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Someone should dig up and post Garza's treatise on this subject that he put together and published after being demoted to TD a couple of years ago. It was presented as just some "helpful thoughts" that he had regarding the future structure of the group, including governance. It was pretty thorough. It would be interesting to see if there are ANY substantive differences between what Garza so helpfully suggested and what is transpiring.

This precise conclusion that they came to about their identity and operational life says it all. Authoritarianism has replaced charism and spirituality in the LC/RC world.

Now this may sound obvious to many here, but try to read these communiques with the mindset of Church culture and history and theology. None of the rather new cult categories are permitted to enter in the world of ecclesiastics in the curia; but, even then, if any bother to look- red flags are everywhere.

When a charism provincializes, i.e. moves to different provinces around the world, governance of these remain relatively independent of each other. What communicates the sense of unity of action is the charism itself with its patrimony, the daily rule of life, the mature individual ownership of the founder's ideals and practices- not any centralized operational authority. The only result sought from a charism is not its apostolic efficacy and operational influence, but its authentic witness. Take this central operating authority away and in their view the whole thing falls apart.

Ofcourse we can see this mindset also applies to the migration of the charism to its feminine branch, where Church wisdom for centuries has mandated a separate governing authority after the death of the founder. We know how MM fought this tooth and nail, for his was the world of Napoleon, commanding a vast army confronting every threat to (whose?) kingdom. What power would a general have without his minions throughout the world?

Still today, the Director General currently controls all personnel appointments, all apostolic initiatives and programs, all financial decisions, all final interpretations of the rule of life, etc... and not merely as a place of final appeal, but as a basic day to day locus of operations. He is the 'great father' among them, his person- sacred. Paternalism is everywhere as he tries to charismatically project a deep personal care and concern for those hundreds he has never met or truly known.

Obviously authority is all they have to feel unity, and more now than ever, since their spirituality and foundational witness are quite obviously defunct.

They have yet to see how the system engenders cronyism wherein the DG appoints all Territorial Directors who in turn mastermind a powerbase of authority that rank and file can never really influence. His council will have to come from those he has given importance to and introduced to international body of potential chapter electors. It becomes a closed system simply because there is no one ready to advise or govern except those he has favored.

This is why I say provincialize the LC and separate the authority between the gender branches in all that deals with personnel, apostolate and finances, and then we will see if they have a charism or not. If you have a charism- show us!

In fact this would be a brilliant move on Pope Francis's part, if he were to rigorously insist on this point alone.

The eminently sensible Mark Shea weighs in on the Legion with a recent post that deserves to be quoted in full:

"If the Legion had any decency at all....

"They would fork the whole $60 million dollars back over to the family. But being the Evil Robot of Destruction Maciel built the organization to be, I highly doubt the Robot will go on doing anything but what Maciel programed the robot to do: take money, cover up evil, and destroy.

"The whole thing needs to taken apart bolt by bolt until there is nothing left. The Church is in the business of redemption and I admire the people who are trying to see if there is something to be done to salvage the work done by all the nice, kind, good and duped Legionaries who just wanted to serve God. But the organization itself is designed and built by a monster precisely in order to exploit the good work of nice people and pervert it to the ends of the founder.

"You may be the sweetest, kindest data entry person in the world. The fact remains that machines don’t do what data entry people *want* them to do. They do what they are *designed* to do. The Legionaries is a machine designed to enrich and enable a monster, while covering up his monstrousness. It will continue doing what he built it to do. The only way to help the people caught in the machinery is to take the machine apart, and connect them with something authentically of Christ elsewhere in the Church."


Link here:

AO, doesn't that suggest, then, that Maciel's system of governance - tightly controlled, top down, central in administrative authority - is actually EVIDENCE AGAINST any sort of genuine charism? What is it that keeps these guys together other than a desire to serve the Church, a love for orthodoxy, and a talent for devising and executing strategic growth plans?

Precisely my point IDS, and the question is why have ecclesiastics not called them out on it? OK if the LC/RC is being permitted to go forward, why are they not truly reigning in all of its anomalies, i.e. all that no other charisms are permitted to practice and live.

Well I can only say regarding DePaolis, he was too busy using that same authoritarian structure for his 'renewal' plan which HAD to run on a certain degree of denial in order to work.

The real question would be: how much, if any, of this is getting the attention of Pope Francis and the Congregation for Religious?

We will find out ultimately either shortly before, during or at the very latest some time after the General Chapter in Jan 2014.

As far as the appetite for strategic growth plans- this apparent zeal for the Kingdom without a complete witness and communion with person of the Lord (which a founder gives from his witness) ends just becoming a mania for spiritual power. MM always lived this mania, this anxiety- and the whole operation bought into it as passion for souls- who knows how many burnouts and breakdowns this man's 'charism' inspired.

@Frank- great piece, glad others are still writing on this besides our ever faithful and insightful Giselle.

One thing to keep in mind in all of the this is that DePaolis tossed out much of the work of the Visitation. He told the LCs it would not help to read it or apply its conclusions. Some say the Visitators like Ezzati in Chile were quite upset about this.

I suspect Pope Francis, only one country away at the time, was quite aware of this. The coming months will most likely bring surprises for us all.

Here is the article containing Luis Garza's "thoughts" on the future of the Legion and RC. He made this available in early 2012.

"Relationship with the Legion of Christ and with Regnum Christi in general" can be found on page 17.

AO - are you serious???? He tossed the findings of the Visitation????

This explains quite a bit about the last three years. They apparently got their groove back shortly after the delegate arrived.

No wonder they think they can undertake a non-reform reform. Nothing to see here folks, move along please!

Wonder if one of the recommendations that the delegate didn't bother to read was something about needing to scour the ranks for padres who were baby daddies.

AO is spot on. The LC's charisma is founded on governance. So what counts is the methodology. A board of directors is always better than an all powerful Director General. But it seems it will be a board of yesmen.

I think what holds them together at this point (Outside the inner circle, who clearly seek power and wealth) is fear.

Fear that leaving means a lost vocation and sure damnation.

Fear of what they'll become outside the authoritarian structures.

Fear of the outside world, of pain and suffering, of going out into the unknown without each other.

But when angels appear, they begin with an admonition to 'Fear not."

And Jesus told us we had to die so that we could grow.

And the first disciples had to travel alone, or almost alone.

So, what keeps them together is, again, some sort of anti-charism that draws them closer together by drawing them further from the Gospels.

It's sad-- I think the Vatican has been trying to keep them from building a wall around themselves and slipping into schism, but I wonder if the efforts to prevent schism are actually serving to harden their resolve to follow in the path set for them by Maciel.

It's institutional madness, I think.

Another wall I see is the wall being shored up around the clerical club. Card. DePaolis, whether he has tossed out the work of the Visitation or ever bothered to give it more than a cursory glance, has certainly shown his disdain for the work by conducting the reform in the manner he has. The DePaolis "reform" of leg/reg has been from the beginning, in my view, a Vatican exercise in face saving and in rallying to protect fellow members of the clerical club who are under unfair "attack" from “disgruntled” laity. It's institutional madness all right.

Why can't they just admit to being sinners and duplicitous? We all know that from the get go. We all know that about the history of the Catholic church. Money, power, control, deception, coverups, mean bi-sexual-pedophile clerics, and to save face, they blame the laity. It's a glorious lifestyle and all paid for by the lay people. Do yourselves a favor and refrain from any spiritual erections, I mean directions.

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