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I found out from a former Consecrated that she left the 3G's in July but was working at a LC school in Mexico. Details are sketchy, but apparently, she didn't feel good I'm thinking Monday nite, went to the hospital and died the next day. Meningitis? Not sure but will let folks know when I hear something. Lot's of things going around in my brain about this. Rather not say anything until the facts are out there. God Bless her family. I can't imagine having to work out the details with Mexico..

Erin was, indeed, a 3GF. She worked at Overbrook for a number of years. What a bright light... I am relieved to hear that she left the 3G's - as it seemed to weigh heavily on her - but am saddened to hear her of her passing. It doesn't seem real.

After seeing her facebook page, I'm having a hard time with her 'friends' who seem to have the same dehumanizing response to her death that I experienced regularly with RC/LC: joy and optimism with no room for grief. It has always bothered me, but today it feels unbearable.

All of my prayers for her and her family.

In Mexico somebody told she died during a panic attack. No confirmation and no more info.

When we met her a few years ago at Overbrook, we thought Erin had the only genuine smile we had seen from the staff at Overbrook; not one of those plastic, permanent, super-smiles that RC is known for. She was so real and light-hearted, not nervous, forced, or on guard like the others. She was a refreshing ray of light in a dark tunnel. When she told us her parents had the same misgivings about the movement that we had, and that they had moved to a position of being “at peace” with it, I thought we should look them up and compare notes and maybe we could reunite with our RC family members – together. I Googled combinations of “Erin” and “Belfi” several times in several locations and never found a lead that made sense. Belfi=Bellefeuille? I wish I had known.

I have not been able to collect more information either. However, it seems highly unlikely that she had a panic attack. She was one of the most genuine and balanced people I knew there. My contacts either have no information, or more likely, are not willing to discuss it. I hope someone can shed some light on the situation.

I was a novice with her older brother Matt. He thought the world of her, talked about her all the time, mentioning that she was considering the consecrated life, basically because of his example. I remember seeing her and her parents at professions, she was probably about 15 then. Cute kid.
Funny, I never got along with Matt, we were polar opposites. For three years he bugged the living shit out of me. He was such a nice boy with a naturally happy disposition (not like me at all), but religious life, and especially the Legion, wasn't good for him; he was so sensitive, so scrupulous, got wrapped so tight, I found him unbearable... I made him cry at least twice, poor thing. I really did try to be nice to him but just couldn't pull it off. I was relieved when he left, for his sake and mine. I was sick of feeling guilty about disliking a sincere and generous person, however out of place he may have been.
But then, he was lucky, only wasting three years of his life, less than me, less than his sister.
We all tried so hard.
I can't imagine Matt taking this well.
Christ, I'm not taking this well and I didn't know the girl.

Thanks for sharing that Another ex-LC. I feel very badly about what happened to this girl. I didn't know her, but it sounds like she was a gem. Wish she had lived. I've heard too many tragic stories related to the Legion. I think God is watching.

We all have so much to be thankful for - our FREEDOM. Be glad you're no longer in shackles. Do something nice for someone today!! and without motives!!

Jack Bellefeuille - Erin's brother - posted this detail:

The funeral for Erin Bellefeuille will be at 9AM on Saturday November 24th at Saint Andrew's Catholic Parish: 3450 West Ray Road Chandler, AZ 85226.

He also said they do not know how she died and may never know. I think he and the entire family would benefit from our prayers.

You can see his postings at:

Giselle!! Haven't heard much about Atlanta and the weekend and this whole situation with Erin is very difficult to understand...depression and sadness and all that we all have been through is one thing..but death??? Will there be an investigation or is another moment in LC history going to get lost in their la la land shuffle...???

