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I can't help but note it is the much maligned legal system that has opened a door allowing light in to secret dark places rather than the heirarchy of the Church [who happen to take regular target practice on lawyers and the legal system.] Hmmmmm.

I do not expect the truths revealed to be anything that isn't already known by those who've been involved with LC/RC at some level. Yet, the documents may prove some help to the rationalists who must see 'evidence'. I think it can be reasonably assumed the documents aren't going to help LC/RC any, or Bank of America for that matter. I would expect now LC to offer a quick settlement on the pending undue influence case as an attempt to keep things as manageable and quiet as possible. We'll see. What is of more interest to me is what will the U.S. bishops do? Nothing, if recent history tells us anything. [think bishop finn of kansas city]

finding the truth February 15, 2013 at 7:18 PM:

The following Reuters article discusses the Vatican's new sexual crimes prosecutor saying that the U.S. media helped the Church by aggressively reporting child abuse:

Reading the article gave me hope. Perhaps the same priest is also grateful that the U.S. legal system is helping to uncover the truth regarding LC/RC.

"We’re always very concerned with respecting the intent of any of our donors"

In fact, we have a dedicated circular file we used to store mass intentions for many years. We found it much more efficient than saying all those masses. Time is Kingdom!

When the envelopes arrived to the PO Box in Cheshire, someone would pick them up and bring them to Hamden. The Cheshire address was used to connect the donor with the brothers, but Cheshire was poor. Once the envelopes arrived to Hamden, everything was recorded on video camera, opening the envelope, where the money was placed and the lay employees entering the data into the computer. Funny thing was that they never turned the slip over to enter into the computer the donor's prayer intention. Once the donor's info, donation amount, cc info o check info, etc was entered into the computer, the slip was placed into US mail bins. These bins were stacked 5 to 6 feet high into an empty cubicle in Hamden. The prayer intention was never recorded, never sent to Cheshire or really anywhere for prayers and simply awaited shredding. The only way to get a prayer intention remembered was to pay for a Mass intention. In that case there was Mary Sill and she would get that over to Cheshire. Earlier in the day, they convinced old ladies to come to the north wing in Cheshire to offer their time for free (for the Church of course) in order to stuff envelopes, place labels and lick the envelopes to close them. The brothers in charge called them the "lickers". Nice how people who give of their time to the Legion are remembered. Later on most people were on salary, but they still had a few older ladies give of their time. One lady had given of her time over years and then passed away. A member of the FRO went to her funeral and then was chewed out upon her return since she was on the clock.

These guys were in a way like Nazis because they calculated people's worth in terms of production. I couldn't believe they chewed out the Hamden worker for going to a volunteer's funeral on the clock. Once you gave your 110% to them and were not monetarily useful, there was no gratitude. They were empty souls with no substance except greed.

The starting salary for fundraisers was $32k and you were expected to bring in $200k+. If you didn't meet any of your goals consistently you were gone ASAP. It didn't matter how much you loved the Church or the Legion.

If those documents are now available, can anyone get a hold of them and post them here?

Brace yourselves for assault on your sensibilities as you watch Sodano in charge of all the rituals during the interregnum....

Here's a story in today's Wall Street Journal about the Mee trial:

Mrs. Mee was just one of many nice old ladies who were taken by the young good looking seminarians who played the guitar for her in the dining room. Mrs. Vergara was another. It's what the LC did best- deceive, corrupt, lie, and let the ends justify the means every time.

The article also mentions who the evil, cruel, malicious, angry Luis Garza knew of Maciel's bullshit for years and said nothing. It does NOT mention that he is still superior in the USA and Canada. How ANY LC or RC could listen to that bastard as "the will of God" is a true sign of their brainwashing.

Been a while since I've written here- but some things never change. The LC as a pack of lying bastards is one. Hate that group and always, always will until its imminent implosion is realized.

-9 years of lies

I've often thought that discovering Maciel as a fraud manifested itself differently in each person: it turned Corcuera into a meek, puppy dog whimp. It turned Garza into a cold, calculating fuck. It turned Bailleres and Sada into regimented functional autobots. It turned the rest into indifferent, self-serving kings. William Meade watched TV and played soccer all day. He was not afraid of "rules"- especially if Maciel didn't follow them. Some priests took boyfriends or girlfriends, some preyed upon children, some drank heavily.

