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Well, I for sure would agree that the NCE curriculum is NOT a "classical" education in the tradition of the Triuuvm. That's almost laughable.

Other than being produced by the Legion, the NCE curriculum is far superior to what's typically offered at parish schools. But the point is, of course, just admit that the Legion is behind it.

I certainly hope that this school just wanted a comprehensive curriculum that they could follow in order to get a school up and running, and that it's not an attempt by Legion or RC associated people to get something going in this area.

Maybe you should check the Mexican branch of the JPII Institute for the Family. Could it just be that the Legion is responsible for its presence in Mexico and not in the US and you are jumping to (maybe biased?) conclusions too fast?

My husband and I had an LC priest tell us that they had a program in Rome (I forget the specific name) and that it was a mandate that all of the new Bishops had to do this particular program.

I asked a local priest (he is a canon lawyer as well as a priest) in our area about this.

Father stated that the Legion owned the building, and from time to time a LC priest "might" (Note the quotes) speak on a topic, but the Legion was not running any program/instilling any programs/teachings to the Bishops.

For the record the LC priest was from Ireland (Fr Kelley).

Yes, Charlotte, they have a whiz-bang building that works well to house a course for newly-appointed bishops, where they are taught the administrative ropes. The Church teaches, the Legion provides the space. I have warned those who will listen that it is probably bugged, and that they will also take full advantage of any episcopal encounters. God forgive me for my "bias."

strange stuff, NCE curriculum is not far superior to anything. Having had my own children, and seen other children, suffer through the ineptitude of both the curriculum and the teaching of it, my recommendation would be that any family steer far clear of any school [legion or not] who chooses the curriculum. Children and families are harmed, not helped, by it.

The "association" with the JP II Institute - which a few extra clicks of the mouse shows is a part of Catholic University of America in DC - is just one more disingenious padding of the resume' of the LC. Are we surprised?

If you read on the "article" on the Legion page on Education:, it seems as though the Legion is taking credit for this initiative that was really founded by JPII. (From the History page on the Institute's webpage: "At the conclusion of the 1980 Synod of Bishops devoted to the family, the Synod Fathers called for the creation of theological centers devoted to the study of the Church's teaching on marriage and the family. Accordingly, Pope John Paul II responded to the Synod with the establishment of the Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family and the Pontifical Council for the Family.")
There are headquarters for the JPII Institute for Marriage and the Family in several countries. Only Mexico lists a Legionary as a President, Vice-President or Dean:

@Charlotte- We heard that too! Not sure if it was from the same priest or not, he circulated in our area for awhile, but nonetheless, I've heard it said on more than one occasion and the implication was certainly, "Look, the church values us and our methodology so much, we now have the responsibility of teaching all these new bishops." I just love finding out that all the information I was spoon fed for over 10 years was a bunch of crap!

I recognize some names on the JPII Institute that are also affiliated with the LC/RC -- a friend of the friend -- Carl Anderson and Nicholas Healey. Healey is or was with Ave Maria University. There is NO institution in this country that is safe from the infiltration that begins small and grows, with the help of funded institutes placed into the legitimate university. The MO is "take over/make over" and it works every time. The code for a Legion school is Integral or "Integer"; Our Lady of the Valley reminds me of the actual meaning of the name Guadalupe: valley of the wolf.

Looking at the FAQs of Our Lady of the Valley --
I believe that the purpose for THIS advertisement and the "classical" approach is to look for an angle into the homeschool pond. Wisconsin seems to be a place of particular interest to the LC/RC now. Why? Anyone care to guess? I have no idea, but have heard reliably that all Legion schools have a shadow purpose: recruiting the young, laundering money, or hiding the illegal transportation of drugs or contraband. Appleton is not on one of the Great Lakes, but it still might be useful, if the school to be built is to be used as a warehouse for stuff unrelated to the education of children.

One personal Legionary tie to this area of Appleton, Wisconsin.... I believe that Fr Jason Brooks, LC is from that area or went to college around there. He is from Wisconsin, I know that. Maybe there is no personal tie, but it seems that Fr Jason is not someone who is thinking of leaving at all. His family or friends could have a hand in this. Remember folks that once upon a time, Archbishop Weakland was nearby in Milwaukie and it seems that back then, besides many other people, traditional catholics were appalled by him, of how he didn't want to carry Mother Angelica on local stations and I'm sure that many of these catholics as counter-reactionaries were furious at that and became entrenched with the catholic groups they were involved with. Some being Regnum Christi. Therefore, even 20 years later, it's going to be difficult to see this RC lovers to see the light. It's great to see how faithful Packer fans are, but "loyalty" can go awry when you are defending a dysfunctional group.

Ha! That's funny, Happy! I'm a Bears fan, myself, but hear that there are "Amigos" going into the deep Chicago sports pockets to fund the former Lithuanian school which is now the Lamont Everest Academy there.

I guess that it comes at us from many different ways, MariGold...One thing that I can say talking to different people around the country, the more a diocese's suffered in the past from past problems and mistakes, obviously, the longer that normal parish life and vibrancy takes to flourish. Chicago, as we know in so many ways, has had many challenges in addition to Milwaukee. Diocese, generally speaking, who have rebounded and grown definitely are less likely to fall prone to groups like RC having a major impact. Having said that, I still admit that even in strong dioceses's with strong parish life, you still will have some holdouts believing in the "movement".

The ad for this school is very well done and it sounds wonderful for parents who want a good education for their kids.


Anyone considering sending their children to any school connected with the Legion or RC should check out what former students reported on their blog at>
That is the reality of RC education.

The ad fails to mention anything about how the kids get brainwashed and how the lucky ones who escape from there have emotional problems that take a lot of time to deal with. The students who aren't so lucky get to be brainwashed for life, lose all their human rights and decision making powers until they get old and then are thrown out the door to fend for themselves.

HIDL: Fr Jason Brook's family left WI to do fundraising for the Legion in CT. That's what I call brainwashed! All in the name of the King with no Underpants, Marciel Maciel.

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