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It took me a minute to place him, but looking through his books, I realized I just finished Fr. Jacques' Interior Freedom. I highly recommend it.

Thanks giselle, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Fr Alvaro. I am sure he was greatly distressed at the state of MM's soul at his death, so perhaps that witness combined with the spectre of a life-threatening condition will provide the impetus for a deep and sincere examination of conscience. I have always thought, if just one of the LC PTB demonstrated perfect contrition and complete honesty, the house of cards would tumble and then, finally, reform might become a possibility. Perhaps at his weakest AC will be at his strongest. Prayers.

Thank you for the addendum in the above thread about the program "Together." If anyone in my parish begins talking about the "Cana Family Institute," I will try to point out why "Together" would be the program of choice and why the "Cana Family Institute" would not be.

anyone have comment on the new auxiliary for Atlanta, who pastored I think two big parishes there?

From "Whispers in the Loggia" on Atlanta's new Auxiliary:

Those who are in Atlanta and know the three parishes of which he was pastor, is there a strong RC presence in any of the three?

"In 2007 Familia participation peaked at 7,945 participants in ongoing formation." Hmmm wonder what happened after that....

It seems the Cana Institute is yet another effort to keep distancing the name LC and RC from the material/programs. It is buffered now with a board of mostly non-RC with a token bishop or two, etc... I do believe there has been some effort across many RC apostolates to create some sort of separation thinking the content would be more accepted and float into newer places far more freely. What is also more common now is for RC to themselves associate with non-RC apostolic programs, even started by non-RC groups and persons. All of this still works for the grand scheme however- they still can go anywhere, where spiritual influence can be had, and then bring those in a spiritual awakening moment to retreats and spiritual direction within the LC/RC world- which is the core structure from which all commitment proceeds.

It seems so counter-intuitive that a "work of God" has to be hidden from the sight of the faithful, LC has to be dropped from names, RC report to non-RC boards, so as to gain a hearing. Time was when a Decretum Laudis was the fruit of public acceptance of a charism in the universal Church, what we have here is implicitly a decree of scandal, a gradual tacit lack of public acceptance of this work in itself among the faithful.

As the currents of the new Evangelization flow from other sources and RC open themselves up to them I think that, in the end, it will be a good thing. It will permit them to find their place somewhere else in the Church, to find other retreat masters for their annual retreat and other structures of spiritual formation. The real dissolution of the LC will come from the true works of God coming alive and carrying these souls to a better place.

Could it be a new LC policy to not have LCs put the legionary affiliation on their books in case they get caught out a la Fr. Thomas Williams?

kinda off topic: John Allen on Wikileaks

Says that the whistle-blowing came from within the Legion itself:

"For instance, we now know that Fr. Rafael Moreno, private secretary to the late Mexican Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, tried to inform Pope John Paul in 2003 about charges against Maciel, but the pope "didn't want to hear them, didn't believe." (Maciel was eventually sentenced in 2006 to a life of prayer and penance over acts of sexual and financial misconduct.)"

On a different point,Jacques Philippe has been prescribed reading for years now, (as an antidote to Envoy) so its no surprise to see a working relationship developing.

Just heard the apostolic school in Cornwall, ON, is closing. Don't know if it is closing now or at the end of the year. Also don't know if that is old news or just now coming out, as I have not had time or inclination to pay attention to much Legion news lately.

I'm just so disgusted and mortified that the Legionaries of Christ, a congregation founded by a liar, fraud, and sexual molester of children and founded on twisted, cultish, abusive, and completely anti-Christian principles and methodology, still exists as a so-called "legitimate" organization within our Church that I can't bear to think about it most of the time. How long, O Lord?

Former Monk:

To respond to your post on the last thread, I will add you to our family's prayers. My suggestion, if you are looking to reach out to someone with whom you can discuss the issues spiritually without worry, is to find a good Jesuit or Benedictine. Both of these orders place a strong emphasis on spiritual direction and their respect for confidentiality is absolute.


