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Unfortunately for those discerning anything, their critical judgment skills will gradually evaporate as their superiors make more and more of their decisions and they become increasingly dependent.

The Church made a TERRIBLE AND UNFORGIVABLE mistake in allowing the RC/LC to recruit until the reformation process is complete. It is playing a shell game with the lives of young people. And that is a HORRID SIN.

I'm curious about the numbers. Eight members of the MEC faculty and staff are participating in the Territorial Assembly of the consecrated women of RC. What is the total number of faculty and staff members at MEC?

Eleven young women began the discernment process at MEC. That number seems ridiculously small. How does that compare to pre-2009 numbers? It' terrible to see any young women enter the initial stages under the current circumstances, of course. But can we be glad it's only eleven?

And what about the 3 who renewed their promises - that's almost none!

How do they manage to keep their faculty and staff employed and their doors open with such small numbers, what am I missing?

I imagine that's why they're holding so many conferences to try to suck in new money. They didn't follow the Lord's path to goodness and instead have motives that have nothing to do with love and kindness. They are now trying to act like they care about people but they are still cold and slimy and still after your money and political influence. They are not religious people at all. The cloak is simply a disguise to lure people. Then they use their prey until they are nothing but empty shells and that, my friends, is their charism.

PWC - in fact it was never a process of reform to begin with, as we now see, which is why the insistence of business as usual for DePaolis was insisted upon from the get fo. Rather, it is best described as a process of justification.. justification of a charism, of the approvals it received and avoidance of all the embarrassment the opposite not a reform at all.

Round 3 will begin in the spring, with the Congregation of Religious review of the constitutions, i.e. Pope Francis weighing in.

With the 3GF- let's see if the Vatican buckles and keeps them under the authority of the LCs or just maybe will hold them to the universal standard of completely separating their works and operations from them. In some cases male counterparts of the same religious family are not even permitted to act as confessors for the female counterparts.

Let's see if the Pope decentralizes the beast all together or makes them be specific about the service they will give the Church.

@Les: I am sure the mindset is to wait out the storm; they have accepted the low response as its all about the bad press, but the new and better 'post reform' image will surpass all those pre-2009 numbers. In a few years, they will fill up MEC once again.

The 3gf should be absorbed by the convents so they can learn the normal way and know the truth about where they've been and where they'll be trapped for life, in a virtual prison. Lights out at 9:00 pm and no talking. Dios mio! But I'm 45 years old, sister. Can I not stay up another 10 minutes until 9:10 pm? Wait, why I am I listening to you? You're not my mother, you're not my sister, you're not even a nun!

AnonObserv hits the bull's-eye. It has never been a process of reform. From the beginning, it has been an exercise in Vatican self-protection, an exercise in clericalist secrecy trumping disclosure and justice. Until the Church and the pope broadcast a full public accounting of the legion mess, talk of changing the Church's self-serving clericalist culture is just that - talk.

@reid and others, based on reid's comment that it has never been a process of reform but of Vatican self-protection, do you hold out any hope that things might be different under Pope Francis? And if so, should we all be writing to him to share our concerns? Do you think he has ever been given a full accounting of the results of the Apostolic Vistation?

And does he know how badly the legion trashes the Jesuits??

I just heard from a reliable source in Rome that Fr. Thomas Williams will soon be marrying the mother of his child, a woman whose name will be familiar to many of you. Let's pray for all involved, especially the child.

Stop calling him Fr.

Maybe that's how they recruit new members!

Where are you getting the TW news? Who is the lucky bride? Will this be in the Catholic Church? Legionary priest to conduct wedding (Fr. Alvaro?)?

I mean is this from a media source or private source?

Is the woman an art authority residing in Rome?

You can always google for wedding registries. Just sayin'

What's public is public.

Marriage is public, so it will all be out there before long.

