by a false hope of becoming independent from the Legion. The Legion leaders control the money and unfortunately they are being allowed to keep their remaining slave laborers.
It is like having a license to print money when you don't have to pay anybody.

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