Why be faithful when the top brass is not faithful? Just keep recruiting, keep fundraising, and screw it. And I, like the asshole I was, would run around making sure novices did their work, said their prayers, made their bed, and were growing as men. I slept 5 hours a night and worked nonstop for 4 years as novice assistant and it was all bullshit bullshit bullshit. EVERYONE is corrupt, everyone is a liar, everything was a fucking whitewashed sepulchre full of dead men's bones.

The LC can't sell its US property, is in major debt, and I hope it implodes. The few good ones all fled to the dioceses, and all that is left are lying scumbags like Garza and Reilly and who... Sotres? Mateos? Diaz-Torre? HA! Good lukc with that crockpot stew of shit.

Is it sinful for me in this time of lent to wish ill on the LC? My rage is righteous and the cause is just- the LC is a vile, vile organization based on the life of an anti-Christ, a Rasputin who created a structure where he could systematically abuse children, steal money, win the praise of Popes and Cardinals and take drugs.

It is the BIGGEST Scandal to hit the Church in hundreds of years, and that is why the Curia is trying to sweep it under the table. To all you LC superiors out there: fear the judgment that will come because my words are hollow; God's justice is not. And He will have his justice for the evil you brought into this world. Raped children, ruined families, moral bankrupcy. Burn in hell all of you

Let's not forget all of the controlling women who helped the PTB continue the brainwashing, threatening, manipulation, seduction, drinking, and sex, all under the guise of goodness. It was all a front for prideful men and women who loved to love themselves. Can we not find a truly GOOD successor to the Pope who can purify the priesthood? Rome HAS to find a good role model and the fact that PJPII allowed the Legion to have their way is very sad indeed.

What, you mean the National Catholic Register wasn't out front and center trying to get these documents unsealed? Shocking.

The Legion of Maciel really is the gift that just keeps on giving to our Church:

If there was a scandal behind the Pope's resignation, I personally find it far more likely it was the banking scandal than any child molestation or elderly-exploitation scandal, Legion or not.

But the fact of that matter is that the Maciel/Legion scandal continues to give rise to constant speculation, and I put the blame for this squarely on the Church's refusal to investigate the real history of the Legion.

Because there was never any real accounting of just how good ole Nostre Padre pulled off what he did for over half a century right under the noses of several Popes and many Princes of the Church, suspicion, speculation, and conspiracy theories regarding the relationship between the corrupt, abusive, outrageously unchristian leadership of the Legionaries of Christ and the hierarchs who run the Catholic Church here on earth will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future.

“The Legion says its actions surrounding Mee and her estate were appropriate and honorable. It says it did not exert undue influence over her decision-making, and that the gifts she gave to the order were made of her own free will.

Legion spokesman Jim Fair denied the allegations in the lawsuit and said the order doesn’t pressures anyone to make a contribution.”

Umm. Jim. Duh. Of course they don’t pressure their victims. They manipulate them using Jesus Christ to justify their actions. Shame. Shame. Shame on these predators.

“The Division of Criminal Justice obtained an indictment on June 20, 2007, charging Frank and a second woman, Brenda Miguel, 51, a.k.a. “Girl Z,” formerly of Newark, N.J., for conning the elderly West Orange man out of $164,900 by feigning romantic attachment to him and pretending they needed loans for business ventures. Miguel pleaded guilty to theft by deception and was sentenced on Sept. 1, 2010 to five years of probation, conditioned on her performing 250 hours of community service and paying full restitution. She paid $60,000 when she pleaded guilty and signed a consent judgment to pay the remaining unpaid restitution to the victim.”

Hmm. When people in the real world do bad things, for instance prey on the elderly, they go to jail and pay back their victims.

Legionaries go to the Waldorf and drink martini’s.

9 years of lies tells it like it is. Very refreshing.

Bunch of f_cking con-men wearing roman collars.

When I was a junior in Chesire my brother got married 20 mins away to a girl from Orange. I was not allowed to go- per LC rule. My parents pleaded. Just the Church part. Be altar boy. Say a reading. No, no and no. I accepted it as "God's Will".

