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Fr. Alex Yeung LC was a family friend and was very involved behind the scenes. I would be surprised if the lawsuit doesn't involved him in some way. He was the editor of Sacerdos.

When thank yous were to be sent to the donor after a donation was sent in, one was told not to do it since the family was not very Catholic and was opposed to his generosity. Especially to be avoided were phone calls to the family asking for him to thank him for the gifts since that would alert the family to the gift that was sent in...I got the idea from the Legion that the family was "anti-catholic". They did not speak well of his family.

Oh those lonely old benefactors are quite a catch for LC vultures. They smell their wealthy decomposing bodies well before the last breath is taken. Don't close your eyes and ears just yet. Desparate and lonely old women with big purses have already signed over their millions to at least one charming fundraiser in the US. Who is investigating this fraudulent Catholic order and when will the voice of Uncle Screwtape finally get silenced?

Little Light -- are you talking about the family in this lawsuit as being "not very Catholic"?

If so, that's the lie of the century, according to some people who used to live in the same area and attended the same church. It's about 180 degrees from the truth, from what we understand.

Maybe we misunderstood what you said.

Why not send these recent articles about the Legion preying on elderly rich benefactors to our bishops? Maybe watching $ millions go to a parallel church is the hot button for some of our shepherds to awake them to the predatory nature of LegReg.

the way the get the bishops attention is to include them as a party in the lawsuit. I hope that will be done with the next filing. And yes, there could be a liability to be argued because LC cannot operate in a diocese without the bishop's approval. When there is a complainant who files the lawsuit that includes the bishop and the reality that the diocese may be at risk of some liability, then they'll take notice. I promise.

I never met or spoke to them so I have no idea what they were/are like. I am referring to how the legion painted the family as not being very catholic or anti catholic and as not being very generous. my recollection is that the donor's family was spoken of negatively by the legion and were not to thank him in writing and much less to contact him by phone (to thank for a donation).

Meanwhile the legion was sneaking about trying to get donations without raising red flags with the family.

Little Light,

Can't say that it's shocking that this bunch of con artists lied -- but apparently this one about the family is a whopper.

You're right -- it was to conceal the improper activities of the cons.

Perhaps not shocking in light of all we know about this group -- but still disgusting.

"O forlorn disciples,
Ye who the things of God, which ought to be
The brides of holiness, rapaciously

"For silver and for gold do prostitute,
Now it behoves for you the trumpet sound,
Because in this third Bolgia ye abide."

Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Canto XIX

Fr. Alex Yeung, LC is the director of Looks like he has a doctorate...

ePriest's ideal is to be A Resource for Catholic Priests, dedicated to loving Christ, building the Church, and serving people.

Director: Fr. Alex Yeung, LC, Ph L

If you want to communicate with him:

You are on to something, occassional tourist. Include bishops in the lawsuits? After all, most bishops have full knowledge of the fundraising "practices" of the Legion. Any attempts made thus far to protect the Catholic community from the Legion's deceptive practices has been minimal at best. Have our diocese turned their backs on the problem of the Legionaries of Christ? Are diocese across America assuming that exposing the perversion of Maciel has washed away the sins and practices of its members? Does their lack of intervention have anything to do with the deceptive lay group of the Legion who continue to play manipulative games with the diocese and the Catholic community?

It IS much easier to turn a blind eye.

Oh, the many Catholic ways to practice Christianity.

Little Light,

I'm still not sure what you mean -- was Fr. Yeung the source of these statements about the family?

In part and I think he was getting info from others as well. There had been some communications regarding the donor through email & others over the phone but I don't remember who said what when etc. I wish I had the time to pull up the old emails to confirm the exact language.

Little Light,

There is no reason to communicate with Fr. Yeung, as the statements that he and others reportedly made about the family are completely false -- lies -- as I said earlier. I have the truth from a highly trustworthy source.

That a priest would lie -- (as well as commit slander) is just a confirmation that this group will go to any lengths to protect its deceitful wrongdoing.

Again, I should be shocked that a priest would tell such serious lies -- but looking at the initials after the name -- I'm not even surprised.

Why is anyone surprised to hear that the Legion lies, are hypocrites, are blood suckers. They say one thing and do the other. They tell people to be good and then act immorally. Gee, does that remind you of their corrupt founder, Maciel??!

