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Fantastic letter by Fr. Bryne! It is a lot to digest in one sitting, though two questions come to mind:

1) Father speaks of “we” throughout the letter. It would be interesting to know who “we” is (i.e, the Friends, Dissidents, and Team Members to whom his letter is addressed); and,

2) Fr. Bryne speaks of “invalid ordinations of men to the priesthood.”

If he is speaking of sacramentally invalid, as in no ordinations occurred in certain Legionaries, and not using the term “invalid” loosely, then this is a very substantial charge. By logical extension, this essentially means that there are LC fake-priests running around celebrating invalid Masses and other sacraments.

Hopefully this point will be clarified later on.

It is time to 'let the dead bury the dead'. This is what comes to mind with this note of a priest who still writes LC after his name, but still believes in what the Holy Spirit can do for a wayward foundation.

Many other former LCs and dissident LCs found their hope and positive attitude towards the Legion debacle by taking ownership of the order's foundation and trusting in the Holy Spirit to truly reshape it at its very roots into a complete and authentic collective charism. All they asked for were two things that every foundation has always had: honest truth of its own history and the freedom to follow what the Lord inspires.

DePaolis, for fear of the 'instability' that newsness in anything could provoke, and for the inconvenience of the humiliation that prior Vatican approvals would be subjected, opted to fossilize and legitimize a foundation by killing off precisely what could have let something beautiful and new and authentic come to life. He kept it in the darkness of an unreconciled past; he kept it chained to its past definitions and formulas about itself as it prohibited the introduction of any new realities.

All that DePaolis can do is play around with rule making now, as he marches the LC off to a General Chapter. It's a death march, the event- a funeral. No truth, no freedom to collectively follow what the HS inspires is a very good way to contracept divine life in any institute.

The LC never answered the question as to HOW it happened, because therein they would have enumerated the sicknesses that the mistake for charism. The loyalty tests and cronyism is the governance style, the excessive use of authority and centralization as a surrogate for authentic charism and spirituality, the apostolic heresy of 'use' and 'results getting' over humble witness.

Yes, they will continue to sprout a few plants, here and there- but in the end they will carry inside of themselves that bad earth that will make for their own ultimate sterility.

Frank, I too was struck by that comment. I have believed personally that some of the ordinations would be invalid because of the lack of freedom given to these young men, as well as the active coercion that they experienced. It will be interesting to see if he clarifies that statement.

If some of the priests ordinations are invalid then I expect some of the fake consecrations of 3gf's would also be invalid, i.e. the women were manipulated by mind control into becoming falsely consecrated. Even with new rules, that will be a tough circle to square.

The truth is invalidity of vows is much easier to prove because of the nature of a vow. When one of the contracting parties lies about the nature of reality to which one is committing, it invalidates the vow de facto- e.g. Like a husband lying about being an ex-felon, and on the run from the law.

Deceit is everywhere in the history so much so the Visitors considered the need for a declaration of nullity, so that valid professions could begin in earnest.

Now the 3GF are cases that border on the absurd, at least prior to 2010. I lost all respect for DePaolis on this one. There was never ever permission to receive vows of any type ever, and there was no canonical recognition of their own form of life. Even then by (illicit) statute the promises end when the subject says they do. Yet DePaolis goes on to validate their promises speaking of their consecration- as the LCs always did- as if they were professed religious, and hence, none can leave without seeking dispensation from Him.

Still to this day, I am amazed at how little this supposed professor of canon law did to step the LC/3GF through any of the proper canonical stages of approval, instead of accepting most of whatever MM threw at Church, at face value.

On the matter of ordination, I think it would be really tough to prove invalidity given the coercive fear would have to be very grave and manifest. A gun-to-the-head type of fear which denies deliberation... In most suspect cases, I believe one may be dealing more with illicitly imparting the sacrament to an unsuitable candidate. Valid yes, he freely consented to receive the sacrament per se, even if his motives were wrong for receiving it.

Can you imagine a child who is told that if he leaves his calling, he will lose his faith? Can you imagine not being able to ask your parents for advice, or worse yet, being told by a brainwashed parent that they have to commit? Or, can you imagine after 9-10 years of service being told that you don't make the cut? Not obedient enough or tired of wearing black dresses. I wonder how many were trapped by corporate recruiters (I mean religious). Their new ploy is getting into diocesan churches through any means, even pretending they're not LC. Can you say control freak?

Wake up call...."Their new ploy is getting into diocesan churches through any means, even pretending they're not LC. Can you say control freak?"
I am suspicious that this is happening in my parish, but these folks claim to have no allegiance to LC/RC. They have a stong foothold though!