6 years later I drove an LC from a very wealthy family to his sister's wedding where he attended the mass and the reception. His family had given tons of money to "the kingdom".

That was- I think- the first push I got to leave the LC. I was so disgusted, and yes jealous, and angry, that I realized something was incredibly wrong with the institution. Money made the Legion go round.

Mrs. Mee had the same experience- everyone is equal in the LC/RC, but some people are "more" equal than others. Orwell predicted this in Animal Farm when the rules kept changing to make things better for... which animals literary scholars? Yes, the pigs.

An appropriate animal to represent the LC/RC leadership: pigs. Filthy, insatiable, cannibals that shit on everything.

Just like the superiors I knew in the LC. Miserable fucking pigs.

I just wonder what kind of salary Jim Fair gets, because if it's not that, he must be really stupid. I mean, in the legion, everything was controlled as we know; people are still astounded that as priests, how little we could read and these are ultra-traditional catholics saying this to me. I would almost think that cloistered carmelites, with a complete absence of media, would still hear more about things than we did. Well, I guess we got that 10 minutes of news a day, which many of us treated that like being so oxygen starved. Well, I say this about Jim Fair, because although he spends a good chunk of his day with LCs, I am assuming he has a house, that he has internet access, that he can freely read such faithful catholic writers as Weigel without being sneaky and yet, he is a robot..He is worse than all of Obama's people testifying on Benghazi "what difference does it make"..I wonder if he has ever said a word in the bathroom, cracked a joke; does he keep absolute silence at nighttime; does he join a group of two legionaries at conversation time and walk around the property...anyway, just rambling but I still can't understand some of these lay people who have joined and deeply profess the legionary sigma lambda delta frat. 9 years of lies, I was so lucky and glad that my siblings were married when I entered...I didn't have to miss those great occasions; I am sorry that you had to deal with that LC bullshit. I just can't understand how these superiors sleep at night, which I probably could say for all the people who helped cover up Sandusky at Penn State.

Read the Jim Fair explanation. . .

No comments needed

The last couple of years in the Legion we could subscribe by e-mail to Fair's daily list of articles touching on Church affairs. I was surprised by how he would forward articles that were quite critical of the Church or the Legion, even from the evil New York Times, AP or National Catholic Reporter... of course there was some filtering going on but it was a radical departure from what I had been used to receiving in the Legion. My superior in Rome wasn't crazy about Fair's service, but since it was approved by the US TDs there wasn't much he could say. The Legion is by no means "reformed" but some things have loosened up.
So, Mr Fair probably is a Kool-Aid drinker, but that does not mean he ignores the news.

I moved the question on victimhood and healing to a new thread:

It would appear that the LC's misrepresentation of Maciel's canonical penalty was probably contrived for people such as Mrs. Mee, from whom the Legion had so much to gain. Truth is not to be found with this group. I am sure the PTB do think they treated Mrs. Mee fairly because this is the way they treat all benefactors. They will say or do anything to get your money/property/cars/401K/children. Wouldn't you imagine that with all that money from her estate they could have kept the U.S. schools open if they were truly interested in education? Where did all that money go? All of you who remain in RC/LC at the start of this Lenten season need to sincerely ask God with an open heart if LC/RC is your sure guide to heaven. Can you trust what they say? Be open to the answer and don't be afraid. Would it be a good idea to start a novena for the upcoming papal election? Any suggestions?

There are "Jim Fair" types peppered throughout Regnum Christi. They spin their stories having had full access to and knowledge of events and with a complete understanding of what they are doing. They are not at all stupid.

The Obama administration's response to Benghazi-gate is a great analogy. So is the church leaderhip's attempts to cover up child sex abuse. It's all the same concerted effort to protect the entity against it's "enemies".

Jim Fair's blog was an attempt to show transparency in the earlier stages of the reform but it veered off his "mission statement" ages ago. Once they realized how many of the incoming comments were critical, poignant and really w/o an intelligent response they re-tooled the concept and brought in numerous LC and 3G "formators" to control the information flow. No one even pretends to follow it anymore.