Does anyone know if they give a certain percentage of their "earnings" to the Vatican? They have got to be in collusion with the Vatican who refuses to dissolve them. Can't wait to hear what comes out of the Vati-leaks hearings whenever that will be. The truth needs to be revealed.

My hunch is that more good priests will leave if
purification doesn't happen and that will leave
only the very greedy, corrupt and prideful ones
(narcissists). Remember, those are the
Pharisees. I imagine that as this poor dying man was giving his heart until his last breath, these priests had their fangs out. Shame on them! This order ands bad and the priests will
go down with it so long as they keep deceiving people with their fancy speeches and looks as bait. It's not right. It's not Christian!

Legion spokesman Jim Fair denied the allegations in the lawsuit and said the order doesn't pressures anyone to make a contribution.

"We're very confident that everything regarding him (Chu) was handled appropriately," Fair said. "We're always very concerned with respecting the intent of any of our donors."

And Jim Fair knows this, how? Is he involved in the lives of every Legion community? Is acquainted with every donor? His claim -"We're always concerned with respecting the intent of our donors" - really amounts to a lie - he doesn't know and he can't know. The man cannot be honest or objective when it comes to his beloved Legion.

"We're always very concerned with respecting the intent of any of our donors." That is a hilarious and ridiculously false statement. As it happens, i worked in fundraising for a LC "apostolate". (I was not in RC.) I left that development position due to the very issue of LC in Connecticut draining the funds from the local work, and purposefully ignoring the intent of the donors. Richard Gill would likely remember the argument(s) we had as would Patrick Langan (though he would never admit it) There are numerous other LC who would remember as well. And the donors would also remember because the facts were revealed to them and several demanded a return of their funds. The only 'concern' i was ever able to note with LC was that the donors not find out what was actually done with the funds donated. Jim Fair knows that even if he doesn't want to know, and doesn't want to believe it. Fact is fact and what Jim Fair believes or doesn't want to know is of no importance whatsoever.

It is one thing that in the past - albeit the recent past - the un-interventioned legion carried out Maciel's typical fraudulent and deceptive practises but it is another that TODAY they are defended (Jim Fair).

It still is the same Legion, Maciel's legacy continues.

This is a great example of the major deformation of the Legion: their consciences are so manipulated and twisted, they are so egocentric that they cannot recognise actual wrongs that they have committed. They deny EVERY crime. The abuses by Maciel have been mentioned very rarely (we are led to read between the lines: actions not worthy of a priest could be anything). The words sexual abuse are almost never mentioned. No names have been mentioned.

The legion is denying everything and this is because it is incapable of empathy and in order to act deceptively, fraudulently, criminally, it has to justify it and suspend conscience.

I find the suspension of conscience interesting so I googled to see if there was anything written about it. This from the 1860s is a perfect summing up of how the LC accepts, embraces and defends its immorality, the first line says it all:

A suspension of the Will, when indulged in for any length of time,
produces a suspension of that inward consciousness of good and evil
which we call Conscience, and which can be actively exercised only
through the medium of the Will. The mental faculties and the moral
perceptions lie down together in the same passive sleep. The subject is,
therefore, equally liable to receive impressions from the minds of
others, and from their passions and lusts. Besides this, the germs of
all good and of all evil are implanted in the nature of every human
being; and even when some appetite is buried in a crypt so deep that its
existence is forgotten, let the warder be removed, and it will gradually
work its way to the light. Persons in the receptive condition which
belongs to the trance may be surrounded by honest and pure-minded
individuals, and receive no harmful impressions; they may even, if of a
healthy spiritual temperament, resist for a time the aggressions of evil
influences; but the final danger is always the same. The state of the
Medium, therefore, may be described as one in which the Will is passive,
the Conscience passive, the outward senses partially (sometimes wholly)
suspended, the mind helplessly subject to the operations of other minds,
and the passions and desires released from all restraining

Does anyone want to venture a guess as to what the Legion and all its various corporations are going to do about the HHS mandate? If there is anything good at all about the present moment, it is the fact that those who are truly Catholic will be known and those that aren't will also be brought out into the light. This is a defining moment in the process of purification of the whole Catholic Church. What was that old show - black and white TV at its most memorable - where there was a panel of persons all saying they were "someone" and the challenge was to find out who was telling the truth? "Will the real Catholic Church, please stand up?" Was the show named "Truth or Consequences?"

