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In preparation for the General Chapter, the General Director, Heereman, is touring LC houses around the world giving conferences. The author of the above cited piece has notes from these conferences.

Take away from this article:

Heereman is telling LCs that those who have left the Legion are guilty of inadequate or incomplete thinking. They also are prideful and lack charity.

Heereman says that de Paolis, when confronted with any report about LC conduct, says "I don't know if this is the truth or not, it has to be verified" and then nothing is done.

Heereman calls the Apostolic Visitors report communique "polemic".

Heereman insists that said communique calls on the Legion to "revise" its charism, when the word used by the commnique is clearly "redefine".

Heereman says "I felt offended by the communique of the Holy See".

Heereman denies any "efficientism" in the Legion. He claims "no one ever told me that the only important thing are results". Number 228 of the General Chapter Communique of 1992 (required LC reading)states: "It is not enough to be busy, one must look for efficiency, results..."

Heereman again: "outsiders" do not understand, and this has given cause for some to say that we are "efficientists".

The Legion is the non plus ultra of priestly formation, according to Heereman. But some attention is necessary: "some studies were sacrificed to send men to the apostolate".

In regard to certain problems admitted in the Legion, Heereman says "these were out of obedience".

So they don't practice "efficiency at any cost" after all? It's all just another misunderstanding?

That pretty much tells everyone what they need to know about the newly "reformed" - oops, make that "revised" - Legion of Christ.

Makes you wonder how they've been spending their time over the past three years. Must be kind of boring just sitting around thinking you are right all the time.

* I really cannot figure out why he is taking shots at DePaolis for not investigating accusations or charges against certain LCs. I realize he thinks a rigorous investigation would somehow vindicate the Legionary in question; but that sword cuts both ways, and a DePaolis who wanted answers to crimes would never have stopped there, but would have nailed most of the nomeklatura for aiding and abetting a structure of power and corruption. It seems at the very least this LC is biting off the hand that feeds them.

* Yes, it is common for departed religious to not be spoken of in the most positive light, but it is quite another to do it in this context, and in this manner as a solemn pronouncement and transfer of blame upon all the departed by a major superior. Humanly speaking, this is just tactless.

Such judgments are very much in the style of the LC, as they fight to insulate themselves from the sad consequences of an anti-charism.
Additions to the Lexicon of LC babble:

Lack of Charity: Doing anything that would make the LC look bad.

Pride: Anytime you discern the truth of your mission and vocation, before the an LC superior tells you what it is.

Incomplete truth: Truth without LC agenda attached to it; also a full and detailed accounting of the history of foundation without idealized fictions and convenient omissions.

In the end this indicates the LCs as expected will fight to recreate their past in some way so it justifies the narrative of a divinely given charism from day one of their existence. I bet the documents of previous General Chapters will disappear for a while for they are the most damming of what passed for charism in the MM years.

There is however something very new in this- the consolidation of the position that begins to more openly dismiss the authority of the Holy See. Once again Heerman is biting off the hand that feeds him and introduces a deep division in the LC world view and psyche. Remember before the LC world was totally monolithic from Pope on down to the lowliest LC, all thought the same. There is no going back to that now, those days are gone. The LC is morphing for sure even while fighting to stay the same. I expect that after all the niceties of the January Gen Chapter, things will get ugly.


For spanish readers or traslators... an update:

Take away from the update:
It concerns what Heereman says about the LC economy.

Heereman said

-The work of the review is not yet complete but they have not found any fraud or money laundering.

-The LC has huge debts in Spain created by the negligent governance of territorial directors.

-If the LC in Spain and the US had already sold what needed to be sold, the debts would be covered.

-The economic situation is not tragic because all of the debts are covered by real property.

-There is the pending subject of corporate configuration to comply with civil and canonical legislation.

Problems in the legion are the result of exaggerations of positive principles, for example, a legionary being obedient to the point of acting against his own conscience. I see. Just following orders. Right?

New LC campaign!

Please do not see the complete video; don't increase their view number

We're all happy!

I don't want to hijack this thread but I am hoping that someone can help me. Has anyone hear about The Catholic Pulse. It is affiliated iwth Thornwood Evangelization Center in New York. It appears to be a LC apostolate but I wanted to make sure. The Youth Group mission trip is going to be there and I am concerned and want to alert families about the real people behind the trip so that they can make aninformed decision for their children.

I have long held that there can be no authentic reform of the Legion unless all legionaries are given the results of the Apostolic Visitation. How can you reform something you don't see as defective. Hearing that DePaulis "caricatured the report of the Visitors in one of his lectures and refused to make it known to the legionaries who asked for it" is only confirmation that 1. no authentic reform was possible, 2. DePaulis was won over by the legionary wining and dining, 3. many of the abuses that took place will continue in the future.
This is very sad.

I used to think they robbed Peter to pay Paul but instead, they pay themselves handsomely with all of the travel they do! They are missing the point of faith and that is to serve and love people. The only authentic servant has been Pope Francis. Love is not in their hearts and DeP is poo pooing the truly faithful Catholics. Let them eat cake! The only memories I have of the Legion are the recruiting, sniffing for money and snitching on those who don't play the game. Fr John, you're right. The problem is that they are in denial. That is very characteristic of narcissists and clericalism. Thank goodness Pope Francis is speaking to these priests who think they're rock stars instead of servants.