Apparently they are going to "consolidate", ie yes they are going to shut down the Noviciate an Apostolic School in Cornwall.

Novices will be moving to Cheshire in late January and the apostolics would be leaving their house at the end of the school year.

The apostolic school/novitiate in Cornwall was originally planned for Quebec, but Fr. Bannon had fears of a Quebec becoming its own country so put it right outside Quebec in English speaking territory. This was a bad decision since it wasn't either English or French and tried to be both. I think at the time the Archdiocese of Montreal wasn't favorable to the Legion so that was a strike against a Montreal landing as well.

The main RC people were out in western Canada like in Calgary or in the area where Fr. Kermit was working. If FAB would have put the LC center in Vancouver, he could have pulled from Seattle, Portland, Idaho and western Canada.

The other good location was and is Toronto or thereabouts, but FAB couldn't get past the idea of having something in Quebec or along its border.

This decision basically made the work of all the recruiters much harder and limited the Legion outreach. The legion think where the superiors speaks the will of God keep people from voicing disapproval and it was playtime for everyone in the funny farm after that since no one could speaking anything other than positive reaffirmations of the fantastic wisdom of FAB and his amazing insights.

It was remarkable how many recruiters had their faces pushed into their own failures every year since of course if this was God's will, why wouldn't he want it to be successful? Fr. Kenneth Leblanc still tries to work hard under the direction of his superiors and that is great, but the top down approach has to start wearing him down you would think.

Then they put Fr. Daniel Brandenburg in charge of vocations in Canada and things went south very quickly. He was a 5 year plan guy who could make any square circle given enough time, ie, use a bigger hammer to hit the recruiters over the head and you will get results eventually. Soon he went into panic mode and he started with a 2 year plan. By putting the cart before the horse the best made plans have no where to go, but in Fr. Daniel's mind "God's will" supercedes all.

If Fr. Daniel had any smarts, he would have pushed for the closure of the Cornwall building along time ago and move it to Toronto where they were spending most of their time anyway. But this wasn't his way of doing things. It was always the fault of someone not following through with the plans made at some planning meeting far away and with no relationship to reality.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time before things in Canada started to fall apart. No results and probably a couple of million dollars invested it seems like a wise decision. Maybe the light is starting to break through the fog, but I doubt it. Before you know it they will be back to making square circles again and everything will be right in the kingdom of maciel/bannon.

I wonder what euphemism they will use when they are finally forced to shut down the last of the apostolic schools and there is nothing left to "consolidate". (I have no doubt it will happen eventually, as I honestly do believe that religious organizations, and especially schools, founded by sexual criminals and based on lies and abuse simply can't stand up to the test of time).

It's just beyond disappointing that when this abusive system does shut down, it will be despite and not because of the institutional Church.

"Consolidate", my foot. LOL What a joke this outfit is.

And Little Light, thanks so much for the laughter---playtime at the funny THAT would make a great title for the real History of the Legion, if anybody ever writes it.

Great comments Little Light. Unfortunately, the PTB forget that they are priests, not men with MBAs. I think that at this point, they are scrambling to recruit people with business acumen and connections. They are also getting rc members to become politically active because it gets them closer to the big bucks. I think most people are intelligent and can see through their deception (even if they drop the lc tag). The only ones who have been victimized and manipulated are the nutty diehard RCs
who remain in this very dysfunctional family. I will pray for them to not only see the light, but for the ones who struggle internally, know thyself. The priests who have a very dark side are supposed to be good and holy priests, not opportunists and certainly not abusive. At the same time, the mothers and fathers are supposed to be parenting their children, not spending all of their time in this make-believe "kingdom" (with a small k). Serve our Lord by being good Samaritans and serve the real Roman Catholic church, your local parish.

Incidentally, I am reading a book called, "Goodbye, Good Men" by Michael S. Rose. It depicts the current homosexual subculture in
the priesthood and how truly orthodox seminarians (heterosexuals) are often turned away from the seminaries. I think times are changing and the new breed is doing a better job of staying true to their vows (unlike Maciel, TW and I'm sure others that we don't even
know about because of sworn secrecy). It's a very interesting read and a real eye opener. I guess I've been too naive.