It will be pretty hard for anyone to profess they are Catholic after this mandate is enforced. Because we will know them by their actions. It will be pretty hard to trick people into giving them their hard earned money.

Seeking: The TV show was "What's My Line" I remember one episode when the "mystery guest" stumped the panel. He was the then governor of Georgia - Jimmy Carter. Two years later he was in the White House. I agree - this is going to be a defining moment. And maybe adding the bishops by name to future lawsuits against the LC might wake them up. Thankfully the bishop of my diocese is a real hawk regarding their activities.

Ah, yes!!! "What's My Line?"...terrific name. You are blessed to be in an authentic diocese of the Catholic Church!! Do you want to venture a guess as to whether or not the Legionaries of Christ, LLC will capitulate to paying for activities that attack human life? Or will they follow the USCCB which just yesterday reiterated their unity to NOT capitulate but to resist even if it means civil disobedience, ie. jail? All the Legionary "fronts" apostolic schools, day schools, international academies, their seminary, etc. all have insurance linked to them in some fashion.

@Seeking Truth: please be careful about mixing politics, religion, and faith. The 'who is most Catholic' mindset is a sign of 'LC/RC think'. It is also a sign of the evil spirit causing confusion and division among those who love Jesus. It is true that not everyone in the Church loves Jesus in the same way but as far as we can tell Jesus never asks us to do that. He asks us to love Him and the Father. In truth this is one of the treasures of the Catholic Church, the diversity of thought, action, loving. When the demand becomes that everyone be the same, as in LC/RC, a person actually becomes less catholic.

And in regard to the HHS regulation, the hoopla of the USCCB was a political manuever. It was a way some bishops chose to campaign for a particular political party and agenda. But, the truth is that many, if not most, Catholic institutions have long ago been providing via health insurance benefits for employees what the regulation now requires...including Cardinal Dolan's archdiocese and Lori's archdiocese, plus most of the diocesan schools and universities. So please, do not err in mixing oil and water. Mother Theresa once said "we are not called to be successful, we are called to be faithful." Focusing on outcomes, results, and success can counter what God is wanting to do. I find it hard enough to just be faithful.

Dear Occasional Tourist, I respectfully disagree you in this instance regarding LC/RC mindset. That's not what I am referring to with regards to the attacks on life and religious freedom which are the issues at stake here with the HHS mandate. The teachings of the Church have always been consistent on those issues. Christ never waivered. As for those Catholic institutions that already have capitulated to the culture....I'm not referring to them. They've already made their choice. They do have that freedom to choose even what's contrary to the consistent teachings of our faith. But the Legion insurance currently does not cover contraception, abortifacient drugs, etc. The distinction here is specific to whether they will change their policies or hold tight? They always profess to be in line with the Holy Father and the bishops. Will they stay in line or defer to the easy route so as to not suffer whatever consequences may come.

As for the USCCB using this mandate as a political can you be so sure as to what is in the hearts and minds of the bishops who spoke out? You may be right. I'm not denying that....but to speak so unequivocably as though you know the intent...well, I think that is an arrogant position. Are you saying that the bishops that spoke out had the intent of manipulation as their primary goal instead of defending the teachings of the Church? ugly that would be!

I do love the quote from Mother Teresa, too. In this case, what is faithful? One must define your terms.

But, back to the Legion. Will they change their policy instead of resisting the prevailing anti life culture? Hmmmmmm....

Occasional Tourist,
One more thing if I may, the CCC (Cathechism of the Catholic Church) is a fabulous resource on what our Church actually does teach. To say that we can have diversity on all issues is not true. Some issues yes, some issues no. The right to life from conception to natural death is one such teaching and includes contraception and abortifacient use.

Now, a person who is Catholic can say they disagree and there are no "church police" who will force you to believe - that's where our freedom comes into play....but it is not the truth to say that the Church has diverse teachings on these issues.

I converted to Catholicism so I am a fairly new disciple. My question is, does the Legion represent and practice true Catholic doctrine? Should they be representing the Catholic church? Is their methodology of recruiting and teaching seminarians in line with the Catholic church or are they closer to Mormonism? What is their role in the church? Are they good at evangelizing or are they dividing the church?

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