Fair certainly does not ignore the news. Whether his e-mail service includes all the unflattering news concerning the LC's is another matter. Of course they have loosened up a bit but it's highly doubtful they will allow access to the Gabrielle Mee documents. Too many families are going to recognize themselves as having been duped as well and if Brother LC concurs and stops sending out his encouraging and happy e-mails to the extended family and friends - or, worse, refuses to go on benefactor visits - the entire fundraising machine breaks down with no hope of reviving it. There was a completely logical reason they tried to keep this information from seeing the light of day.

"There was a completely logical reason they tried to keep this information from seeing the light of day."

Yup - and help me understand how the LC were "complying with indications of the Holy See" of a life of prayer and penance for Fr M? after they told all of us after the Pope's statement in 2006 and repeatedly in 2007 and 2008 that he was innocent, was suffering for the Church and the Legion, the he had gone to heaven and was our example and never retracted those statements but were forced in 2009 to come out with the truth because of the media!

"In documents released Friday, the Rev. Luis Garza, the former No. 2 of the Legion, details for the first time how he confronted Maciel’s mistress and daughter, starting in October 2006, after he became suspicious while visiting Maciel in a Jacksonville, Florida, hotel that June and seeing the two women there.
Both women confirmed Maciel’s paternity, and Garza said he obtained the daughter’s birth certificate as proof — listing the father as Jose Rivas. Later, it was revealed that Maciel used the same pseudonym with his other hidden family, a Mexican woman with whom he had two sons.
Yet Garza said he never confronted Maciel about his double life and didn’t think it was necessary to share the news with the broader membership of the Legion or its lay movement Regnum Christi. He said he only told the Legion’s superior and two other priests.
“I didn’t think at the time that the fact that fathering a child would change in any way the way we needed to behave vis-a-vis Father Maciel or the actions that we needed to do,” Garza said in the 2011 deposition. “Because we needed to comply with indications of the Holy See and also because there was an issue of privacy and respect for the mother and the daughter.”
The Legion didn’t acknowledge Maciel’s children or the sexual abuse allegations against him until February 2009, about a year after he died."

By the way Fr Garza and leaders - we all had a right to know what you knew - it impacted our spiritual journey with the Lord. Not only did you keep it from us but you and leaders twisted the truth to make us look like the bad guys. You could have at least remained silent.

My "consecrated" (but not really) daughter had a right to know the truth. She trusted and believed everything the leaders told her because she is in a mind controlled environment where all the women have their information, behaviour, thoughts and emotions controlled. The leaders can make up any "truth" they want to and nobody questions it.
I don't think this situation has changed since the "reform" process because there is no will within LC or RC to change and Cardinal DePaolis seems satisfied to make a few rule tweaks. He has actually made things worse by giving the false illusion that they are making a real reform when they aren't.

After the 2006 communique I was encouraged by a primary 3gf formator not to take my concerns about it to anyone but her because I would inadvertently mislead others to conclude it meant that Maciel must be guilty. In truth she was simply unable to answer intelligently any of the points brought up - and they were the same points that many in the media, including the Catholic media, were discussing - and must have surmised how stupid that looked. Better to try to quash the conversation before it can happen. And all under the guise of avoiding calumny, hearsay and "scandal".

That's their version of "complying with indications of the Holy See". It was their version in 2006 and is their version currently, albeit in reduced form (though that's not by their choice).

Berry's article on NCR:

Excellent article. What would we do without Jason Berry?

9 years of lies wrote:

"the LC is a vile, vile organization based on the life of an anti-Christ, a Rasputin who created a structure where he could systematically abuse children, steal money, win the praise of Popes and Cardinals and take drugs."

Yep, there was something evil. I haven't posted in a long long long time (although I do read on occasion). I didn't continue with the Legion due to having a very disturbing "dream" which essentially showed Maciel leading a procession of Fr's and Br's to their destruction. I can still see it and am grateful that the good ones were able to jump to a diocese. He didn't destroy all of them.

I sure wish the old blog thing (I think that was what it was) could be revived with all the old posts. Would be interesting to see what people said and how they were attacked back then. Apparently they had to take it down due to legal strong-arming from the Legion as part of a settlement. The Legion is now toothless in this time to put it back up for historical purposes????

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