There is an interesting job being offered in the Atlanta area - fund raising for the LC at:

There is a job description including duties such as: "solicit prospects who respond to personalized cultivation" and "create appropriate personal/custom strategies for each donor.

I found the wording in the ad offensive because it sounds so Legionish and gives an impression that they are manipulating people to get their money. They are offering an excellent health care plan and paid time off benefits.

What bothered me most was that their 3gf slave women are working for the same thing but are manipulated into working for nothing.

The bible doesn't teach Christians to "cultivate" people.

Dear Wake up call. The Legionários are not in denial. It is a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the superiors to maintain the status quo, the original "charism" of the "founder". To say they are in denial would be to concede to them a sort of weakness. That is not the case. What they are doing is very intentional.

They are flirting with the first stages of eventual excommunication. It happens with small denials of Church authority.

Just finished reading the rest of this post. OMG. My stomach is wretching. Point by point Heereman is taking apart the May 1, 2010 Communiqué, dictating what legionaries should think and say. And as obediente religious, they will assimilate this use it when choosing who will paticipate in the General Chapter, and ultimately be elected as Superior General and Council. Sad. So sad.

The seeds of self destruction are now becoming visible.

When I look at the history of the Papacy, supression of a religious order was deeply tied to a lot of unrest in the episcopacy and the faithful around the group (not in it), and a reluctant pope eventually conceding to it.

I repeat what I said above, in the effort of self-defense to prove they are the same, and the divine nature of the founder's calling (their only source for spirituality), they now must morph into something they never were- openly critical and resistent to higher papal authority, now beginning with the communique. They are showing their true colors- all those years they were only using papal authority when it suited them.

When the 2008-9 news came out a lot of priests and bishops felt a tremendous compassion for the LCs, and there was much talk about finding some way to give them a future. I doubt any of them had in mind that this would be done by only repeating the past. I doubt any of them expected continued pilgrimages to the tomb of the founder.

Now that this bank account of compassion is getting used up and the LCs go back to past antics, the suspicions of an unreformed LC will rise. The leash they will be put on will get shorter and shorter by bishops and the Pope alike.

So far I see more posturing around the chapter, and a grand stage performance when it comes for a lot Church media will be watching it. 'Divine portents' will be everywhere. But wait- By the spring we will know what Pope Francis's real plan will be for them during the coming years. Complaints from local bishops can then come,in a more free wheeling manner, given there will no longer be a papal delegate behind them, and I doubt Francis will be coming to rescue them from their misdeeds. The more they secure themselves in the past, the quicker will their demise be.

@Fr John
The most impressive part of the comment on May 1 Communiqué is that not only Heereman alone but the entire general counsel in a three day evaluation meeting, as Heereman himself said...

Things Heereman said about their economy......."The economic situation is not tragic because all of the debts are covered by real property"

Tell that to the Irish and the Spanish peoples , and wait for the laughs.

This comment brings me right back to those dark days when trying to extradite my life from their claws ....."Those who have followed a path of discernment and have decided to leave, by their very act of leaving, according to him "have inadequately thought." And he adds, "without sufficient simplicity and charity." They not only think inadequately, but they are also full of pride and lack charity.

Nothing has changed in the CARISMA/Modus Operandi.
Get them in and keep them in at all costs.

True, we can see it is a concerted effort to not only ignore the May 1 Communiqué, but to intentionally lie and deceive. I was still in the Legion when the Communiqué was made public. Talking amongst ourselves about it was frowned on. But some of us did. The full force of what it said was obvious to all. But with the passing of time and a constant indoctrinating effort, the superiors (including VdP) have succeeded in changing opinion. It was just a matter of time.
Is there still any hope? I don't know. Maybe now that the Holy Father is reforming the Curia he will extend that to the Legion. Who knows. We can only hope. There has been no real news of what he thinks of the Legion.

None of this is exactly surprising, but that doesn't make it any less nauseating, of course.

The Legion PTB probably feel more comfortable floating statements openly critical and resistant to higher papal authority because the new Pope is pretty much rocking the conservative Catholic Church (at least here in the West) with radical statements about mercy putting the focus back the message of salvation.

Should the LC decide to move further away from the new pope, they will likely be able to shore up quite a bit of emotional and financial support from disgruntled and offended right-wing types who will even more desperately want to see the success of something that has such a lovely conservative Catholic veneer.

The PTB always seem to have their fingers held up to the wind, and the result has been a shape-shifter of a corrupt organization that everybody must admit is awfully good at survival.

Fr. John,

Do you think that one who has chosen the name of Saint Francis, who loved Lady Poverty, would have any tolerance for the lucre-loving cult?

BTW, Happy Feast Day to all!

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

God bless all the Franciscans and Pope Francis and may he help "rebuild the Church", especially by taking decisive action with the Legion!

FYI in youtube the video regarding this Post:

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