That only works for the US and maybe Canada or the UK. If he gets married in some Las Vegas quickie chapel, Tahiti, Rome or Mexico, good luck in finding it...I imagine that eventually it will make its way onto google, but it is also nice to be ahead of the curve and not behind it. There are only a few parts of the world that have their public info connected to search engines.

About Thomas Williams wedding...Sure is not morbid curiosity?

Kind of a dumb question. I don't think anyone who was a LC, consecrated or RC & who knew him would ask about TW from "morbid curiosity". Families may be dysfunctional, but they are still families.

@Little Light
TW chose his new path; please leave him alone. I know him. Personally I think he was an induced vocation. He is no more a public person (a priest always is public), but he left the ministery. Untie your lc/rc way of digging in others lifes.
Sorry, it's my point of view.

My issue with TW is that he sold books called "Knowing Right from Wrong". If he hid this for several years, does that mean that his child is now 6-7 years old? So he too lived a dual life just like his immoral teacher, Maciel.

Estatua, what makes you think TW's vocation was "induced"? And how so, exactly?

Glad you expressed your point of view. That is what this website is for. If you ask me to respect your views, then you should be willing to do the same for others. Don't tell others what to do or how to feel. Those of us who formed part of a close knit fraternity of brothers (despite the nightmare we lived) are allowed to feel mixed emotions towards ex members and express that openly. When I heard how Fr. David Chavez had ridiculed and belittled brothers in Rhode Island and forced many of them to leave in the worst way, I had a hard time accepting that after I knew him as such a nice guy. Sometimes I don't know who to believe because the one who told me that about him could be a little exagerated. Now that it is all over and the truth is neither here nor there, we can feel both good about people and bad about the same ones at the same time. I don't see what is wrong with that. There is no reason why anything should dictate to me that I should either hate Fr. David Chavez (still father?) or respect him so what I have are mixed emotions and they come out in a variety of ways. I think anyone who was a real legionary and felt that brotherhood, but also felt betrayed by so many of them are in the same boat. Mixed feelings - we can despise them and yet we can wonder about how they are doing, etc. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, correct or incorrect. Of course the ones who screwed with my life with a smile and style are the ones who get no respect and never will. In this world of inconclusiveness, those who really put their heart and soul have the right and privilege to ask about ex members like TW even though the respect level is questionable at best. I don't have to respect him, hate him or feel sorry for him. I can ask and I can tell.

Little Light, I respect your right to be angry. They tried to fix so many of us, told us what was wrong with us, told us to "know right from wrong", all while living duplicitous, hypocritical lives. They are liars and cheats. They love no one but themselves (clerical narcissists) and praise those who help them manipulate more innocent people. They rank every individual and use them for everything they've got. Then, they have the nerve to ask you to fundraise for them and bring them more connections. They do things behind your back, and they cover up and deny their skankiness. They think they are cunning as foxes but they fail at all their apostolates for one reason alone and that's because they have impure, insincere motives and Jesus knows it and now the public knows it. They are ten steps below the trash that sells Tiparillos in Vegas. They are marked with a big black X. Those who are insincere will never make it to heaven. They are clones of the master devil himself, Marciel Maciel, the drugged up priest who fathered and sexually abused his own children and seminarians, the oiled down priest who had sexual encounters with men, boys and women (and who knows what else). They need real jobs so they can learn what it means to earn one's keep instead of stealing from innocent widows in Rhode Island. They are black sheep who had no other job prospects other than conning bishops and laypeople.They don't save souls, they attempt to ruin them after they've realized you've caught onto their scheme. And the way they coerce and brainwash children into "joining" the priesthood without allowing them to freely talk to their parents is child endangerment and abuse. They want your money, connections and to entice your boys into joining so they can get noticed by their superiors and have new boys in the pool to fondle. Run the other way and take care of yourself and your real families. They will fail at everything they do because they have no heart or sincerity and that is the eternal cross they will carry. They don't behave in the image of Christ because Christ Jesus had no ulterior motives outside of love and kindness.

Big Light,

How refreshing is the truth.

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