HG: You do touch something that has been an unresolved issue that only Pope Francis has alluded to- that the LC works without any boundries as to where it is, how it serves, and who is involved. Yes we know all about the effort to be transparent, but still as an institute is has resisted definition into specific areas of humble service- hence Pope Francis's call for them to discern precisely what is their place in the Church. In short, specificity kills off the power plan of MM who wished to leverage power and influence by constantly repositioning of the LC in the places and types of work it undertook.

Now none of this means the said persons you mention are truly committed RC members- yet if they are doing RC stuff much of the time- then something is afoot. It falls to the pastor to make sure any group is building unity in a healthy way in the parish- your go to place when private clubs are trying to form.

Curious.....when was this letter dated, and how did a copy of it end up here?

It was offered as a comment at the end of another thread of comments. Seeing its importance, I copied it and started a new post. I copied it in full, meaning it didn't have the date attached. If the original commenter wants to provide that [and any other] detail, we'd all be grateful.

Happy Girl,

Denying or covering up allegiance to the cult has always been part of its MO -- though I think a priest ("priest"?) lying about this is something new -- a desperate move?

The letter is dated on September 11, 2013. It's not a public letter as Fr. Peter says at the beginning. But he gave his permission to make it public, because some of the addressed folks wanted to publish it.
When he speaks of 'we' refers to a non small group who tried to make the things right and proceed with an authentic reform. They even went as high as they could speaking with Secretary of State for his Holiness, Card. Bertone...
4 years in the struggle for truth...
AnnonObserv brings up a very clever point: the inconvenience of the humiliation of prior Vatican approvals... and the humiliation of so many members of the Curia...

@Frank @Laurettas
Lack of freedom does not constitute invalidity for priestly ordination. Tha validity is given itself by the elements: a baptized man (male) without impediments, by bishop, by the imposition of hands and the prayer of consecration.
Lack of freedom constitutes only illicit ordination: Canon 1026: Ut quis ordinetur debita libertate gaudeat oportet; nefas est quemquam, quovis modo, ob quamlibet causam ad ordines recipiendos cogere (...).
This is the touchstone of legionary priests. Many, I repeat, many of those who left the ministry asked for "actio nullitatis".
LCs have a very poor theological formation, specially those who studied at the Ateneum in the first years. They use the same criteria as Sacrament of Marriage.
In some cases, when there is a serious lack of freedom, for instance 'ex metu' by fear, the priestly ordination is still valid. The Church grants dispensation, in this cases, of celibacy and the duty recite the liturgy of the hours.
Many LC priest were bound to present themselves as free men (paradox) for the ministry; not only the deceit but a lot of fears made their will defective.
Obiously, superiors does not admit that in public; but I know more than one case when Fr. Corcuera 'crying' admited the corruption of will.

HonestyPlease......these are not priests I am referring to, simply parishioners who are applying for jobs in the parish and implementing some programs that I consider questionable. Our pastor does not seem care, but I think it sends a message about our parish. Two bible studies now being offered that are based on The Better Part, Mission Corps workers working with our youth, a Legionary brother leading our youth retreats, etc. I can't decide if I am being paranoid and judging.

Thank you for the explanation Estatua, but Fr. Byrne is the one who used the term invalid. I was merely stating my agreement with his statement. Maybe he knows something about the ordinations that we do not.

HG: is your pastor being told by the bishop to allow it? I'd be curious to know.

Thanks. Fr.Byrne is LC with holes in his formation. He talks about lack of freedom and excessive pressing on perseverance in so many priests.

HG, you are not paranoid or judgemental. Legion motives are hidden now more than ever - and they haven't changed! LC's are still looking for wealthy families who are willing to have lengthy love affairs with their very own priest-in-a-pocket. Invitation only events are being held in cities near you. Good Catholics are not on the list unless they're willing to sip on Maciel's vintage koolaid.

I don't think their mission is to evangelize for if it were, they'd be talking to Protestants. Instead, they spend their time trying to get into wealthy parishes. Why? To get money? Or is it to get a right to lifer elected to office? What do they want?

For spanish readers, about reform...


I had a challenge posting something a few weeks ago. It may have to do with that last verification step before your post shows up.

If you can't read the message you are asked to type in the verification box, there is a button on the right you can use to select a different verification message that might be easier to read.

Hope this helps.


I clicked on Link's "link" and was connected to a page that is a place you don't want to go. Definitely antithetical to the Dignity of Women theme so eloquently written about by our blog host.

Next time I'll look before I leap.

The Legion says that their mission is to bring people to Christ. All I've seen and heard is awful things about them. That they're arrogant, conniving and opposite of how religious are supposed to behave. They don't evangelize and are coercive. They are fake priests and driven only by money. That's not being like Jesus at all and there are plenty of insiders who know it, but are fearful of repercussions so they continue to die inside. How cowardly can one be? They are not men if they follow crooked leadership.

I am so sorry that this has happened. The time has come for those who fought from within to leave, I would think. While many of this expected this, it is still horrible to contemplate.

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