Hey Ding, Happy New year. With time and maturity I have come to think that some of the most talented, caring, honest priests I have met are homosexuals. I do not care anymore as long as they are not hurting children or anyone else. Raymond Arroyo(?) from EWTN once said to be he was convinced that there were hoards of homosexuals in the LC's as so many were so good looking and handsome. mmmm made me wonder about Raymond????

Rose's book was published ten years ago. Much of the research for the book was done the five to ten years previous to writing and publication. Due the the scandals of the Church [sex and finances] many processes for admittance to the diocesan [and religious orders] seminaries have changed over the past ten years. So, Rose's book may give light to a historical perspective, it does not necessarily accurately reflect current processes and procedures.

Thanks and agreed. Like I said, times have changed.

Speaking of a true "history of the Legion", has anyone heard anything more about a movie which was to be released this year in Mexico?

I don't understand why the Legion thinks that they know anything about marriage and renewal if:

1) they require purification themselves;
2) they are still being governed by Maciel loyalists and we all know that Maciel had children out of wedlock.

They need to fix themselves first!

Just a word on the Cornwall question. For some reason Maciel always dreamt of having a novitiate in Québec. In his mind he dreamt of the romanticized Catholic Québec of the 1940's.

As Little Light has pointed out, whatever the superior says, has to be done regardless of the irrationality of the thought. Had Martin Luther being a Legionary, he would had advocated for Soli Superiores.

Anyone can see that it is rather an idiotic to think you would recruit Québecois when you spend most of your time deep in anglophone territory. What I've heard is that Maciel, and thus Bannon, wanted Québecois or at least French Speaking Canadians, at all cost. To me it seems like a childish whim Maciel had since the inception of the Legion.

I don't claim to have the full facts about Cornwall, I can only speak of what I've heard throughout my LC years. I heard Bannon wanted to open the Apostolic school in Quebec, but they LC's would have to follow a liberal province-approved program (anyone with little common sense would see this as sign), plus some restrictions on Catholic education. So the LC's thought it best to have the Novitiate and Apostolic school in a french speaking town in much friendlier Ontario.

Anyhow , everybody knew that Cornwall was just a waste of money, there was a joke about brothers having to work so hard that they were the LC farming community. Their attempts to have Quebeckers was futile, and the few who join ended up leaving after awhile. The numbers at the school were kept by sending english speaking apostolics from New Hampshire, and Novices from Mexico and the US (and later on a few ones from France) to make their Novitiate look in good shape.

I am surprised they took so long to realize Cornwall was a lost case, but that's what you get when you put idiotic ideas before common sense. After all, they won't feel the pain since God's will was given through the infallible superiors who decided to "consolidate".

Right on Dingledore. You are so polite in your posts.

Regarding the movie about the Legion, "obediencia perfecta" all I have picked up from is that it is being made with utmost secrecy, that they don't want to reveal anything about it (out of fear perhaps) and also that the main actor has needed therapy because the role is so difficult for him. It is due to be released in march and is directed by Luis Urquiza.

Hey Aaron or Little Light, maybe this was said some posts back but do we know the real reason why Bannon was moved to Ireland some months ago? Health? I'm guessing because of things he knew of course going on, but this is one of the things that tells me how much kool-aid LCs drink to this day. We all know that Quebec was Seward's folly for the LCs to go after, but we also know that Bannon "built" the U.S. and was seen as "another nuestro padre" in the U.S. and then, all of a sudden...gone! And no one in the LC/RC questions this move or is curious. It really is Soli Superior!

Miss a little, miss a lot. Regarding your comment about whistle-blowing coming from within the legion itself – you might find of some interest giselle's post "VatiLeaks re: LC," June 15, 2012, and the subsequent comments.

You have a point, Reid, in that I've pretty much stopped following the LC story and have moved on. However, the John Allen article reached me via the postings of Fr. James Martin, SJ.(editor of America) on Facebook.

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