From Trastevere:
La noche antes de su muerte Erin conducía su automóvil cuando sufrió un ataque de pánico, tuvo que estacionarse, un policía la auxilio, llamó desde su móvil al último número marcado y pidio ayuda a una amiga. La recogieron y llevaron a un hospital donde se les dijo que había sufrido un ataque de pánico pero que se repondría, salió del hospital y horas mas tarde falleció. Es lo que se. Es una tragedia. Que descanse en paz, que su familia encuentre consuelo. Que Dios nuestro Señor tenga misercordia y tome encuenta todo su sacrifcio y entrega sincera.
Indignante que los legionarios le hayan hecho un funeral y misas en la Anáhuac como si de verdad se hubieran preocupado por su situación una vez abandonado el 3GF, como si de verdad les importase que es de los muchos que salen con la vida rota, sin familia, sin dinero, sin amigos, sin salud, etc. Indignante que hayan vendio consagradas de todo México y que alguna se haya atrevido a decir con la mayor ligereza y naturalidad que “murió en paz”, ¿cómo se atreve a afirmarlo?, ¿alguna vez le llamó por teléfono? ¿alguna vez se interesó por su salud? ¿alguan vez la visitó al cuarto donde vivió? Los últimos días de su vida Erin encontró apoyo y acogida en una “comunidad” de exconsagradas que le abrió las puertas de su casa. Ellas asistieron también a los funerales y tuvieron el valor de increpar a los LC y a sus excompañeras, fueron momentos muy tristes y muy tensos.
Ex-3gf, Ex-LC, por favor atiendanse y busquen apoyo su salud física y mental ha sido atentada gravemente por este monstruo llamado RegnumChristi.

LAN, this is sad and tragic.
Below are some links kindly provided by Dr Langone that could help people understand how these cons work, that they are not alone:
Within this collection, see especially:
See also:
Getting people that were in a cult like environment to talk to each other can be healing. Some suggestions based on the Atlanta experience: keep is simple, local (in the end, what worked was word of mouth, not the website; when the meeting happened, we had no registration lists) and free (find prior a few good souls to fork out for the speaker’s travel, stay and per diem). As described we had introductions, two great speakers (Genevieve Kineke and Mary Kochan) and a discussion. I think it’s a good idea to book end the meeting with a short prayer, or something like that. Have a good Advent, peace, all!

..shoul read more so than the website

Clarification. what I said about the registration/payment process was an impression. There are strong arguments for a secure web based registration/payment process, as was done in Atlanta: people share the cost of the meeting; the meeting is transparent (the local Church is informed); people that may not be reached by word of mouth can be notified. One does not want to create is a new secret society either. Peace.

Getting back to a previous post, to my knowledge no one dies of panic attacks. If the doctors told her she had a panic attack, and she died the next day, they misdiagnosed her.

Something smells really fishy to me. I agree with Another-ex LC that no one dies of a panic attack. In addition, all of the written accounts of her stated that she was naturally, very calm. That she was full of joy and not grief. The only thing that stinks is the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi. They are con artists, bullies for Christ and very good at brainwashing people by initially sweeping them off their feet. Once trapped in their spider's web, they will milk you and your family and friends for every penny. They target the wealthy and the older, the better so they can get on their will (read
the post about Mrs. Mee). If you quit their
order, they take offense to it and will make your life miserable through guilt and badmouthing. I imagine they treated Erin the
same way they treated all of the wise consecrated women who escaped and spoke the truth about this very corrupt and scandalous order from Mexico.

I was very close to Erin and her passing away has been hard... But I feel like you are building this up without real knowledge of anything.

Erin left consecrated life a few months ago because she felt that was not get vocation, but she didn't have a traumatic experience that caused the separation. Actually, she was still close to the 3gfs and ex 3gfs.

She was in Mexico but not working at an LC school.

Though the cause of death remains uncertain, doctors believe it was a heart attack caused by a congenital defect previously undetected... And guess what, it happens.

Realizing I won't see her smiling face anymore hurts, a lot! But in all justice and in her memory I had to state some facts... Erin was simple and she hated taking things out of proportion...

I love you Erin, and I'll miss you every day until we meet again

Nooneportant: thank you. Are you at all affiliated with Regnum Christi?

Giselle, you should be following Trastevere on this.

Giselle, the "gringo," counts on her readers to follow Trastevere and keep them informed. She can't "google" the whole world...

I was reading noone's email again. He/she stated that they were close friends with Erin, but the tone is that of a detached person.

I quote..." guess what, it happens.". This sounds typical of an LC/RC person. They are cold people... like snakes.

I thought I'd read everything...but I get Page Not Found when I try and access the original link in the original post, "...but more information may be found HERE"

I am Erin Bellefeuille's brother, Matt. The moderator of this site is deleting my comments without telling me why. I have information to share and I would like to talk to Another (ex) LC. my email is matt at kraemer d0t co d0t nz

I'm happy to speak to anyone who would like to share their experiences of me or my sister.

Please don't "moderate" this comment without sending me an email telling me why.

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